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Build Better Virtual Events & Training for your Agency


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Build Better Virtual Events and Training for Your Agency
Meet In-Person to Learn How to Thrive Online
Conferences are being canceled, and training budgets have been trimmed, but government personnel still need to learn the latest developments in their areas of expertise. That's the crux of the problem facing agency leaders and human resources professionals that want to sustain a top-notch government workforce. Moving in-person events and training to an online forum is one solution, but it's not always easy to do it well.

A successful virtual training program has 3 key ingredients:
An interactive technology platform
Just-in-time, relevant content
Active facilitation by a skilled moderator

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Build Better Virtual Events & Training for your Agency

  1. 1. Build Better Virtual Events & Training For Your Agency February 18, 2014 #gltrain
  2. 2. Welcome & Introduction Andrew Krzmarzick Director Training & Development GovLoop
  3. 3. Keynote Speaker Randy Bergquist Assistant Director Learning and Workforce Development Department of Justice & Chair Interagency Chief Learning Officer Council
  4. 4. DEVELOPING  A  HIGH  PERFORMING  FEDERAL  WORKFORCE     THROUGH     INTERAGENCY  COLLABORATION           Randy  Bergquist   Chair,  Interagency  Chief  Learning  Officer  Council      
  5. 5. Background   •  FY  2005:    An  “unofficial”  community  of  prac9ce   formed  to  share  ideas  and  resources  about   learning  and  development  ac9vi9es  in  their   respec9ve  agencies.   •  FY  2010:  Community  of  prac9ce  formed  into  a   Council  with  a  Charter  and  Mission/Vision   Statement.   5  
  6. 6. Council  Charter  Vision   •  A  community  of  prac9ce  comprised  of  Chief   Learning  Officers  or  their  equivalents  that  meet   periodically  to  share  best  prac9ces  and  create   engaging  learning  opportuni9es  for  U.S.   Government  agencies  and  organiza9ons.   •  Through  interagency  collabora9on,  we  strive  to   leverage  cost  effec9ve  learning  opportuni9es   that  promote  high  performance  and  can  be   implemented  throughout  the  Federal   government.   6  
  7. 7. Council  Charter  Mission   •  To  collaborate  with  and  between  our  member  agencies   for  the  express  purpose  of:   Ø   sharing  best  prac9ces   Ø   influencing  policy/regula9ons,  and   Ø maximizing  the  use  of  finite  government  resources  to   deliver  effec9ve  and  engaging  learning  and   development  opportuni9es  to  all  Federal  employees.         7  
  8. 8.  Overarching  Goals   •  Develop  talent  through  the  crea9on  of  learning   environments    (e.g.,  func9onal/occupa9onal).   •  Increase  efficiencies  by  influencing  policy  to   eliminate  redundancies  (Standardize,  i.e.,  Learning   Management  Systems;  mandatory  training;   governing  training  and  development  expenditures).   •  Expand  access  to  learning  and  development   government  wide.   8  
  9. 9. Council  Strategic  Outcomes   (DiagnosOc  Survey  Results  2011)   •  High  Value  Outcomes  Delivery   Ø Establish  a  government-­‐wide  strategy  for  learning   Ø CLO  Council  is  recognized  as  an  inclusive  governing  body   with  full  par9cipa9on   •  High-­‐Value  RelaOonship  Building   Ø Collaborate  and  influence  stakeholders  (e.g.,  intra-­‐ agency  and  inter-­‐agency;  interagency  councils)   •  Idea  Transfer   Ø Research  and  establish  best  prac9ces  in  learning  that  are   approved  by  the  CLO  Council   9  
  10. 10. 2012  -­‐  13  Strategic  Plan  Outcomes   •  Drive  High  Value  Outcomes   Ø   Alignment  with  Federal  Learning  and   Development  Needs   Ø   Efficient  Use  of  Exi9ng  Resources   Ø   Quality  Standards   Ø   Coordinated  Competency  Assessment   and  Skill  Gap  Closure   10  
