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This presentation is about my Internet related experience which I wish to share with friends and contacts like you. I hope you’ll benefit from it. You may share it with your friends.

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using free online tools

  1. 1. Using Free Online Tools ToMarket Products And Services
  2. 2. This presentation is about myInternet related experience which Iwish to share with friends andcontacts, like you.I hope you’ll benefit from it in moreways than one. You may share it withyour friends, too.
  3. 3. Facts affecting business:• 2.267 billion Internet users in the world, including 1.016 billion in Asia.• 45% of Filipinos connect to the Internet.• 81% of the families of OFWs use the Internet as primary communication medium.
  4. 4. With the Internet:Buyers and sellers have nearly unlimitedaccess to information, goods, andservices.Delimitations have been removed ongeography, time zones, and, in somecases, the need for a physical office.
  5. 5. Internet marketing can impact sales andmarketing efforts immediately.A small business expands to reach anational, or even an, international baseof potential customers.Web-based sales know no internationalboundaries.
  6. 6. Here is a copy of a message dated 8September 2004 from my American-Korean business partner and mentor.
  7. 7. He steered a virtual business involving8 persons (including me), who werestaying in 4 different countries.We succeeded in introducing productsfrom South Korea to U.S.A. mainly thruemail marketing.
  8. 8. In 2004, I learned that 6 or 7out of every 10 transactions originated on the Internet 10 7 3
  9. 9. 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012Since 2004, the Internet has beenthe main anchor of my diversifiedbusiness.
  10. 10. My Internet based business today:• Marketing products, like a web-based application software, art paintings, etc.• Business Planning, Marketing, and Advertising Services• Academic Research and Writing
  11. 11. Social media marketing is a majorcomponent of my marketing strategy,mainly because over 75% ofconsumers use social media in someformat to learn about products andservices.
  12. 12. Social Media Marketing Family and friends Professionals and businessmen Strangers
  13. 13. has given me5,000 friends plus thousands ofothers in my Groups and Pages.
  14. 14. Groups and Pages I created onFacebook.comBe_in_business 1,578Home Based Entrepreneurs 1,146Franchise Opportunities 630Business Networking 548Treasure of Health 321
  15. 15. Mainly used for professional networking withmore than 135 million registered users inmore than 200 countries and territories
  16. 16. has given me 2,040friends plus hundreds of contactsin Groups I created.
  17. 17. My presence on is limited.
  18. 18. I’ve also created online groups was startedon 22 November 2005.
  19. 19. has been a great marketing tool for me since December 2006.
  20. 20. I also do what is necessary inContent Marketing, SearchMarketing, ContactManagement, and so on – to beincluded soon.
  21. 21. My Work Station at Home
  22. 22. Join my groups:Business Networking Based Business a guest in our next meetup inMakati CBD next week.
  23. 23. G. R. Pira (EdD)Profile Solutionshttps://www.prpsolutions.comResearch & Writing Assistance 09473259376 (Smart) 09321581459 (Sun)
  24. 24. Thank you andGod bless you!