Group project 1 isys 363(1)


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Group project 1 isys 363(1)

  1. 1. Cubs SFSU ISYS 363.01 Fall 2013
  2. 2. Group Collaboration Tools A group collaboration tool is a tool that a group can use to compose a project that can be accessed by anyone in the group. Our goal was to find the most effective and user friendly group collaboration tool or set of tools to complete this and future group projects.
  3. 3. What we wanted: ● User Friendly ● No lengthy sign up process ● Free ● Easy for everyone to access/make changes to ● Usable on our own time - no required meeting time
  4. 4. TeamBox Website: Pros: ● Video Conferencing ● Cloud Storage with Google Drive ● Integration with Google Docs and Google Calendar ● Mobile App Available for iPad and iPhone ● Social network-like features for adding updates, chat features, and e-mail notifications. ● No software needed and works with any Web Browser or mobile device ● File Sharing ● Task Management includes Task Lists Templates and Time Tracking ● Calendar and GANTT Diagram (GANTT is used to see a visual image of the progress of a certain project) Cons: ● Up to 5 people and projects free ● Need to upgrade to PRO version for full features like group chat, Drop Box, and workload view ● Need Zoom to enable video Conferencing ● Can’t add more than one team member to a task
  5. 5. Google Docs Overview: Google docs is a built in application on google. Google docs stores all documents online for accessibility anywhere with internet. It allows groups and companies to work on the same project and view changes in real time. Pros: ● Auto Save - google docs continuously saves your documents as you make changes faster than you can click FILE, SAVE. Therefore, no more lost files! It also preserves the history and allows users to easily revise work. ● Accessibility - Since the tool is built into google, you can access all your documents anywhere with internet as easily as you access your email. Saving storage space on your computer, and easily can print anywhere. ● Collaboration - Since all files are stored on the internet, multiple group members can access and make changes to the same file without having to communicate and micromanagement. Cons: ● Accessibility - As easily as you can access your files online, there may be times when you don't have internet access. ● Responsibility - Whoever creates the document can control who has access to changes as well as who can make those changes. Therefore, it is not a completely open document for certain members. ● Basic - Powerpoints and spreadsheet templates are very basic, and can cause some technical difficulties.
  6. 6. iLearn Pros: ● convenient - we are all already using it ● information about projects is very close at hand ● can submit work through same site Cons: ● no chat options ● can not collaborate on the actual creation of slideshows/documents ● not very user-friendly
  7. 7. Google Hangouts Pros: ● can communicate with text, photos, and video ● can send messages to people even if they’re offline ● intuitive and user-friendly ● available for computers and mobile devices Cons: ● requires Google+ account ● no single-click conferencing like Skype offers ● frequent app crashes ● video calls cut out
  8. 8. Zoho Pros: ● Their applications are designed for business, productivity, and collaboration ● Free collaboration services include online chat, creating and storing documents, secure online meetings, and a social network for companies to use. ● Applications can be accessed through a computer and smartphone. Cons: ● Not all applications are free ● When uploading an Excel spreadsheet and Powerpoint slideshow, customization can be limited ● The free account only gives you 1GB of storage
  9. 9. The Winner is… Google Docs! The majority of our group members chose Google Docs because of its accessibility and easy navigation. Most of our group members are familiar with Google Docs and can use it to contribute to the project.
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