  11. 11. Goals  and  ObjecOves   •  Provide  strategic  leadership  for  learning  across  government   Ø  Establish  CLOC  as  a  Federal  central  body   Ø  Implement  Memorandum  of  Understanding  with  OPM/CHCO  Council   Ø  Develop  opera9onal  processes  (how  the  Council  will  operate)   •  Focus  on  key  Federal  learning  and  development  iniOaOves     Ø  Align  learning  and  development  needs    (e.g.,  MCO  skill  gap  closure)   Ø  Develop  procedures  on  use  of  quality  standards   Ø  Iden9fy  mandatory  Federal-­‐wide  training     11  
  12. 12. Goals  and  ObjecOves   •  Build  and  maintain  high  value  relaOonships  with  customers   and  stakeholders   Ø  Develop  mechanism  for  inter/intra  Agency  strategies  to  enhance                          collabora9on  and  communica9on   Ø  Increase  par9cipa9on  within  CLO  Council   Ø  Define  communica9on  roles  and  responsibili9es  with   stakeholders       •  Create  an  environment  that  fosters  sharing  of  learning  and   content  resources   Ø  Establish  a  centralized  resource  repository   Ø  Develop  innova9ve  communica9on  vehicles  (e.g.  Facebook;  Twifer)   Ø  Iden9fy  a  resources  support  strategy  including  efficient  use  of   exis9ng  resources  (e.g.,  staff,  facili9es)   12  
  13. 13. Memorandum  of  Understanding  With   Chief  Human  Capital  Officer  Council  and  OPM   Strategic  Alignment  and  Increased  Efficiencies   Ø  Collaborate  across  the  federal  government  and  produce  a  comprehensive   Federal  workforce  development  strategy,  including  an  implementa9on  plan   to  fulfill  and  advance  statutory  du9es,  strategic  goals  and  objec9ves  for   government-­‐wide  workforce  development  programs.       Ø  Align  learning  resources  to  high  priority  needs  such  as:  mission  cri9cal   occupa9ons;  organiza9onal  performance  issues  iden9fied  in  performance   reviews;  and,  measuring  the  impact  of  learning  investment  on  agency  and   employee  performance.       Ø  Iden9fy  and  develop  processes  that  effec9vely  limit  unnecessary  overlap   and  duplica9on  of  effort  to  ensure  delivery  of  integrated  and  consistent   learning  across  the  Federal  enterprise.   Ø  Promote  and  op9mize  access  to  integrate  workforce  development  ac9vi9es   13  
  14. 14. Memorandum  of  Understanding   Chief  Human  Capital  Officer  Council  and  OPM   Technical  Advice     Ø  Share  experiences,  ideas,  best  prac9ces  and  innova9ve   approaches  in  order  to  provide  the  CHCOC,  OPM,  and  OMB   recommenda9ons  on  government-­‐wide  workforce  development   strategies.   Ø  Design  and  develop  valid  measures  of  effec9veness  into   workforce  development  to  ensure  such  ac9vi9es  adequately   address  learning  objec9ves  and  thereby  increase  the  likelihood   that  desired  changes  will  occur  in  the  target  popula9on’s   competencies.     Ø  Provide  9mely  advice  for  proposed  or  dral  legisla9on  that  may   require  or  propose  new  or  revised  workforce  development   ac9vi9es.     14  
  15. 15. Accomplishments  in  2012  –  2013  Highlights   •  HR  University  collabora9on:  provided   consulta9on,  staff  9me  and  courseware   (e.g.,  online;  training  materials)   •  President’s  Management  Council  and   President’s  Management  Advisory  Board   SES  Career  Development  Ini9a9ves   •  Goals  -­‐  Engagement  –  Accountability  –   Results:    Performance  Management   Training  Framework  and  online  course   •  Supervisory  &  Managerial  Training   Framework  and  Curriculum  Development   •  Na9onal  Security  Professional   Development  Ini9a9ve   •  •  Agencies  share  training  methodologies,   course  materials  and  policy  documents   saving  millions  of  dollars  in  design  and   developmental  costs:   Ø  Managerial/supervisory   Ø  Personally  Iden9fied  Informa9on     Ø  No  Fear  Act     Ø  Plain  Wri9ng  Act     WIKI  Tool  created  to  share  resources:   Ø  Execu9ve  development  and  on-­‐ boarding  strategies     Ø  Leveraging  new  technologies   Ø  Individual  development  planning   Ø  Low  cost  training  op9ons     15  
