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AK Elite - Get #1 Amazon kindle store rankings for your Kindle books!

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AK ELITE review

  1. 1. By CPA Dating Master
  2. 2. Introduction Brad Callen AK Elite is brand new Amazon Kindle publishing software created to simplify your marketing on Amazon creating, ranking and selling Kindle books. Software is not free and it has unique price of $147 US what is high price for one piece of software but looking in from inside, price is nothing in confront software can do. For who is made AK Elite is made for serious marketer willing to make money creating, publishing, ranking and selling Amazon Kindle ebooks. Who can use it? This software is newbie friendly and everyone can use it and start own business in a couple of minutes. Does it require additional knowledge or experience? Absolutely NO! No technical skills required as software do all by himself.
  3. 3. AK ELITE – LOOK FROM INSIDE When you purchase the software you will get downloadable .exe file what you need to install on your computer. Once is done you can start using it and will be look like mine: Where you have several options:  Kindle Book niche selection  Analysing competition  Find where your Kindle book is ranked  Find book reviewers
  4. 4. When choosing niche selection you will be feed by some data: I select “fiction” as my keyword and I get some data what showing me keywords, competition and what is most important, average daily earnings if my new kindle book will have top rank on Amazon. In my case keyword “fiction books” has 9856 competitors and I can expect $10.76 daily. As you can see from numbers, competition is very high but what happen when I select “fiction books” and start new project under “generate long tail keywords”? Than situation and numbers drastically changes…
  5. 5. And.. This is real power of AK ELITE. It gives me exact keyword I can write book on and rank high to start selling.
  6. 6. When we find keyword with low competition and good daily average earning, can start write about the topic. Open your MS Word and start writing including pictures. Once the book is done you need to publish it to KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing). Just sign up with your existing Amazon account or create new one. Once you are in, enter title, description and keywords and… Now many of you will face the problem. The book must be formatted in Kindle one and for someone can be real pain in the ass (sorry). You can hover over Google and search about formatting. Amazon Kindle has also good guide but to be sure 100%, I use AK Elite Book Maker. This is option integrated inside AK ELITE software and have separate price of $97 one-time fee but reduce and simplify our book formatting. It work great and have option to ad chapters, titles, description, keywords and title photo. Also can organize chapters and move them up and down. If you create ebook in MS word format, it can easily be uploaded to Book Maker with photo included. Once is done, one click and it will formate your book in Kindle format and save it to zip file, ready to be uploaded on Amazon Kindle marketplace. Upon upload it need to be accepted and once is done, your ebook is LIVE on the marketplace.
  7. 7. How to rank high? When it comes to ranking, Amazon Kindle marketplace does not work same as Google. SEO here don’t count but purchases and reviews. You need to have some real review from people who buy your product and that count when it comes to ranking your Kindle book. How to get real reviewers? This is good question… You cannot have it if nobody buys your book. Nobody can buy your book if not rank high. Here comes another option inside AK ELITE software, AK elite club. AK elite club works like this: This is very powerful method inside AK ELITE and what is most important it works. AK ELITE is most complete all in one software when it comes to kindle marketing and top tool for everyone who want to get involved in rising Kindle marketplace. www.akeliteproreview.org