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Group 11 Development Presentation


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Group 11 Development Presentation

  1. 1. Clients:Dr Robin North Group members:Dr Margherita Mascia Vinh Phuong Hoang; Angelos Kozonis; Michael Lau;Dr Sonal Ahuja Qader Majali; James Musgrave; Dominic Peter; Ai Sun; Saajid Sahabdeen; Xiaojie Wang;
  2. 2. Development ofOpportunity Area
  3. 3. Transport needs development in Nine Elms Transport needs development in Nine Elms Transport issues Public Transport Accessibility in the Opportunity Area 2006 2026 REF: Vauxhall Nine Elms Battersea Opportunity Area – Transport Study (2009)
  4. 4. Alternative transport proposals Northern Line Extension Light Rail TransitEnhancements to Walking & Cycling Improvements to Bus Service
  5. 5. Personal Rapid TransportFully automated vehiclesSmall vehiclesCheaper than traditional optionsGreater serviceSustainable and environmentallyfriendlyRevolutionary
  6. 6. Project Aims Analyse feasibility of PRT system Design comprehensive network to improve transport to the Nine Elms region Evaluate economics of the project including fare structure Present a convincing argument for PRT including cost-benefit analysis
  7. 7. Work to dateInitial researchSite visitAnalysis of existingtransport optionsInvestigation into existingPRT systemsChoice of system for ourprojectInitial route proposalsTrack & station designDetailed demand study
  8. 8. VECTUS Disadvantages Advantages High energy consumptionLinear induction motor Large space requiredHigh speed & goodacceleration Cost not known
  9. 9. Applications Masdar City (PRT) CharacteristicsInfrastructure• 1.85m width Rivium Business Park (GRT)Cost• £6.5 mil – £8.1 mil / kmMixing Systems
  10. 10. ULTRA Characteristics Application: Heathrow Terminal 5Infrastructure• 2.1m widthCost• £4.5-£9.5 million / kmBenefits• Low capital and operational costs• Energy efficiency
  11. 11. POD Comparison Parameter ULTRA Score 2GETTHERE ScoreEnergy Consumption at 30 km/h 0.09 1 0.17 0(empty) [kWh/km]System Flexibility (ability to take Freight 0 Freight/large 1different types of vehicle)Weight – empty and (maximum) [kg] 850 (1300) 0.9 1400 (2050) 0Track Width [m] 2.1 0 1.85 0.7Vehicle Guidance Method Kerbs 0.7 Magnetic 0 Markers . . . . . . . . .Total 5 2.6
  12. 12. Demand• Initial demand estimation• Light Rail Transit (LRT) demand in 2026• Want PRT system to accommodate this• Total 4367 passengers per hour
  13. 13. Demand Detailed demand study Origin destination matrix
  14. 14. Route Requirements
  15. 15. Route to Waterloo & Victoria along river, roads and railways
  16. 16. Route to Waterloo & Pimlico above river and roads
  17. 17. Route to Waterloo & Pimlico along river and existing bridge
  18. 18. Route to Waterloo & Pimlico along river and new bridge
  19. 19. Project Schedule
  20. 20. Team Structure Dominic Peter James Musgrave Project Manager Project Manager POD System System Route Pods, Stations, Guideways, IT etc... Demand Study, route locations etc…Angelos Kozonis Qader Majali Saajid Sahabdeen Ai Sun Xiaojie Wang Vinh Phuong Hoang Michael Lau
  21. 21. References:• Wandsworth Council. (2012). Nine Elms on the South Bank. Retrieved 2012, from Wandsworth: 371/• North, R. (2012). Riverside link: Personal Rapid Transit. London: Imperial College London• SKM. (2009). Vauxhall Nine Elms Battersea Opportunity Area –Transport Study.