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Super Bowl 48: Maps Score Big in Ensuring a Safe and Successful Event


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The week leading up to Super Bowl XLVIII brought nearly three hundred events to New York City, creating significant planning challenges for the public safety community. It was up to the FDNY GIS Unit to develop an event management system to help coordinate all this event information, create and approve multi-agency event pre-plans, and support field staff during operations. With less than three weeks to complete their mission, FDNY teamed up with PenBay Solutions and Esri's ArcGIS Online to develop an application to meet all these needs. The result was an innovative GIS based system which supported the public safety community throughout the weed, delivering critical planning, operations and situational awareness data through web and mobile applications.

So how can FDNY's application help you? How can GIS support smarter collaborative planning and provide better situational awareness? Join us in this on-demand online training to hear how you can leverage maps to help security, awareness and mobility at your agency.

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