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GO Night Shelters Project Report 1e


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Annual Report

Published in: Health & Medicine
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GO Night Shelters Project Report 1e

  1. 1. ANNUAL REPORT 2010 - 2013
  2. 2. Our websites at the two links below and OnLine Directory Links at /++wwBmke_863wwwwqwwwwwwwtFml/homepage.html?d=1&cat=439f7b312&i= are not exhaustive and will inevitably change.However, these will at least be able to direct/re-direct you to other contacts known through historical networks. We will nonetheless update the links periodically as more information or amendments become available.We, however welcome information that would help us update to help those in need.Please Feedback to us at: Nightshelter Links 1 @ Messrs G Owen & Co
  3. 3. PLEASE REMEMBER Avoid sending any homeless person indiscriminately to any Night Shelter before first making contact with the shelter. It is appreciated that this is often frustrating and sometimes difficult. However, sending a exhausted homeless person, (perhaps from one side of London to another in hope), only for them to arrive to be told that it is not open, or they are full, potentially has far more ramifications and psychological damage to a person already suffering. Please also see our web page entitled: メ Rough Sleepers | Homelessness | Night Shelters - External Contacts モ at Nightshelter Links 2 @ Messrs G Owen & Co
  4. 4. At the time of going to press, we acknowledge the additional kind generosity of the following donors who have made grants/donations: - The Big Issue St Botolph Without Bishopsgate Wanstead Perative Meeting Fundraising • 1
  5. 5. To further promote and create awareness of the resources and contacts for Nightshelters on the web we have also published an initial Podcast at: Nightshelter • Podcast
  6. 6. In order to engage with people, (especially rough sleepers), who may have visual impairment, (and to strive to comply with DDA), we have in the past produced our resource and contact material in other formats, including audio. This included using audio/visual animation message Nightshelter • SitePal
  7. 7. To further provide an enhanced service and to enable service users to engage, we have also provided a ‘live’ online service whereby contact can be made to us whilst at our web site to ask questions and make enquiries. This is reinforced by questionnaires to help us provide the most effective support needed specific to the needs of an individual, even when not online. Nightshelter • LivePerson
  8. 8. To further provide an enhanced service and to enable service users to engage, We have also provided a further secondary ‘live’ online service whereby contact can also be made to us whilst at our web site to ask questions and make enquiries. Nightshelter • LiveChatter
  9. 9. This congers up mixed feelings of gratitude and frustration. ‘Gratitude’ because so many people, have invaluably contributed so generously. ‘Frustration’ - in that it would be equally nice to acknowledge all the people who have ‘supported’ by name. Other Contributions • 1
  10. 10. With the many years (over a decade) with which I have been involved and led in roles to create provisions for homeless/rough sleepers, I inevitably still continue to receive regularly enquiries for provisions that exist, including nightshelters, and support services. Without this support, homeless will certainly suffer, especially during the winter months. Such has been the demand that I have created a location in the web with such facilities at: Concept into Reality • 1
  11. 11. Added to this I also provide periodic updates of provisions of nightshelters lists both for those who engage with the homeless and which can be handed directly to those who make enquiries of churches at other venues – the latest of which can be viewed at: Concept into Reality • 2
  12. 12. So successful has this been with a real demand over the past year or so, (with hundreds of sources visiting regularly), and benefiting homeless people direct, that this is to be a permanent feature having been asked to continue by such sources as the Resource Information Centre, The Big Issue, Crisis, Shelter, Simon Community, amongst many others who, as you will see from the site are more than supportive and contributing towards the cost of making sure that this positive and direct benefit continues as there is nothing else of its kind that exists at this time. It also supports the ‘Make Poverty History’ campaign as you will see. Homeless people otherwise find themselves arriving at churches and other venues only to be turned away because full, or no longer nightshelters existing, with sources not knowing where to positively redirect them so as to ensure that they have a reasonably good chance of finding shelter, food, and support. Concept into Reality • 3
