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An iPod in Your Classroom Toolbox


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An iPod in Your Classroom Toolbox - resources, tips and more on how iPods are being used in all content areas

Published in: Education, Technology
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An iPod in Your Classroom Toolbox

  1. 1. An iPod in Your Classroom Toolbox Grace Poli Media Specialist ~ José Martí Middle School Union City, New Jersey
  2. 2. Snapshot of Union City Visit iTunes Store to view video about the demographics of Union City 1.Open iTunes Store 2. Click on iTunes U 3. Scroll to the bottom and select K-12 4. Click on New Jersey Union City School District 5. Select “ABOUT UNION CITY” and download free podcast about Union City demographics
  3. 3. Why teach with iPods? Engage students in learning Enhance instruction Increases Motivation Individualized instruction Accommodate multiple learning styles of students Take it anywhere? Expand learning beyond the classroom
  4. 4. Music Lyrics Sample Lessons
  5. 5. Creating Lessons 1. Find a song, artist and the lyrics 2. Determine language patterns, vocabulary and syntax in the lyrics 3. Create lessons by removing the key words and phrases to be learned from the lyrics
  6. 6. Example Lessons Lesson 1: Advanced Students Write complete words, phrases and open-ended questions Lesson 2: Intermediate Students Complete sentence syntax (nouns, verbs, etc.) when provided with context clues Lesson 3: Severely-Limited English Students Identify words provided using a translation dictionary
  7. 7. Student Assessment Complete grammar activity Read song lyrics, without listening to the music Pronunciation of words and comprehension Spelling (oral assessment) say words in their native language and have students write the English translation
  8. 8. Methods for Downloading Music Purchase songs from iTunes for $0.99 per song Check out the iTunes free download of the week Import music from CDs Free and legal downloads Free Music for Your iPod or iPhone | iLounge Article
  9. 9. Lyrics & Music Determine the Artist & Song Find songs by any topic Free musical lyrics websites The Green Book of Songs and Subjects Annual Subscription $19.95 Type the code - grace into the coupon box for $10.00 discount Pay only $9.95
  10. 10. Free Foreign Language Lyrics Spanish Italian French, German, Italian, Spanish, World
  11. 11. Audiobooks
  12. 12. Benefits of Audiobooks Proper word pronunciation Improves listening and comprehension skills Engage students in active reading Increases vocabulary comprehension Students can follow along with printed text Listen and learn at your own pace: slow down, fast forward, go back or bookmark a section
  13. 13. Audiobook Cost Analysis TITLE CD/CASSETTE iTUNES DOWNLOAD Harry Potter $374.70 $249 The Outsiders $25.95 $15.95 A Wrinkle in Time $25.95 $15.95 The Mixed-Up Files $14.95 $10.95 The Chocolate War $25.95 $15.95 Kira-Kira $27.95 $17.95 Maniac Magee $19.95 $15.95 $515.40 $341.70 Download Savings = $173.70!
  14. 14. Importing Audiobooks 1. Purchase audiobooks in the iTunes Store 2. Import CDs - multiple tracks NOT always practical 3. AudioBook Builder audiobookbuilder/ - $10.00 cost 4. Downloading free audiobook online - multiple tracks
  15. 15. Other Audiobooks Sources AudioBooks Free Classic Audiobooks Audiobooks for Free
  16. 16. Ebooks at Project Gutenberg
  17. 17. iPod Voice Recorder
  18. 18. Benefits of iPod Voice Recorders Improves English fluency Improves word pronunciation Increases comprehension of words and phrases Students learn to speak more clearly The iPod becomes a portable recorder, can be taken anywhere Once recorded on the iPod, audio can be used anywhere (podcasts, iMovie, PowerPoint, etc.)
  19. 19. Practical use of the Voice Recorder Instructions 1. Connect the Belkin TuneTalk to the iPod 2. Click on the center button once to start recording 3. Once you finish recording click STOP and SAVE
  20. 20. Conversation Questions
  21. 21. Using the iPod Across the Curriculum
  22. 22. Social Studies United Streaming Video
  23. 23. Science Visual Learning Company Teacher’s Guides include: • assessment tests • lesson plans • lab activities • video script Titles now available in Spanish
  24. 24. Conversational Questions Whole Language “Greetings a Relative” Italian Transcript Elena: Ciao zia! Zia: Come stai? Elena: Benissimo e tu? Zia: Bene! Da quando sei arrivata? Elena: Siamo arrivati la settimana scorsa! Grazie mille per averci invitato! Cosa ci hai preparato stasera? Zia: Ma, non so se vi piacciono le lasagne al pesto! Elena: Ah, certo le lasagne al pesto! Son Bunoissime! Zia: Che sono tipiche de Genova. Il coniglio e poi la crostata v’ho fatto! Elena: Allora due sono ancora a scuola, l’altra é andata a goicare a pallone, ma tornerà per cena. E la mamma come sta? • Quicktime • Real Video Elena: La mama sta benissimo. E la tua mamma? Zia: La mia mamma è un pó vecchietta ma sta bene peró, verrá presto a trovarci anche lei, speriamo stasera. • Italian Transcript Elena: Bene bene! • English Translation
  25. 25. Math iQuiz Game iQuiz Maker
  26. 26. Educational use for iPods Spark Notes - Online study guide database SAT Vocabulary Builder - test taking strategies Webster Dictionary Reference - look up words and definitions onto your iPod ESL Podcast Brain Quest - Educational games for grades 1-7
  27. 27. Bretford iPod Cart Sync and charge - 40 iPods Software updates
  28. 28. More resources... Apple Learning Interchange - Learning in Hand - iPods in Education Webcast - iPods in Education: The Potential for Language Acquisition - iPod_Lang_Acquisition_whitepaper.pdf
  29. 29. Unexpected Uses of the iPods 1. Train Doctors to Save Lives - American College of Cardiology indicates iPods are used to listen to recorded heart sounds to teach medical students how to better recognize different conditions 2. Bring Criminals to Justice - United States federal district court has started using iPods to hold copies of wiretap transmissions in a large drug-conspiracy case 3. Get Yourself Into Serious Shape - TrailRunner is a free program that helps you plan your route and then loads your iPods with maps, distances, and time goals 4. Tour Around Great Cities - iSubwayMaps lets you download subway maps from 24 major cities across the globe. They range from New York City, Paris, and Berlin to Moscow, Tokyo and Hong Kong. Audio tours of New York and Paris downloard Soundwalk narrated by a celebrity for $12. 5. Calculate the Right Tip - TipKalc helps you figure out the tip and grand total
  30. 30. Unexpected Uses of the iPods 6. Record Flight data - LoPresti Speed announced plans to use iPods as flight data recorders in light aircrafts (will have the ability to record over 500 hours of flight time data) 7. Throw a Meaner Curveball - Pitcher for the Houston Astros, started using video iPod to review pitching frame by frame to improved overall techniques 8. Learn Foreign Language - University students are using iPods to record lectures, take notes, and even create electronic flash cards 9. Memory Stick - save your Microsoft office files 10. Wikipedia - download one of the largest encyclopedias on your iPod (FREE)
  31. 31. Thanks! Grace Poli, Media Specialist To obtain a copy of this presentation visit Please note videos and musical lessons will not be posted