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Teaching vs learning


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What is Learner-Centered Design? And how can you shift your perspective from teaching to learning?

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Teaching vs learning

  2. 2. “Teach me and I remember.” “Tell me and I forget.” “Involve me and I learn.” - Benjamin Franklin
  3. 3. What is “Learner-Centered” Design?
  4. 4. Putting ourselves in our learners’ shoes, and making decisions based on our empathy with their needs. What is “Learner-Centered” Design?
  5. 5. Teaching = to show or explain how to do something Learning = to change one’s behavior by putting new knowledge into practice
  6. 6. Learning is about them. Teaching is about us.
  7. 7. Let’s break it down further…
  8. 8. Learning- Centered Design Teaching- Focused Design Experts pass their knowledge to learners Learners construct their own understanding Students are actively involved Students are passively receiving information
  9. 9. Learning- Centered Design Teaching- Focused Design Instructor is a coach & facilitator Instructor is a primary information giver Learner chooses topics Instructor chooses topics Approach is interdisciplinary Focus is on a single topic
  10. 10. Learning- Centered Design Teaching- Focused Design Students evaluate their own learning Instructors assess the student Assessment is used to measure the quality of the learning experience Assessment is used to measure the quality of the student
  11. 11. Learning- Centered Design Teaching- Focused Design Emphasis is on learning from errors Emphasis is on getting the right answers Emphasis is on using knowledge in the real world Emphasis is on acquisition of knowledge
  12. 12. How to shift your perspective
  13. 13. “What new things do learners want to be able to do?” “We need to cover topics X, Y and Z.”
  14. 14. “How many new skills does the learner need to gain?” “We need X number of courses/lessons/chapters.”
  15. 15. “What kind of information would support the learner in her attempt to do skill X better?” “XYZ SME is really smart/experienced and needs to teach this topic.”
  16. 16. “How can we connect this new information to something learners already know?” “Let’s use this great video clip with of a renowned SME.”
  17. 17. “How can we setup a problem for someone to solve?” “Let’s throw in a knowledge check to make sure people paid attention.”
  18. 18. Realistically… Things aren’t always this black and white.
  19. 19. We live in the gray.
  20. 20. So it’s important to continually challenge ourselves to be as learner-centered as we can.
  21. 21. How people are learning is changing. Modern learning is a continuous, interactive cycle that is increasingly occurring online.
  22. 22. For more information on how GovLoop is Transforming Learning For Government visit GovLoop Academy
  23. 23. Sources: (Learner-Centered Assessment on College Campuses by Huba and Freed 2000) Questions? Contact: Andrew Krzmarzick GovLoop VP of Learning & Development