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Published in: Art & Photos, Technology
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  1. 1. just another website aboutphotography.what a bore.
  2. 2. First: the market of photographyDigital Camera Shipping (milion units) * Purchasing power of photography users ** # of users $ equipment cost 2015 professional According to a New Report by Global Industry Analysts, 2012 Global Digital Cameras market amateur will Exceed by 138 Million 2011 Units by 2015 all type of users have a basic minimum spending capacity 110 117.5 125 132.5 140 in 2011, 27% of photos were taken with a smartphone 130 million photos were uploaded to Flickr monthly 140 billion photos were stored of Facebook * data from & other data from ** data from user db
  3. 3. Second: What a photographer does and how ? * high competitive web-market Snap * Canon Sony Nikon Samsung smartphone Archive * Hard disk NAS cloud Print * webservice printer Share * flickr facebook 500px Training forum** books Competition local contest magazines training & competition can be a great web challenge! **
  4. 4. The opportunity: “your photo-contests, your photo-school” is a photo-contest website, with a multilevel voting system that allows people to learn and teach winners are automatically all photo-contests are timer- posted on all social networks driven to challenge all users for more visibility MASTER users are selected all Premium users have a personal photographers that have power- Portfolio, with personal and vote “contest pics” Forums are made for discussions, Meet other photographers for info, reviews sell&buy, and workshops: find out who lives lessons from Masters close to you! * forum & meeting system available from March 2012
  5. 5. The Business Model: freemium. Try, enjoy it and than buy. Actual version online Version 2.0 type of service type of service ✓unlimited ✓sponsorship for photo contests ✓unlimited photo hardware, lessons, ✓public portfolio contests tutorial, ecc. ✓personal website ✓public portfolio ✓marketplace payable features free features payable features free features sponsors ✓photo contests (limited) ✓comments&voting ✓forum ✓and all other functions on site version 2.0 can improve performances and attract more and more users worldwide: know how ....
  6. 6. The request: investing in the value of knowledge adoroletuefoto 2.0 will be the new model of photo-school take a look at the new features: users growth expectations new naming (domain already locked!) for worldwide-launch (comparison between versions) full multilingual for worldwide market themed multisite with custom options storage for personal photos high performances & advanced message system mobile application personal lessons by Master Photographers hardware markeplace (buy&sell social system) pay per service, multiple options 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 ... and more ... actual version version 2.0
  7. 7. # near 100k 2014The Timeline :-) VERSION 2.0 # 8k JAN ’13 revenues are RELEASE 1.1 periodical payment. According to the version 2.0 improves expectations, the break even point will be reached on early 2015 payment with more # 4k APR ’12 payment-option. Free JAN ’12 users are used to # 2,9k calculate the level of $ revenues appeal. # 1,8k OCT ’11 ONLINE ! $ investment START DEVELOPMENT # of users (free & pay) APR ’11 FACEBOOK FANPAGE ENGAGEMENT STRATEGY BIRTH
  8. 8. Who is behind it ?marco govoni fabio borroni simone soldà roberto ferrinifounder: i’ve got an idea developer: i’ve got the code social mng: i’m not patient marketing: i’ve got a virus thank you for reading :: contact us at
  9. 9. are you bored ? let’s try it now. point your broswer here and join 3200+ (**) users..(**) at February 2012