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Crossing the Generational Divide


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Presentation for the National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL) Spring Forum 2010 in Washington, DC, entitled "Crossing the Generational Divide."

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Crossing the Generational Divide

  1. 1. Crossing the  Generational Divide
  2. 2. Q1: How do you  get Millennials get Millennials in the doors? i th d ?
  3. 3. A1: Be where  Be where they are they are Ileana Ros‐Lehteninm, FL‐ Ileana Ros‐Lehteninm, FL‐18
  4. 4. Q2: Will  ill Gen X  Gen X Climb  Climb the  Ladder?
  5. 5. A2: Not necessarily
  6. 6. Q3: Are the Boomers really retiring?
  7. 7. A3: Probably  not
  8. 8. Q4: Who’s The Next Generation? Q4 Wh ’ Th N t G ti ?
  9. 9. Q4 Wh ’ Th N t G ti ? Q4: Who’s The Next Generation?
  10. 10. Someone of ANY age  who is actively using social media  who is actively using social media and engaging others on the Internet  with a "2 0" mindset: ith a "2.0" mindset: creative, collaborative  and community‐oriented. and community‐
  11. 11. Users age 18‐24 = 10.6% Users age 35‐54 grew 276%,  18‐24 only 20% last six months Average age = 40 yrs old Source:
  12. 12. Q4: Who’s The Next Generation? Q4 Wh ’ Th N t G ti ? ulture lt hangers g
  13. 13. Q Q4: Who’s The Next Generation?
  14. 14. Q: Where Q Where     will  be?
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