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Erogonomic & safety awareness program


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We conduct health awareness program for companies, office, and corporates. Call us 9699321205 or visit for detail. We are happy to answer your questions. Feel free to call us...

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Erogonomic & safety awareness program

  1. 1. Dr.Parthiban, Physiotherapist Aayushman Pain and Rehabilitaion clinic Navi Mumbai. Call: 9699321205Aayushman Pain & Rehabilitation Clinic
  2. 2. What is Ergonomics? Ergonomic is derived from two Greek words Ergon means work Nomoi means Natural Laws Ergonomic means the science of workErgonomics is not a new science, although the term has becomemore common now. The phrase was first coined in 1857. Aayushman Pain & Rehabilitation Clinic
  3. 3. Ergonomic includes-• Anatomy/ Physiology• Psychology• Yoga• Diet• Home Science• Industrial Design• Product Design• Occupational Health• Industrial Safety• Engineering Its is a Multi disciplinary science Aayushman Pain & Rehabilitation Clinic
  4. 4. Consequences of Poor work station-• Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI)• Computer Related Injury (CRI)• Musculo Skeletal Disorder (MSD)• Cumulative Trauma Disorder (CTA)• Overuse Syndrome• Activity Related Pain syndrome• Injuries/ Accidents• Occupational Hazards• Stress Aayushman Pain & Rehabilitation Clinic
  5. 5. Statistics & Current situation in Industries-• 75% report MSD related to work• 55% got injured with a year of starting their first job• $9 Billion total injury cost / year• $29K/ case compensation claim cost• Injured workers can became unemployed and un employable• Statistics about other chronic illness life style disorder in the Indian industries isequally alarming Aayushman Pain & Rehabilitation Clinic
  6. 6. Ergonomic Intervention Programme-Goals-Prevent work related injuries and illness like MSD, RSI.Proactive approach in Protecting workers from prolonged exposure toergonomic risk factor.Addressing personal risk factors like Posture, Body awareness, Poor physicalconditionDevelop workers physically and mentally stable Aayushman Pain & Rehabilitation Clinic
  7. 7. Phases of Ergonomics Programmes-Phase 1 (for all)Fundamental of Human body/ BiomechanicsBasic awareness about ergonomicsVisual ergonomicsEducate about health, personal hygiene and oral hygieneInfluence of MSD in Medical, Social and EconomicPredisposing risk factor of HealthIndividual Physical and Medical ExaminationEarly warning sign of health hazards, when to seek medical help Aayushman Pain & Rehabilitation Clinic
  8. 8. Phase 2 (for sedentary workers)Define and Explain work related Health problemsHealth issues cause by Sedentary life styleSign and Symptoms of illness and injuryTreatment and follow upPrevention and Practical strategies to implement Ergonomic solutionsBalanced computing posture ( With Demo)Chair and work station adjustment (With Demo)Exercise Instruction for stretching and warm up Aayushman Pain & Rehabilitation Clinic
  9. 9. Phase 3 ( For Sedentary workers)Role of EmployeeStages and symptoms of StressImplications of prolonged exposure to stressStress Management by Yoga and MeditationBasic Stress Relieving stretching and posturesRelaxation TechniqueDiet and Balanced NutritionCurrent concept and research findings in Ergonomics Aayushman Pain & Rehabilitation Clinic
  10. 10. Phase 4 (for heavy worker)Define and Explain work related health problemsTeaching signs and symptoms of illness and injuryTreatment and Follow upEducate risk factor includes Repetition, Awkward posture, Excessiveforce, Vibration, CompressionProper Lifting and handling techniques of toolsBalancing working postureProper and safety work StationRisk areas and common errorsEnvironmental factors Aayushman Pain & Rehabilitation Clinic
  11. 11. Phase 5 ( Heavy workers)Structure of Spine and upper Limb –AnatomyBody AwarenessStrengthening exercises , Stretchings and warm upStages and Symptoms of StressStress Management by Yoga and MeditationExercise and Physical Fitness ProgramBalance Diet and NutritionDoing the job the best way possibleVisual Ergonomics. Aayushman Pain & Rehabilitation Clinic
  12. 12. Phase 6( Work Station Evaluation)Work Station Evaluation with help of video recordingEvaluate the work station Checklist and anthropometric measurementDetail study of the nature of work, Machineries handled by the worker andthe Work environment.A written Ergonomic evaluation report will be provided to the company whichincludes the current Ergonomic problems and specific recommendations toimprove the worker and work environment. Aayushman Pain & Rehabilitation Clinic
  13. 13. Potential benefits of employeeIncreased opportunity for employees to take control of theirhealth and medical treatmentIncreased morale due to Management’s interest in theirhealth and Well Being.Reduced work absencesReduced medical costsReduced Pain and sufferings Aayushman Pain & Rehabilitation Clinic
  14. 14. Potential Benefits of companiesIncreased worker moraleDecreased Organizational ConflictIncreased workers Productivity, higher energy levels and less errorA recruitment tool for new workersReduced sick leave and absenteeismIncreased job satisfaction and job retentionIncreased employee work life balanceGreater goodwill in the society. Aayushman Pain & Rehabilitation Clinic
  15. 15. Economical Benefits of the companiesThe money spent on improving the ergonomics of the offices has anexcellent return on investment.In most instances existing facilities can be modified or readjusted toachieve the desired results, without having to make fresh purchases.Well –Implemented ergonomics programmes are always costeffective. They save more than they cost.A basic programme of educating workers in ergonomics and theprevention of RSI are in a company’s best interests and will results inmore effective work practices. Aayushman Pain & Rehabilitation Clinic
  16. 16. Aayushman Pain & Rehabilitation Clinic