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**OLD PROJECT** Now see !


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**Go on for the latest release.**

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**OLD PROJECT** Now see !

  1. 1. luvurpix.comy o u r p h o t o - g a m e
  2. 2. What ? is a online and mobile platform, where you can learn how to do better photos... while you play! And it’s an innovative and entertaining marketing options for brands.
  3. 3. What ?learn... by playing
  4. 4. How?• themed contests• two-phase contests: • upload session • vote session• all contests are timer-driven No portfolio. No album. Only a game.
  5. 5. How? Engaging and viral features: • followers • performance graphs • scores • badgesComplete Facebook Open Graph Integration
  6. 6. TargetBRANDS Multicontest More parallel contests -with various levels of difficulty- bring to a PROFESSIONALS wider target, from who uses the mobile to shoot pictures to professionals. In this way, users with similar skills are more likely to take part in the same contest. NEWBIES/ AMATEURS Brand Brands can use engine in white-label to create viral communication campaigns, both in Facebook and online. They can also raise their “INSTAGRAMERS” clients’ engagement with the photographic contests.
  7. 7. Business Model FREE Plan PAY PER USE Plan PREMIUM Plan BRAND PlanLimited access to contests Access to contest Full access to all contests Complete customization No pictures in personal No pictures in personal Pictures in personal portfolio Website portfolio portfolio No tool performance No tool performance Tool performance Facebook APP FREE € 0 / year €1 per contest € 22 / year To be defined with Brand REVENUES FROM USERS REVENUES FROM BRANDS
  8. 8. luvurpix per i brand Strategical Multi platform Design Terms Of Service Collect Data Marketing access • In order to reach • With • You can retrieve • Webstite layout contact• Contests can the highest number of and information of involve potential there are no potential clients, FacebookAPP users who clients in a very the platform is conflicts with can be participate in the new and accessible from Facebook the Internet, customized at contest, for interactive way terms of further marketing Facebook and various level mobile Service activities
  9. 9. Users & Revenues Forecast 1000000 Users Revenues from Users (Premium&Pay per Use Plans) Revenues from Brands 750000The use of open graphs, Scalabilitythe mobile phone Contact me for more details on business plan, forecast and commercial strategy. 500000diffusion and the multi- We fundraising.contest system createhigh scalability andgrowth conditions. 250000Brands revenues grow in Brand% with the flow of time,while acquiringimportance in the total 2012 2013 2014 2015turnover.
  10. 10. WE ARE HIRING!MOBILE APP DEV Team Marco Simone Fabio Gianluca Enrico Vera • Founder • Community • Develop Team • System Administrator • Frontend developer • Traslaltor • Strategy planner Manager Leader • Backend developer • Marketing • Contests • Web Supervisor developer • Designer
  11. 11. Timeline FUNDRAISING BOOTSTRAPPINGJanuary 2011 April 2011 October 2011 October 2012 November January 2013 October 2013 The idea Start Developing Online Prototype Checkpoint Start Develop luvurpix Online• Test in • Being of • more than 950 • 6700 users • Start • Website: reuse Facebook marketing users • 28% active studying the whole users• Start of campaign registered in • project prototype • 3% premium Fanpage • Launch of pre-launch • 400k pageview Being of code landing page • +100 per month fundraising • Develop countdown uploading • 6000 unique Mobile APP visitors per during the first month contest • 11 min average access time
  12. 12. luvurpix.comVisit our thank you. marco govoni | | @marcogovoni