  16. 16. Moving  Forward   •  CLO  Council  held  its  annual  strategic   mee9ng  in  November  2013   •  Finalize  and  implement  strategic  ini9a9ves   for  2014   •  Con9nue  to  collaborate  and  influence  L&D   ac9vi9es  government-­‐wide   16  
  17. 17. Moving  Forward   •  Enterprise  Training  and  Development  Resource  Exchange     Ø  Common  Plaqorm  for  Learning     Ø  Quick  wins:  all  mandatory  training;  on-­‐boarding;  leadership  development       •  Strategic  sourcing  iniOaOve  with  OMB’s  Office  of  Federal  Procurement  Policy   •  Develop  Centers  of  Excellence     Ø  Share  innova9ons  for  classes  at  incep9on     Ø  Catalogue  of  shared  offerings     Ø  People  and  9me  resource  sharing     •  Value  ProposiOon  -­‐  MarkeOng  and  Branding   Ø  Iden9fy  evalua9ve  process:  metrics,  content  of  courses,  quality  standards   Ø  Iden9fy  metrics;  data  analy9cs;  collect  and  publicize  (i.e.,  marke9ng,  public  rela9ons)   Ø  Produce  an  actual  product:     §  Ar9cle  in  Government  Execu9ve  about  Council’s  impact;  accomplishments;  our   value   §  White  paper  dicta9ng  direc9on/metrics/scorecard  for  future  Federal  learning   ac9vi9es   §  Create  a  marke9ng  plan   17  
  18. 18. Coming  together  is  a  beginning,  staying   together  is  progress,  and  working  together  is   success.                        -­‐    Henry  Ford   18  
  19. 19. Real Life Examples Introduction Emily Jarvis Online Editor GovLoop & Producer DorobekINSIDER
  20. 20. Real Life Example: Virtual Events Jim Byrne Vice President Global Sales Engineering ON24
  21. 21. Virtual Learning Using ON24 Webcast Elite Jim Byrne Vice President , Global Solutions Engineering 21 | ©2012 ON24, Inc. All Rights Reserved. I ON24, Inc. Confidential."
  22. 22. Agenda" •  Applications for Virtual Learning" •  Live and Self-Paced Learning Experiences" •  Creating Virtual Learning Content" •  Customer Case Study " •  Q&A" 22 | ©2013 ON24, Inc. All Rights Reserved. I ON24, Inc. Confidential."
  23. 23. Live and Self-Paced Virtual Learning Experiences" Live Learning! Self-Paced Learning! VS.! •  Instant access to instructors! •  Collaboration with other students! •  Live discussion! 23 | ©2013 ON24, Inc. All Rights Reserved. I ON24, Inc. Confidential." •  Students work at their own pace! •  Very scalable! •  Feedback and social learning are still possible!
  24. 24. Top Virtual Learning Applications " 1.  Employee  Onboarding   2.  Skills  Training   3.  Leadership  Development   4.  Sales  &  Partner  Enablement   5.  Customer  Training   24 | ©2013 ON24, Inc. All Rights Reserved. I ON24, Inc. Confidential."
  25. 25. Components of Your Virtual Learning Strategy" Learning  Management   Plaaorms   Content  CreaOon   Tools   Curriculum   &   AnalyOcs   25 | ©2013 ON24, Inc. All Rights Reserved. I ON24, Inc. Confidential." Content   &   Design   Virtual  Learning     Environments   ConsumpOon   &   InteracOon  
  26. 26. ON24 Webcasting for Virtual Learning" Design Learning Experiences Engage Your Audience Platform 10 Widgets" Reach All Users 26 | ©2013 ON24, Inc. All Rights Reserved. I ON24, Inc. Confidential." Analyze in Real Time
  27. 27. ON24 Webcast Learning Solutions" •  ON24 Webcasting enables you to deliver live or on-demand, interactive training sessions that can be viewed anywhere, from any device –  Present live or easily record and publish on-demand content" –  Deliver interactive audience experiences" –  Get immediate feedback and measure learning outcomes" –  View on any device with no downloads" 27 | ©2013 ON24, Inc. All Rights Reserved. I ON24, Inc. Confidential."
  28. 28. Easily Create and Deliver Training Content" Create! Customize! 28 | ©2013 ON24, Inc. All Rights Reserved. I ON24, Inc. Confidential." Record & Publish!
  29. 29. The Audience Learning Experience" 29 | ©2013 ON24, Inc. All Rights Reserved. I ON24, Inc. Confidential."
