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Hp Chat on GovLoop


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Devices are here; Is your agency ready?

Published in: Technology
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Hp Chat on GovLoop

  1. 1. GovLoop Chat: Devices are here! Is Your Agency Ready? 6/21/2011Andrew Krzmarzick, GovLoop: Thanks for joining us today on a beautiful Tuesday afternoon. You are herefor an awesome GovLoop chat on the topic of “Devices Are Here! Is Your Federal Agency Ready?”Andrew Krzmarzick: If you have (or are hoping to have) a tablet in the near future, you’re in the rightplace! We’ll talk about tablet technology in general as well as some security issues that you might face.Andrew Krzmarzick: Before we start I wanted to set the ground rules on our GovLoop chat. I’m also yourhost/moderator today. This is about you and your questions. If you have a question, please click on myname at the right and send me a question.Andrew Krzmarzick: Just "Private Chat" me - dont worry, it’s all legit.Andrew Krzmarzick: Today’s chat is brought to us by GovLoop’s partner, HP who’ve brought along ourfriends at Microsoft.Andrew Krzmarzick: We are lucky enough today to have Brian McCarthy from HP as well as Lionel Grantand Rick Engle from Microsoft. I’ll let them introduce themselves now.Brian McCarthy, HP: Thanks, Andrew. Hi, my name is Brian McCarthy and I work for Hewlett-Packardbased at our Houston campus. I’m the Americas Category Manager for business notebooks and alreadyeagerly anticipating the arrival of winter….Andrew Krzmarzick: Winter?Andrew Krzmarzick: How about you, Lionel?Lionel Grant, Microsoft: Hi all. I am a Windows Technical Solutions Professional in the Microsoft FederalStrategic Technical Unit. I lead the business as a Windows Slate Evangelist and Apple Compete Specialist.Andrew Krzmarzick: And last but not least: Rick!Rick Engle, Microsoft Federal: Hello everyone! Welcome to the chat. My name is Rick Engle and Im aWindows and Mobility Technology Specialist with Microsoft Federal. Im based out of our Washington DCarea office. It’s a pleasure to be here!Andrew Krzmarzick: To get us going, I wanted to just ask a general question – open floor: What’s thecurrent landscape in terms of overall readiness for mobile devices and, more specifically, tablettechnology?Rick Engle: It’s a good question... there has been a huge influx of demand for the latest consumer devices,devices that would typically be used at home but now the desire is to bring them into work [Type the company address] Page 1
  2. 2. GovLoop Chat: Devices are here! Is Your Agency Ready? 6/21/2011Brian McCarthy: I believe there’s a lot of confusion out thereAndrew Krzmarzick: so confusion about personal vs. professional use, eh?Rick Engle: the device that seems to have really caught our customers eye is the slate form factorAndrew Krzmarzick: plus, I imagine there is confusion about just what is a tablet; kind of like peoplesunderstanding of what a "smart phone" really isRick Engle: it’s big enough to really get busy and use for both productivity and work-life balanceBrian McCarthy: we have two very different technologies arriving at the same placeLionel Grant: Consumerization, the want for new mobile devices (Slates, iPad) in the enterprise workspace, has been growing at an alarming rate.Brian McCarthy: Windows PCs have shrunk and smartphones have Windows PCs have shrunk andgrown. smartphones have grownRick Engle: and that excitement drives a faster pace of adoption inFederal agenciesAndrew Krzmarzick: How would you help people to differentiate among tablets that are on the markettoday (or coming to market soon)?Brian McCarthy: usage: consumption versus creationRick Engle: many people first focus on form factor: how small and light it is and how good the battery lifeis.Andrew Krzmarzick: say more on that, Brian - consumption vs. creationRick Engle: they also want to first be sure it can be used well as a consumer device, easy to access theirpersonal data and applications What people need to be looking for is aAndrew Krzmarzick: sounds like the adoption of mobile phones slate device that can do more than surf theand social media internet, use media and read contentRick Engle: but what people need to be looking for is a slate device that can do more than surf theinternet, use media and read content [Type the company address] Page 2
  3. 3. GovLoop Chat: Devices are here! Is Your Agency Ready? 6/21/2011Lionel Grant: Most of the consumer devices on the market are goaled at delivering content to the enduser. Not for content creation.Brian McCarthy: the smartphone technologies are all about consumption: e-readers, photos, games...Andrew Krzmarzick: for a lot of folks, they use these tools personally to test the waters, then see the valueand drive for adoption at workRick Engle: if you want to bring that device into the workplace it needs to be flexible enough to allowusers to use any of their applications, connect to line of business systems and be manageable.Lionel Grant: Slates, running Windows 7, are designed to deliver content as well as allow the creation ofinformation. Similar to the task done on a normal laptop.Andrew Krzmarzick: So lets talk about the Slate - how does it bridge creation and consumption?Andrew Krzmarzick: Sounds like its designed for that...Brian McCarthy: the Windows PC type devices are