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Cargus - Gian Sharp (CEO Cargus), CNEC, 27 mai 2013


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Serviciile de curierat fata in fata cu magazinele online, (keynote speeches si sesiune interactiva Q&A - esentiale pentru orice magazin online).

Lector: Gian Sharp (CEO Cargus)

prezentare sustinuta in cadrul Conferintelor Nationale de e-Commerce, 27-28 mai 2013, Bucuresti, Romania

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Cargus - Gian Sharp (CEO Cargus), CNEC, 27 mai 2013

  1. 1. Four in ten internet shoppers are significantly influencedby delivery choice when choosing a retailerTrendsThe online retail environment has an ‘open all hours’mentality“Retailers desire high levels of service at all times and failure to meet theseexpectations can potentially damage the reputation of the retailer and thestrength of their relationship with the customer.”Carol Woodhead, CEO of Hermes CourierConsumers increasingly want a delivery service that istailored to their precise circumstances58% of consumers living in urban areas would findappealing if a retailer offers to make deliveries to a parcelshop
  2. 2. TrendsResearch highlighted the increasing importance of effectivecustomer service to resolve any delivery issues:58% of consumers want a reply within an hour60% expect any problem to be resolved first time69% claiming that a bad customer experience would have a verynegative effect on their decision to use a particular supplier again24% of consumers would tell people about a bad experience usingFacebook and 10% via online forums“The delivery expectations of the consumer are higher than ever and the findings of thesurvey underline the importance for carriers and retailers to work together to develophighly flexible, responsive and efficient solutions that meet the precise needs of theinternet shopper. The consumer is shopping online because of the convenience andsavings that can be made, so the delivery needs to reflect these motifs.”Carol Woodhead, CEO of Hermes CourierSource: The Parcel Deliveries Usage and Attitude Survey, UK, November 2012
  3. 3. The phenomenon wassparked in Romania
  4. 4. Product categories shoppers are most interested in:
  5. 5. Source: Today I Found
  6. 6. Upgrading fleet capacity with 30%Extending warehouse with over 100%Additional routes for couriers and distributionSaturday and Sunday pick up with Monday deliveryProactive reporting every hour with status ofshipments (real time visibility)Logistic Features
  7. 7. Extending Retail Network to provide a simpleand affordable way of sending personal andbusiness parcels, as well as allowing retailers tooffer a cost effective means of returningunwantedQuicker accessibility to Contact Center : CTI, IVR,Automated dialing for abandoned callsCustomer Contact FeaturesLast Generation PBX offering multiples contactways:Extended hours for Contact Center up to midnight
  8. 8. Solutions for customers that use on-line shopplatforms to integrate with Cargus applicationsSmart Phone Application for IOS, Android andWindows systems for : Online orders, Track andTrace, Contact, eBilling, Cash On DeliveryTehnical FeaturesSMS Prealert Service & eMail Alert Service
  9. 9. Starting August 2013 we will post Cargus’s plans to cope withBlack Friday on both and
  10. 10. a tailored program for eCommerce environmentdesigned for all categories of customers: large, medium and smallSTART-UPWhat can be better when you are a beginnerthan a wise advice of the experienced?– a module within the program, designed to beclosed to the new entrepreneurs
  11. 11. Next step isYours !
  12. 12. TryTry