  30. 30. Case Study: The Lewin Group" Goal   •  Deliver  monthly  learning  webcasts  to   provide  informa9on  to  hospitals  for   transi9oning  pa9ents  to  home  care   Audience   •  Hospital  Personnel,  Home  Health  Care   Providers   Highlights   •  Each  webcast  provides  “team  sharing”   capabili9es  thru  group  chat  and  breakout   sessions     •  Thru  survey  ques9ons  and  polling  done   during  the  event,  The  Lewin  Group  is  able   to  provide  in-­‐depth  analy9cs  to  the   par9cipants   30 | ©2013 ON24, Inc. All Rights Reserved. I ON24, Inc. Confidential." “The  Lewin  Group  is  familiar  with  the  issues  that   arise  in  managed  care  programs  and  is  able  to   assist  in  designing  strategies  to  research  and   resolve  those  issues.  Research  is  thorough  and   work  products  are  both  highly  thorough  and   professional.”  (state  agency)  
  31. 31. Thank You!" 31 | ©2013 ON24, Inc. All Rights Reserved. I ON24, Inc. Confidential."
  32. 32. Real Life Example: Social Learning Andrew Krzmarzick Director Training & Development GovLoop
  33. 33. “A Social Learning Conversion Story” Results of a Pilot Project Administered by GovLoop and the U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM) Andrew Krzmarzick, GovLoop Director of Training and Development February 18, 2014
  34. 34. What is ?
  35. 35. FORMAL
  36. 36. INFORMAL
  37. 37. SOLO
  38. 38. SOCIAL
  39. 39. Goals of OPM Social Learning Pilot 1. Identify a cost-effective, innovative solution to train government employees 2. Test social learning techniques and determine if it would make a greater impact to transfer of learning back to the job
  40. 40. Who Participated? Goal: 30 participants Result: 97 registrants from 25 agencies AGENCIES •  Department of Defense •  Department of Education •  Department of Energy •  Department of Homeland Security •  Department of Labor •  Department of Transportation •  Department of Veterans Affairs •  Environmental Protection Agency •  National Labor Relations Board •  Small Business Administration TITLES •  Acting Program Manager for Leadership Development •  Chief, Civilian HR Operations •  Chief of Staff, Human Resources •  Deputy Director, Human Resources •  Director, Training & Development •  Employee Development Specialist •  Human Resources Specialist •  Management Analyst •  Program Analyst
  41. 41. Planning, Design, and Execution • Course Selection, Design, and Schedule • OPM chose a DoD course on HR University: “Performance Management for HR Practitioners” • GovLoop converted the classroom-based training into 6 weekly modules: •  Week 1: Overview of Performance Management •  Week 2: Communication, Coaching, and Feedback, Part 1 •  Week 3: Communication, Coaching, and Feedback, Part 2 •  Week 4: The Performance Management Process, Part 1 •  Week 5: The Performance Management Process, Part 2 •  Week 6: The Performance Management Process, Part 3
  42. 42. Turned this….
  43. 43. Into this.
  44. 44. Course Components • Topics were presented by 5 different instructors and followed the same pattern of delivery. • Weekly components included: • Webinars: Live / recorded, instructor-led, Tuesday • Readings: Self-paced, GovLoop blogs and podcasts • Discussions: Live, Thursday • Peer Reflection: Self-paced, different agencies, Friday • Total average participant time = 16 hours (roughly a 2-day, in-person training session)
  45. 45. Virtual Classroom on GovLoop •  Course was staged in a private virtual classroom, using an invite-only, online group within the GovLoop community. •  Virtual classroom included: • Course syllabus & workbook • Weekly course instructions • Weekly course discussion • Instructor biographies
  46. 46. Delivery Support and Administration • GovLoop provided the following administrative support: • Pre-course orientation for participants and instructors •  Weekly webinar run-through for instructors • Calendar invitations to facilitate attendance • Weekly emails about the course • Weekly webinar moderation • Weekly discussion moderation • Technical assistance and troubleshooting
  47. 47. Evaluation and Participant Feedback •  GovLoop gathered feedback to gauge the efficacy of the social learning modality via: •  Individual course participation tracking •  Webinars (time in session, poll completion) •  Peer Reflections (aggregated and submitted) •  Post-Course Surveys (immediate and 60-day) •  Focus Groups (with participants and instructors)
  48. 48. Post-Course Evaluation: Overall • Overall, post-course survey respondents indicated the following: •  86% indicated that the “course learning objectives were met” •  79% said that the “level of interaction in the course met or exceeded my expectations” •  75% reported that the “information presented in the course was useful for my job”
  49. 49. Post-Course Evaluation: Learning Objectives
  50. 50. Feedback: Blogs /Podcasts • 91% indicated that the reading / listening assignments were “Effective” or “Highly Effective” • Participants stated that the blogs were something that they could share with colleagues and were relevant to the real work happening in agencies.
