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Calling for volunteers to create a stunning easy to use identity management platform for hybrid clouds (OpenStack, AWS, Azure, VMWare, bare metal ....). Already upstream in Debian/Ubuntu.

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  1. 1. calling for volunteers :)
  2. 2. @gpaternoGiuseppe Paternò What is • A platform to centralize identities in hybrid clouds • Grown with OpenStack in mind • but works with AWS, Azure, Vmware and bare metal as well :) • Upstream in Ubuntu/Debian • Repos for Fedora/RHEL/CentOS and OpenSUSE/SLES • Seeking for volunteers to help on the project :)
  3. 3. @gpaternoGiuseppe Paternò Join for free:
  4. 4. @gpaternoGiuseppe Paternò Calling for Volunteers :)
  5. 5. Contacts: Giuseppe Paterno’ Twitter: @gpaterno