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DIFR Mentors Matter Brochure


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DIFR Brochure for prospective Mentors and collaborative partners

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DIFR Mentors Matter Brochure

  1. 1. DIFR Mentors Matter
  2. 2. Nearly 60 per cent of Indian population is between the ages 15-59, and more than half below the age of 25 i.e. Employable age. Aggregate number of registered unemployed across the country has crossed the 40 million mark. India's labor force is growing at a rate of 2.5 per cent annually, but employment is growing at only 2.3 per cent. The country is faced with the challenge of not only absorbing new entrants to the job market (estimated at seven million people every year), but also clearing the backlog. India produces over 2.5 million university graduates, including 400,000 engineers and 200,000 IT professionals annually. Less than 25% of the graduate pool is employable. There are more than 250,000 students passing out from diploma courses every year across India. There is no specific agenda to hone finer skills of these candidates. For the IT and IT-enabled sectors alone, the manpower requirement would be around three million workers a year. Only 3-6% of applicants get through job interviews. The issue is not of employment. The issue is of employability. Isn’tittimeforustodo somethingbetter?
  3. 3. So many job opportunities, companies struggling to procure their talent, numerous institutions assuring 100% job placement and their increasing enrollment rate, ever increasing school and college output numbers. And still a huge percentage of population remains ineligible to qualify for a decent job. Irony indeed. Where does the gap lie? In the strict interview process of organizations? In the choice of subjects of a student? In our curriculum? In our education and skill delivery mode? May be all of them are equal contributors. But the biggest gap lies in the non availability of mentors. Mentors who can assess individuals for their skills, guide them to opt for careers that will fit them and their career aspirations, plug in the gap between expectations of organizations and general education provided. Mentors who can make individuals employable. How would you guide a person from a Tier II or a Tier III city who has had minimal exposure to the structured expectation of organizations or has received minimal updates from his educational institute to prepare him for a job? How can we train the youth in these cities, towns, taluks and villages to be employable? How can we contribute to better the overall socio-economic condition of cities and individuals in India? We depend on you for that.
  4. 4. DIFR, a section 25 company (Not for Profit Organization), is working on creating a mentor network in interior and upcountry locations of all states in India and to begin with in Maharashtra and Karnataka. DIFR, in liaison with industry experts has created sector and talent specific assessments which help mentors in assessing the potential of candidates and to chart out a development plan & training aimed filling the skill gaps. DIFR is also in the process of establishing strategic partnerships with major corporate houses and industries to source manpower for them from the Tier II and Tier III manpower pool. The Mentors Role would be to act as the link between the youth and DIFR. The mentor would draw the youth in need of employment to them, ensure they undertake "Talent assessment tests", provide counseling sessions, chart a "Suitable Career Path finder Action Plan" and also assist DIFR in training them to be job ready. The DIFR Mentor Network program will equip the chosen Mentors to deliver the program in a manner that brings benefit to themselves economically and as well as giving a sense of satisfaction of community service.
  5. 5. We are looking for individuals who have a background in HR, Teaching, or Defense, are familiar with the locality they reside in and have a desire to add value to their community youth by acting as Career Guides and Mentors. The chosen mentor should be able to have a space in which he / she can have the youth come and meet them for career counseling sessions, and also a small facility to conduct online assessments, which is ideally a room with a desk, a few chairs, a computer, internet connection and telephone. DIFR hopes that individuals who are already running tuition / coaching classes, cyber cafes, and any other businesses - which require interaction with youth- in these locations would be ideally suited to take on this Mentor Role. But of course, this is not limitation or a qualifier. Any individual who is willing to be a part of this purpose can play the role of mentor. We will be more than glad to help you assess the validity of this proposition to you based on the details that you wish to provide us as indicated in the nomination form.
  6. 6. The role of a mentor is to act as the link between the youth and DIFR. The mentor would draw the youth in need of employment to them, ensure they undertake Talent assessment tests and provide counseling sessions and chart a suitable Career Path finder Action Plan and also equip them to undergo integrated and career specific training to be conducted by DIFR in liaison with its corporate partners. And finally, this is not a franchisee model. DIFR will not be soliciting any investment or deposit from the mentors. The objective of this model is to utilize the existing skill set and experience of mentors with their existing infrastructure and network to build a sustainable talent pool for India. The goal of this model is to make Indian youth employable and better the overall socio-economic status. Of course, apart from the immense work and cause satisfaction, mentors also stand to benefit economically. A detailed benefit document would be sent to mentors once the nomination form is received. Please do not hesitate to contact us for any further queries or assistance.
  7. 7. DIFR is about being unique DIFR is about responding to challenges differently. DIFR is about being innovative DIFR is about being creative DIFR is about unlocking your true potential. DIFR is all about who you can be. DIFR stands for Dynamic Initiatives for Results. DIFR has been conceived and incorporated with the objective of utilizing unique and untapped manpower pools of India by identifying job aspirants across the country and making them “fit for hire”. DIFR will assist organizations to create in-house Career / Vocational Academies that can grow talent in-house and create managers and leaders within the organization. Vision of DIFR is to raise the quality of Human Capital through Coaching, Training, and Career Path Management for “Optimum People Performance”. Mission of DIFR is to reach out to job aspirant population of the country and provide them with career guidance, employability skills, job placements and career management - through a unique one of its kind model aimed at developing dedicated and confident individuals capable of self directed growth. DIFR is creating sustainable models of livelihood skills & employability skills training, building multiple but integrated rural network / Access Bridge with mentors and employable population through P-P-P model. To enable the access bridge, DIFR is working on creating a rural mentor network which will be trained in mentoring, coaching, counseling and running skill inventory / assessment.
  8. 8. Nomination form template This form can be filled on a separate sheet and mailed to or to In case of any queries or clarifications, please do not hesitate to contact us on +91 97110 0 8862 or +91 97110 06289
  9. 9. Contact us DIFR 206 / 207, Paradigm B, Mindspace, Malad Link Road, Malad (West), Mumbai 400064 Maharashtra India Ph: +91 22 6704 0280 / 81 / 82 Fax: +91 22 2844 9875 Mob: +91 97110 08862 Mail: Web:
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