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Secure your business with guard patrol systems


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Secure your business with guard patrol systems

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Secure your business with guard patrol systems

  2. 2. WHY YOU NEED GUARD PATROL PRODUCTS You have to manage a large sect of people, while handling such a big enterprise. Oh well, you cannot keep a check on everybody individually, can you? You are paying a hell lot of money for your security guards, but they are human beings, after all! It is during such time when you need Guard Patrol products. You need modernized technology to check, whether all the official duties are carried out proficiently, without any mistake. Here, you are talking about quality machines from Guard Patrol products, where mistakes are not an option. Furthermore, these products maintain timely services, with accurate results, every time you switch on their services.
  3. 3. GET TO KNOW MORE ABOUT SECURITY PRODUCTS Guard patrolling systems: These products came in packages and used to enhance the security level of your place. It is the finest combination of hardware and software, to protect your business premises. Starter kits: A significant part of security patrolling section, this starter kit is to make your security guards more proficient. Each kit comprises of PC software, data reader, down loader, touch buttons and touches button holders with RFID devices. This pack is for security patrolling system.
  4. 4. GET TO KNOW MORE ABOUT SECURITY PRODUCTS Data readers: If you want to expand your security guard tour services, opt for some additional data readers. You are free from paying any extra software cost, around here. Software: The same firm is glad to provide various levels of PC tour can run on Windows 7, Windows 2000 and XP.
  5. 5. GET TO KNOW MORE ABOUT SECURITY PRODUCTS RFID and Touch ID devices: You have a completely new range of RFID devices, and vandal resistant ID holders, from the available extensive range. CCTV camera: Using some of the advanced features, CCTV camera comprises of 1080p HD recording with 140-degree angle lens, more than 10 hours of recording time and 32 GB on inbuilt memory.
  7. 7. CONTACT US Reader Options Ltd Unit E7 9 Nimrod Way Ferndown Dorset BH21 7WH Tel: 0800 817 4259 Fax: 0844 736 5729 Email: Companies We Work With