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Shortened form tech plan


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Shortened form tech plan

  1. 1. Learning for the Next Generation Technology at Emanuel One to One Emphasis
  2. 2. Concept – One to One Computing• Each students has all the time access to a device for learning• Lessons are more project based and authentic in nature than traditional methods of learning• All students can access material on the internet equally• Seamless integration of technology into the learning environment
  3. 3. Why?• We can’t continue to prepare kids for a world and jobs that no longer exists. We are no longer as industrialized as we were – jobs in the future will be given to those who can collaborate and problem solve and create innovative ideas to do it.• Education for Yesterday and Today
  4. 4. The Google Chromebook as Device• Cloud storage – provided by Google• Browser based – through Chrome device• Free Google Apps for software• Easy Management of device and content• Antivirus included in device
  5. 5. Success in WELS Schools• WELSTech Podcast Cloud-only Google Chromebooks being used by 7th and 8th graders at Grace in Oshkosh, WI. Principal Peter Iles talks with Martin Spriggs, WELS CTO, about their implementation, the ease of administration, cost and tech support.• WelstechInterview – Kurt Gosdeck Implemented one to one in graders 3 and 4 with plans to move up to 5 and 6, 7 and 8, year at a time not using Chromebook as device (stability and staying power of Google)
  6. 6. Option 1: 20 devises - 1yr – 449x15 = 6,735 Option 2: 20x36x15 = 10,800 - 2yr - 5x12x15 = 900 -3 yr - 5x12x15 =900Total 3 yr (6-8) = 8,535
  7. 7. Budget Planning• Year 1 - $3600• Year 2 - $7200• Year 3 - $10,800• Annual Fundraiser built into year 3• Tech Fee / no tuition raise• 6-8 $50 per year – after three years kids take chromebook with them
  8. 8. Resources• Video on Becoming a Google Apps School• Video on Chromebooks for Education• Webinar – Chrome Books in the Classroom• Articles on One to One Computing – Apple Research Piece – One to One only as Effective as Teacher – Many Scholarly Articles Indexed Here