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Ourense Micropresentation Oslo


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Ourense Micropresentation Oslo

  1. 1. Education Council Mariñamansa Neibourhood EDUCATIONAL ORCHARD Urban orchards focused to education on rururban mid-term city #UrbanOrchards #Education #Greenzones #IntergenerationalDialogue
  2. 2. 1. 2. 3. 4. Green zones with expensive maintenance on crisis and many unused floors by construction bubble “Urban orchards” was trend model of socio-environmental policy on 2010 This opportunity was based under a call of high external cofinancing based on state programme Education council of city had one final objective: Developing an “urban orchards” with one specific character: Fostering education trough “urban orchards” model.
  3. 3. “Mariñamansa” Working class projects Investment: 347.000 € 2.262 m2, 13% of this neibourhood´s green zone. Mapping: 5 spaces:18 orchards to citizens, 2 to people with reduced mobility, 2 orchards strictly to education activities, 1 enjoying zone to schools with orchard and flower zone, and 1 common space with little garden of flowers. Results: Nowadays, 2 years and a half: UNICEF awards it last year as “Best practice on local policies” Urban orchards” are working full and user´s application to get orchards has queued list now.
  4. 4. 2013-2014: We are extending it with 20 orchards more. All of them must be cultivated only under ecological agriculture principles. Montealegre Forest: Environment Council will plan another space on the biggest botanic park of the city