  13. 13. The provision we have created alleviates this issue significantly – even as recent as this week, enquiries from homeless people themselves direct, to referral agencies, public libraries and other venues, and local MP’s surgeries with some homeless having arrived desperate for help, and the list enabled the office to find them a location. It is done on a not-for-profit basis and the benefits are solely designed to help homeless/rough sleepers. Concept into Reality • 4
  14. 14. No small part of the reason why this provision does not exist a great deal is the lack of funding. I am able to subsidise to some extent by adverts but this only goes part of the way. Contribution made on to the work of this project is invaluable and used to towards this real and tangible work - benefiting homeless people/rough sleepers. Concept into Reality • 5
  15. 15. Kind contributions are not only be deeply appreciated but go towards a very good and worthwhile cause benefiting homeless/rough sleepers. In recognition, publicity has been provided to funders and stakeholders on several of the web pages widely viewed by thousands of people each year; plus an acknowledgement on the Message Board; and, given the long association and kind support, an advertisement broadcasting funders and contributors and their services which is added for an entire year at no added cost. Concept into Reality • 6
  16. 16. A annual report accounting for both the contributions and resources received and how expended to the benefit of homeless / rough sleepers is provided annually quantify the grant / contribution to stakeholders and made available on our web site, as part of our transparency policy. Concept • 7
  17. 17. Such are the number of people who grant-aid or contribute in one way or another that to attempt to publish all the numbers would take-up the best part of an Annual Report and we do not feel that it would do justice to choose, (even at random), just a few names. Other Contributions • 2
  18. 18. The grants and contributions received valuably aid offset the ever increasing costs to provide food and resources for those less fortunate and who we are sure equally value what will be provided again this winter season. When we give what happens to the Money? • 1
  19. 19. Outside of Grants and Contributions, (although not occurred so far), any donations received would not be used for this project per say but would be pass onto known voluntary agencies dealing directly with homeless people and treated in a sense, restricted in that these monies will only be used for the direct benefit of the homeless/rough sleepers, in contrast to the resourcing of this Project overall. When we give what happens to the Money? • 2
  20. 20. This, in practical terms will mean a range of things from food, perhaps haircut, or travel to Housing to have a interview for a flat, help with special needs considered appropriate by the referral agency(ies) and so on. When we give what happens to the Money? • 3
  21. 21. A comprehensive handbook for volunteers who help, (which has been something welcomed by all the Churches, although our edition is tailored obviously to our situation), is also issued annually. There is also some small but extremely helpful professional training given to volunteers, e.g. first-aid, drug awareness, Health & Safety – Hygiene in the kitchen, which cost has to be equally born by each Church. When we give what happens to the Money? • 8
  22. 22. Night Shelter is not simply about bringing homeless people off the streets, feeding, bed them down and then sending them back onto the streets, until the next night. This season there are seven Churches covering the 7 nights a week from the 1 st November 2002 to the 31 st March 2003 – (20 weeks of the winter season). We close during Xmas week where the Service Users/Guests are all invited to attend Crisis at Xmas®. S O WHAT IS NIGHT SHELTER ABOUT?
  23. 23. Volunteers can develop a unique relationship with Service Users/Guests of the Night Shelter that is less power biased. Volunteers are also members of the public, part of the world outside Night Shelter life. Volunteers’ openness and willingness to be involved can bring a new perspective to entrenched views held by some Service Users/Guests. Volunteers Unique Gift of Broad Diverse Experiences
  24. 24. MISSION STATEMENT:   To engage + involve vulnerable and isolated Service Users;  To build-up Service Users self-esteem;  To provide stimuli through the provisions the resources and contacts created and disseminated through the Project;  To provide a warm, friendly & non-judgemental service;   To provide a safe, conducive and congenial online site for Volunteers - to feel valued and to provide a platform where the broad diversity of background, skills/abilities and experiences can be positively channelled;  To provide Christian witness and outreach through the love, care and commitment shown by Project through actions and deeds;  To promote positive links between stakeholders, funders and users of the resources and contacts development, maximising the benefit rough sleepers/homeless.
  25. 25. Principal • (Project) Gordon Owen e-Mail: Web Sites: Nightshelters Blog: [ Our Ethos is: Striving to Create Provisions for Tomorrow ’ s Night Shelters ・ Today ’ s Ideas for Tomorrow ’ s Rough Sleepers] Messrs G Owen & Co • [Night Shelter] Project