  51. 51. Feedback: Group Discussion Average of 60 comments per discussion!
  52. 52. Feedback: Peer Reflection • Designed for one-on-one interaction, but peers were often unresponsive • 43.5% rated the peer reflections as “effective” or “highly effective” while 35% rated them as “not effective” or “less effective”
  53. 53. 5 Lessons from the Pilot 1.  Retain the overall course design and structure. 2.  Enhance webinars by incorporating a practitioner in addition to the SMEs. 3.  Continue to use blog posts and discussions. 4.  Adjust the peer reflection component to include at least 4-5 in a cohort model. 5.  Experiment with a gaming / comparison element.
  54. 54. Overall Participant Feedback • “I have been a classroom instructor for 20 years... This system is much easier to get supervisors to do than to get them to join a class for 2-3 days.” • “Reflecting on the course’s six weeks, I’ve had a good experience from this six weeks and hope to see other courses available that I can take part.”
  55. 55. 6 Opportunities for Replication GovLoop has received several follow-up requests to replicate the success of this approach with: •  Program for Aspiring Leaders •  New and Refresher Supervisor Training •  COR Training •  Hybrid Mentors Program •  Virtual Conferences •  Virtual Career Fair
  56. 56. Positive Press
  57. 57. Further Reading
  58. 58. Let’s learn more together. Andrew Krzmarzick GovLoop Director, Training and Development 202-352-18o6 Where Learning Never Ends.
  59. 59. Real Life Example: Virtual Fair Kristine Titzer Chief Operating Officer Intelligent Technology Labs
  60. 60. Partnering  for  Success  
  61. 61. Agenda   •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  Intelligent  Technologies  Labs  Overview   Background  with  OPM   Challenges   SoluOons   ON24  Virtual  Environment   Results   Summary   QuesOons  and  Answers   Contact  InformaOon   2/18/2014   Intelligent  Technologies  Labs   62  
  62. 62. Intelligent  Technologies  Labs  Overview   •  Intelligent  Technologies  Labs  (ITL)  is  an  established  SBA  8(a)  cer9fied  IT  firm   based  in  the  DC  metropolitan  area   •  We  have  been  providing  innova9ve  solu%ons  and  services  to  Federal  and   private  sector  customers  for  the  past  10  years  in  the  areas  of:         •  Our  solu%ons  focus  on  hardware  and   solware   •  Our  services  focus  on  planning,  acquisi9on,   management,  consul9ng,  tes9ng,  integra9on   and  training   •  Solu9ons  and  services  can  be  purchased   together  or  individually   §  §  §  §  §  CyberSecurity  (IA/C&A/ SA&A)   Cloud  CompuOng   (VirtualizaOon)   Technology  Engineering   IntegraOon  and   CollaboraOon   Management  and  IT   ConsulOng   •  Our  focus  is  always  on  our  customers,   ensuring  that  their  needs  are  being  met   •  We  form  collabora%ve  partnerships  with  our   customers  and  solu9on  providers   2/18/2014   Intelligent  Technologies  Labs   63  
  63. 63. Background  with  OPM   •  ITL  began  working  with  the  U.S.  Office  of  Personnel   Management  (OPM)  in  March  2013   •  OPM  was  seeking  a  solu%on  that  the  Presiden9al   Management  Fellows  (PMF)  Program  could  use  as  an   online  plaqorm  to  host  a  virtual  job  fair  (VJF)   •  All  previous  fairs  had  been  conducted  in  person,  so  the   par9cipants  did  not  have  experience  hos9ng  a  virtual   event     •  The  purpose  of  the  fair  was  to  match  outstanding   graduate  students  with  available  Federal   opportuni9es   2/18/2014   Intelligent  Technologies  Labs   64  
