Tech Report to SC


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Report on the use of Google Apps Software as used on three hardware devices at Emanuel this year. (2012-2013)
Oct.17, 2012

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Tech Report to SC

  1. 1. Tech at Emanuel A report during the first year of the Chromebook initiative
  2. 2. Software Update Teachers and Students are now collaborating on documents and spreadsheets.
  3. 3. …and using gmail as our email host. Note the Emanuel “branding”.
  4. 4. • Emanuel students are learning in a one to one computing environment using three types of devices…….
  5. 5. Grades 1-6 are using their Google Apps accounts on the Firefox browser on the most prevalent device in our school – the eMacs, older Apple computers.Their classrooms and the computer lab contain devices that work this way.
  6. 6. Learning about Internet Safety • Sixth graders use the lab to access the internet site that Mr. Lepke uses to teach a basic several week unit. Kids will produce a safety poster and Google presentation to present information to a lower grade classroom. Now they are more aware of safety when using the internet.
  7. 7. Presentation will be done on Googlepresentation……an app in the free suite of software
  8. 8. Making an iMovie about Grandparents‟ Lives• Mrs. Potratz works with fifth graders on two different devices – half have use of the „extra‟ eighth grade Macbooks, and half use the eMacs.
  9. 9. This time Google gets used for storage offamily photos and scripts written for the movies.So even though we are Using iMovie, we still useGoogle Apps for Education!
  10. 10. • In the eighth grade room students have worked on Google apps to sign up for books to read, create a map, house their vocab on a spreadsheet, and write stories, essays, and summaries, and a blog. Many examples of many Google apps used on a Macbook using the chrome browser. These are examples of using Google and chrome technology across the curriculum.
  11. 11. Lots of collaboration on common documents occurs inboth grades seven and eight – Gr.8 English lesson shown here.
  12. 12. • The seventh graders showcase the use of the Chrome browser and Google Apps on the newest device – the Google Chrome Book. They have written works in language arts and researched early explorers of our world. Maps with routes, photos, and information when clicked, show the kind of innovative and collaborative learning we hope to encourage.
  13. 13. Google Maps &Chromebooks
  14. 14. So Many Apps; So Little Time
  15. 15. A Look Ahead……..• March 23 is our pizza making fund raiser.• Tech fee possibility• New budget for 2013-2014• Projected need of total of $9000 to continue the initiative into next year
  16. 16. Let‟s Remember….. • It‟s not about the technology; it‟s about the learning…….21st century learning.