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Mobile SPAM - an Unchecked treat to the society.

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  1. 1. Mobile SPAM Unchecked Threat SPAM • Unsolicited or undesired bulk electronic messages • Kinds of SPAM – SpaSMS – SMS SPAM – Email SPAM – Phone SPAM – trick you to call premium number – Fishing 1
  2. 2. Problem • Unwanted marketing messages. • Increased automated nature of calls • Lower SMS and Call rates turns what was ‘Targeted Marketing’ into ‘Mass Marketing’. • Receiving calls/SMSs from unknown person(s) puts us into risk especially children. • Unsupervised access to internet • Increased frauds on mobile phones Srusti Mobile – Child Guardian • Decide when and what – Calls your child can make and receive – SMSs/MMSs your child can send and receive – Websites your child can access – Web content your child can access – Put time constrains (I.e no Mobile use when at school except calls to emergency numbers including parents numbers) – Reconfigure one touch reach from your child phone to parents at all times 2
  3. 3. Srusti Mobile – Personal Guardian • Protect your privacy when you want to – Ex. On business trips accept calls from only address book contacts. – Ex. On the weekends only my family and friends can reach. • Customize your schedule and configure accordingly • Protect from Fishing SMSs • Protect from mobile viruses Srusti Mobile - Business Guardian • Customize Employee mobile access rights. • Restrict access to unauthorized content access • Receive real time alerts – In case of access to prohibited websites – Call to certain numbers (International calls/premium numbers etc.) – Received call from certain numbers 3
  4. 4. Contact • Srusti Mobile Pvt. Ltd. 4