  64. 64. Challenges   Planning  Challenges   Technical  Challenges   •  SoluOon  –  find  a  solu9on  provider   that  could  meet  OPM  needs   •  Timing  –  hold  the  event  in  one   month’s  9me   •  Scope  –  determine  which  of  the  many   tradi9onal  agency  par9cipants  would   host  a  booth  at  the  event   •  Set  up  –  solidify  requirements  early  in   the  process  in  an  effort  to  get  the   plaqorm  and  content  ready  for  the   event   •  CoordinaOon  –  reach  out  to  all   agency  par9cipants  and  internal  staff   to  provide  informa9on,  training,  and   logis9cs   •  ParOcipaOon  –  accommodate  up  to   80  poten9al  agencies  and  support   staff,  as  well  as  600+  job  seekers   •  Legal  –  the  online  plaqorm  and  content   had  to  be  508-­‐compliant,  and  the   environment  required  configura9on   allowing  equal  access  for  all  par9cipants   •  Scope    –  the  online  plaqorm  had  to   accommodate:   2/18/2014   §  §  §  §  80  Federal  agency  booths   2,500  registrants   Webcasts  and  SimuLive  events  with  Q&A   Private  and  group  chats   •  Training  –  provide  virtual  training  to   booth  staff  and  par9cipants  irrespec9ve   of  loca9on   •  Support  –  Provide  service  desk  support   before  and  during  the  event  via  e-­‐mail,   phone,  and  the  online  plaqorm   •  Metrics  –  Provide  technical  metrics  from   the  plaqorm  and  survey  data  for   afendees   Intelligent  Technologies  Labs   65  
  65. 65. Solutions   •  ITL  worked  with  OPM  to  review  available  solu9on   providers  and  select  a  vendor  that  met  planning,   technical,  and  cost  requirements  –  ON24   •  Assigned  dedicated  ITL  staff  to  work  with  ON24,  OPM,  and   Federal  agencies  on  the  plaqorm  and  the  booths   •  Came  up  to  speed  quickly  on  the  solu9on  in  order  to  provide   the  services  OPM  required  and  work  with  ON24  to  customize   the  plaqorm     •  Established  cri9cal  dates,  quality  checks,  and  communica9on   mechanisms  with  OPM   •  Set  up  weekly  planning  and  coordina9on  mee9ngs  and  quality   checkpoints  with  OPM   •  Set  up  service  desk  tools  and  procedures   •  Had  the  dedicated  ITL  team  work  in  virtual  environment   2/18/2014   Intelligent  Technologies  Labs   66  
  66. 66. ON24 Virtual Environment   2/18/2014   Intelligent  Technologies  Labs   67  
  67. 67. Results   •  Assisted  OPM  in  successfully  hos9ng  a  first  ever,  VJF   in  May  2013   •  Up  to  80  agency  booths   •  100%  up9me   •  90%+  par9cipa9on  rate  by  job  seekers   •  Messaging  and  chats  were  tremendously  popular   •  Almost  13,000  items  of  content  were  accessed   •  The  job  fair  was  conducted  on  9me  and  within   budget   •  OPM  has  asked  ITL  and  ON24  to  work  jointly  on   upcoming  events  in  2014   2/18/2014   Intelligent  Technologies  Labs   68  
  68. 68. Summary   •  ITL  is  ON24’s  preferred  technology  integrator  for   online  events  in  the  DC  metropolitan  area   •  We  have  a  proven  service  model  that   •  Is  cost  efficient   •  Provides  speed-­‐to-­‐service   •  Addresses  planning  and  technical  challenges   •  Together,  we  can  provide  virtual  event  solu9ons  that   drive  outstanding  results  for  your  agency’s  evolving   training  and  human  resource  needs   2/18/2014   Intelligent  Technologies  Labs   69  
  69. 69. Contact  InformaOon   Our  LocaOon     INTELLIGENT  TECHNOLOGIES  LABS   3213  Duke  Street,  Suite  608   Alexandria,  VA  22314   CommunicaOons     Phone:    800.989.9017       Fax:    866.213.1122     Email:   Connect  With  Us       INNOVATE.  TRANSFORM.  LEAD.     2/18/2014   Intelligent  Technologies  Labs   70  
  70. 70. Just How Easy Is This? Scott Sprowls Director of Sales ON24
  71. 71. Keynote Speaker Miguel Joey Aviles Talent Management Strategist Department of Defense & Chief Learning Officer Young Government Leaders
  72. 72. Thank you for Attending. See you next time, virtually!