E-Invoicing in Russia: Ready for take off


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  • Nice presentation. I also would like to share this site PDFfiller that I found where I was able to find a user guide use in e-Invoicing. I use this for my reference. Here is the link to the PDF document of e-Invoicing User Guide. You can also save or edit the form directly from the site. I find it credible and maybe you might find it useful as well.
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  • Congratulations !!! This is an excellent work.Thank you for sharing. We have selected your presentation for the reference in our group Slideshare 'BUSINESS AND MANAGEMENT' . We would be honored by your support through your membership. You are invited to join us ! I wish you a nice day. Greetings from France.

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E-Invoicing in Russia: Ready for take off

  1. E-Invoicing in Russia: Ready for take off Grigoriy Povarov Business Development Director SKB Kontur, Russia 6th European EXPP Summit, October 11-12, 2010, Munich
  2. What is Russia? = ×48 Area: 17 million sq. km (4 x EU) GDP: $1.255 trillion (10% of EU) Population: 140 million (30% of EU) Business class: 2 million (10% of EU) Internet users: 65% Time zones: 11 (!) Sources: CIA The World Factbook, TNS Global
  3. Document & Invoicing landscape Bill Delivery Invoice Contract (payment) note / etc (VAT) • 15 billion inv. annually (30 billion in EU) • 60% biz produce 1000+ inv., 20% biz produce 10000+ inv. annually • Documents with signatures & stamps (MUST) • 5 years storing (MUST) • 99,99% in PAPER Sources: PCWeek/Russian Edition, Russian Federal Tax Office
  4. VAT-invoicing details Gov. invoice biz biz • Unified printable form, strict rules for content • Gov’s inspection at any time (1 time for 3 years guarantee) • Strong penalty for violations (18% of invoice amount + fees)
  5. Main way for invoice exchange? Russian Post! 42 000 offices all over Russia €3 for one mail BUT! Next door: 4-7 days In city: 10-23 days Between cities: 5-40 days Sources: Russian Post, «Komsomolskaya Pravda» newspaper
  6. E-Invoicing in Russia: Pro & Contra • Huge distances and bad offline communications • High risks of penalties • Long-time document storing • Active role of Russian Gov • Automation is not a fetish (average salary — €300/month) • Cost reduction ideas are not very popular — too many oil and gas :-(
  7. What about E-Invoicing? Yesterday • biz-doc inagreement with yoursigned (if you have paper or digital partner) • Invoice only in paper for Gov) (if you want to be VAT-OK Today (formally from 2 Sep 2010, really from 1 Jan 2011) • Invoice in paper or digital signed (under Gov’s rules)
  8. roaming fixed XML format Service provider Service provider time stamping certified by Gov signature verification digital signature Supplier Buyer
  9. With or without signature? PDF? EDI? XML? There are no such questions in Russia! Service providers of direct communication? Do we need unified format?
  10. Russian digital signature issues • Own criptography standart (no RSA, no AES, ГОСТ!) • Strong sertification of cryptograpy software by Federal Security Service (ex-KGB) • Cryptography software export is banned • Obligatory licensing for Certificate Authorities & Service Providers with digital signature (e.g. E-Invoicing SPs)
  11. B2G-service providers • Every (!) middle/large biz has its own digital signature • 54% of taxpayers use electronic tax declaration • 100+ B2G-service providers • 50+ digital signature certificate authorities Tensor Taxcom 400 000 200 000 taxpayers SKB Kontur 850 000 46% are still offline Kaluga-Astral 237 000 Sources: Forbes Russia, Russian Federal Tax Office
  12. Looking for cooperation? Welcome to EXPP Operators Forum: October 13, 14:00, Breakout Session D «Search and find appropriate interconnection partners» — Real-life Russian Service Provider will speak about its business & cooperation
  13. and much more...
  14. Action! No waiting! • Your Company’s Global IT vs. Local reqs. — big issue • Deep pilot project for Russian E-Invoicing of ECR-Rus with Metro Cash & Carry, Kraft Foods and SKB Kontur • Results presented at 6th Annual ECR Forum and sent to Gov • http://slidesha.re/aoDKxX (Metro Cash & Carry) • http://slidesha.re/c4MYWW (SKB Kontur) • http://slidesha.re/cBXfSv (Kraft Foods)
  15. E-Invoicing in Russia: perspectives Legislation is OK Plenty of international 2M Biz companies High internet & digital signature penetration A lot of service Uniform rules providers Gov active role
  16. E-Invoicing in Russia: perspectives 850 000 taxpayers @ SKB Kontur Last years electronic B2G ex- ponential growth — Biz are ready for innovations. 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 «Russia has all the ingridients to penetrate to market of electronic document flow much faster than the Europe is doing» (Bruno Koch)
  17. Questions & Answers
  18. Thank you! Grigoriy Povarov Business Development Director SKB Kontur, Russia gp@skbkontur.ru twitter.com/gpovarov