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  • Avon Wildlife Trust is part of a national network of Wildlife Trusts who’s nature conservation work includes collaboration with farmers to encourage greater biodiversity on farm land. This project was initiated to better understand the everyday issues encountered on farms and to demonstrate how food can be cultivated alongside wildlife to mutual beneficial. Nature conservation membership internationally is huge so the potential impact of raising awareness of wildlife friendly food growing is enormous.
  • ‘Feed Bristol’ operates as an education centre to promote nature conservation to the general public. This is achieved by community food growing activities where volunteers get a share of the harvest alongside seasonal events and activities.
  • Co-ordinated by a very small number of paid staff, a wide diversity of people and organisations are regular visitors to Feed Bristol including from schools, elderly persons homes and health organisations - in 18 months 11,000 people participated in activities. So far there have been 2000 person days in volunteer time, all far exceeding initial targets. When current ‘start up’ funding ends in the near future, alternatives need to be 4found to continue this exemplar project. One idea that’s being explored is for the project to provide quality placements for ex offenders, providing dual benefits of financial support and scaling up food production while reducing re-offending by increasing skills and supporting community integration.
  • Bristol Micropresentation Oslo

    1. 1. Avon Wildlife Trust Bristol community food growing Click on the icon below to insert a key image showing the project/initiative as a whole... Choose the most characteristic, recognisable image to make the cover of the presentation... ‘Feed Bristol’ Avon Wildlife Trust’s wildlife friendly community food growing project
    2. 2. Click on the icon below to insert one or more images showing the context... Where the project/initiative is starting from? Which situation/problem triggered its development? Nature conservation charity ‘Avon Wildlife Trust’ demonstrates how food growing can successfully co exist with biodiversity
    3. 3. Click on the icon below to insert one or more images showing the project/initiative... What are the initial concept, strategies? What are the development in-progress, the results achieved? Numerous volunteers support seasonal events and activities attracting huge numbers of visitors on open days
    4. 4. Click on the icon below to insert one or more images showing the outcomes... What are the results, lessons learned? Positive, negative outcomes? Future perspectives? A diverse mix of individuals and organisations participate in food growing and celebrations but the project needs to become financially self sufficient in order to continue.