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Guide to Doing Business in Taiwan


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Published in: Business, News & Politics
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Guide to Doing Business in Taiwan

  1. 1. Citibank 3rd International Business Seminar Doing Business in TaiwanAsia’s Regional High-Tech, Industry, and Capital Center and Gateway to China Ted Y. Hong, CPA Partner – International Business Goldin, Peiser, & Peiser, LLP 214-635-2533
  2. 2. You may not be able to live without these toys produced by the Taiwanesemanufacturers. Cell Phone Notebook Flat Screen TV
  3. 3. You may not know that Taiwan is also No. 1 in producing: Aftermarket Collision Parts Precision Machinery Air Soft Gun Industrial Mold
  4. 4. Taiwan is also known for: Rich Culture Product DesignsWell Designed and Profitable Subway One of the Best Managed Public Health Systems
  5. 5. Taiwan at a Glimpse Size: 13,854 Square Miles, a little larger than Maryland Population: 23 million (2 million less than that of Texas) Economy (GDP): 24th largest economy in the world (No. 1 – USA, No. 2 – China) Foreign Exchange Reserve: 5th largest (No.1 - China, No. 2 – Japan)
  6. 6. Diversified Economy &Outstanding Infrastructure Key Industries:High tech, petrochemical, biomedical, precision machinery, software, musical, product designs, animation, financial services and tourism Infrastructure: Three hours of direct flights to major Asia cities Two hours within island by bullet train or air
  7. 7. Low Tax Rate And Transparent Government With Strong IT Protection •17% corporate income tax rate •Pro-business and efficient government services – One Window Service •Strong IT protection law and enforcement •Taiwan takes corruption seriously by putting their former president Chen Shui- bian in jail for life for his corruption
  8. 8. High Quality Labor Forces & Popular Asia Regional R&D Center High Quality and Reasonable Priced Labor Forces: •95% of high school graduates go to college •Starting college graduate salary around $800 •Fringe benefit is under 20% of the wage (vs. 40% in China) •Top engineering and science universities Popular Asia Regional R&D Center: •Stable working force •Strong IT protection •One of the top world patent countries in quality and quantity •Open and free society •High quality of living
  9. 9. Investment Opportunities (Focus Industries) in Taiwan •Cloud computing •Green construction material and energy •Smart electric car •Commercialization of patents •Wi-Fi country •Advanced health care and “health check-up” tourism •Chinese music, movie, television, entertainment, art & craft •High-end, organic and leisure agriculture •Bio science •Tourism •Asia regional logistic and conference center
  10. 10. ECFA ( Economic Cooperation Framework Agreement) – Gateway to China • Free trade agreement between Taiwan and China. • Gradually reducing or eliminating tariff and non-tariff barriers to trade in a substantial majority of goods between the two countries. • Officially, Taiwan is the 4th largest investing country in China (after Hong Kong, Japan, and US). Unofficially, Taiwanese are probably the largest investors in China. • Many western and Asian corporations use Taiwanese as their partners or Taiwan as their base to invest in China because of their in-depth knowledge of China investments. • Taiwanese businesses understand western business mentality better than their China counterparts. • Gateway through Taiwan will shield their know-how and trade secret from being explored or copied in China. • Financial reporting is Taiwan is viewed as good as that of the U. S. and Europe.
  11. 11. IPO In Taiwan by Foreign Entities– PWC Taiwan material with permission
  12. 12. IPO In Taiwan by Foreign Entities (Cont’d)
  13. 13. 外國公司到台灣上市的展望和優勢 (續)
  14. 14. IPO In Taiwan by Foreign Entities (Cont’d)
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