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Ultrasonic Fouling Control by :

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Presentation yachts-new-2-1

  1. 1. „MARINE SONIC“ Antifouling System The elegant Solution against Biofouling on Ship´s Hulls• Significantly lower Friction & Drag• Noticeable lowered Fuel Expenses• Increased Speed & Performance• Significantly lower Maintenance Cost• Bacteriologically clean Water Tanks & Piping• Foul-free Fuel Piping & Tanks
  2. 2. Your boat Foto by Captain Pete KY USA How does your Hull look like under the Water Line ? Have you got any Attachments like Weed, Mussels or Barnacles ?Marine Science & Ecology
  3. 3. Biofouling on Ship´s Hull causes:• Friction & Drag Copyright: HUGHES Ltd. UK• Reduced Hydrodynamics• Increased Fuel Expenses• Increased Maintenance Cost Marine Science & Ecology
  4. 4. The Risk of Biofouling on your Boat´s Hull Foto: Captain Pete, KY USA Weed: Up to 15% drag Shell: Up to 45% drag Reference: Dr. Townsin, University of Plymouth
  5. 5. A fouled Hull causes significant Speed Loss up to 30 %Unprofitable Hydrodynamics, high Resistance Positive Hydrodynamics, low ResistanceReference : Dr. Townsin, University of Plymouth
  6. 6. The solution:„MARINE SONIC“ 10 years of research Biofilm
  7. 7. The comfortable Solution:Digital ultrasound „MARINE SONIC“ Combats Biofouling effectively Copyright: IMPACTTEC Ltd. Transducers positioning Transducers Positioning Transducers positioning The Transducers are positioned inside the Hull, under the Water Line.
  8. 8. Yacht „Blue Dolphin“ heavily fouled in April 2007 in Cyprus Fouled Boat slipped out of Water in April 2007 for complete Service
  9. 9. Lifted out Oktober 2008 Yacht „Blue Dolphin“Marine Sonic installed in April 2007. Boat lifted out of the water in Oktober 2008.Boat remained in the water all the time while travelling in mediterranean sea.No weed and no barnacles visible. Almost no attachments on the hull.
  10. 10. Yacht „Blue Dolphin“ Okt´2008 Limassol CyprusThe Hull is almost clean only few dead Algae attached. No Weed or Barnacles ! The Ultrasound Antifouling has taken Effect. Nearly no Attachments. No Antifouling Coating necessary ! No false pretences: We tell you the truth.
  11. 11. High Pressure Cleaning Yacht „Blue Dolphin“ Oct.2008The Hull has remained almost clean from the Bottom up to the Water Line.Only a thin Layer of dead Algae may be washed away very easy & quicklyNo Antifouling Coating needed since Installation of MARINE SONIC in 2007
  12. 12. Silicone based shark-like coatings: Reduction of fouling only up to 67% when applied to ship´s hull ! Repair is rather complicated and cost intensiveReference: Ralph Liedert, University of Bremen, Graduant
  13. 13. Technology of the New Millenium: „MARINE SONIC“ Antifouling Systems• Noticeable lower Friction & Drag• Reduction of Maintenance Cost• Lowering of Fuel Consumption• Better Speed Performance• Pay off in only a few Months