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Your Field Guide to Building Resilient Communities


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Local governments are faced with the challenge of building resilient communities in a dynamic, and often changing landscape. Today, communities must be able to quickly adapt to changes- from extreme weather events to economic crisis. To be able to provide the right services at the right time to their constituents, governments must have a clear process in place. This means capitalizing on emerging technology to plan, prepare, respond and recover.

Join us as we look at how governments are building resilient communities. Specifically, by attending this training you will learn:

An overview of the current challenges facing state and local governments

The role effective document management plays to build resilient communities

At least three ways to tap into innovation and take advantage of emerging technology

Concrete ways to integrate existing technology to fully leverage investments

Tips to make your community a resilient community

You're not alone in your quest to strengthen your community through technology. Be sure to join us to hear specific real -world examples of local governments doing it right.

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