about spreadsheets, word documents powerpointslides....Rick Engle: the interface is what makes compelling scenarios possible for bridgingRick Engle: touch, and pen interfaces help you access the full power of your contentAndrew Krzmarzick: Cool - I was looking at a couple demos...looks like its the best of all worlds in terms ofinterfaceBrian McCarthy: The HP Slate 500 combines the best of convertible tablet and netbook featuresAndrew Krzmarzick: And people are familiar with Windows Lionel Grant: Some workers are looking for PC or laptop replacements. The Slate form factor fits the bill, while allowing the user to continue leveragingYou want to be able to pick up that slate from the desk, the power of Windows. lean back in your chair and interact with it in a muchmore personal way as then walk off with it down the hall Rick Engle: you want to be able to pick up that slate and use it easily on the go from the desk, lean back in your chair and interact with it in a much more personal way as then walk off with it down the hall and use it easily on the go [Type the company address] Page 3
  4. 4. GovLoop Chat: Devices are here! Is Your Agency Ready? 6/21/2011Andrew Krzmarzick: If I remember correctly, you get the value of both a laptop and tablet - can you say abit about that functionality?Brian McCarthy: the HP Slate 500 has a docking connector and integrated WiFi that enables connection toaccessories such as larger displays and wireless keyboards and miceRick Engle: The design is flexible, it doesn’t need to always have the familiar look and fell. Apps can bedesigned with a user interface that can be completely different, fully optimized for touch inputLionel Grant: I personally carry a Slate as my primary work machine. In my briefcase is a bluetoothkeyboard and mouse. Along with a small stand. I use this setup on a daily basis while traveling.Andrew Krzmarzick: Cool - I like the scenario Rick painted: basically pick up your tablet (instead of alaptop) and head to a meetingAndrew Krzmarzick: then come back and dock it for a "laptop" essentially again...with the possibility for alarger monitorBrian McCarthy: all in a package that weighs 1.5lb All in a package thatAndrew Krzmarzick: Many of us are familiar with Windows 7 – so weighs 1.5lbwhat are the specific features within Windows 7 that are leveragedfor Slate/Tablet technology?Rick Engle: Windows 7 has built in native touch and pen supportAndrew Krzmarzick: (P.S. Like that 1.5 lbs - lighter in my backpack traveling or walking from building tometro to car, etc.)Rick Engle: any application as well as the entire OS experience can be driven by touch, pen, mouse orkeyboard inputBrian McCarthy: Win 7 incorporates Microsoft’s multi-touch and digital ink technology fully integratedwith the Office appsRick Engle: we support a rich number of touch gestures that can be used to fully navigate WindowsRick Engle: The Windows environment can also be tuned to change the screen metrics to widen scrollbars,make icons and fonts larger and more. [Type the company address] Page 4
  5. 5. GovLoop Chat: Devices are here! Is Your Agency Ready? 6/21/2011Andrew Krzmarzick: Question from the Audience: "Do you guys think that people making budgetdecisions/ those deciding on funding for IT... do you think they understand the differences betweenbusiness and consumer products?"Andrew Krzmarzick: "And, if they dont, what are the key things we can tell them about tablets designedfor business that will convince them they are worth the investment?"Rick Engle: I do think they are getting a lot further understanding that issueRick Engle: users are becoming much more vocal about what they wantLionel Grant: One of the important things for IT decision makers to keep in mind, especially in the Federalspace, is the need to secure and manage whatever device you bring into your environment.Brian McCarthy: the boundaries are blurring however the key criteria remain the same, is the device builtto withstand business travel, warranty terms, product lifecycle, geographic availabilityRick Engle: they aren’t satisfied with what they normally use in a day to day mode. They have seen newerdevices that they already own or have seen their friends use and want to be able to use at work. Thismessage is bubbling up into organizations. They have seen newer devices that theyRick Engle: This is the Consumerization of IT effect already own or have seen their friends use and want to be able to use at work.Andrew Krzmarzick: Picking up on Lionels remark aboutsecurity; What are the security issues that need to be addressed around tablet computing? Any differencefrom other devices - phones, laptops, etc.?Rick Engle: data leakage is a big problemAndrew Krzmarzick: how do you prevent it?Lionel Grant: These newer devices are often easier to lose than traditional laptops. And they typicallyhave corporate or sensitive data on them.Lionel Grant: Encryption to protect data at rest is key.Rick Engle: devices that come in and out of the office may need to be governed to ensure that nomalware comes in and no unauthorized data leaves or is found. Being able to encrypt that data usingtechnologies like Windows 7 Bitlocker as well as being able to store content on USB sticks is importantAndrew Krzmarzick: Would you recommend that those USB sticks stay at the office? [Type the company address] Page 5
  6. 6. GovLoop Chat: Devices are here! Is Your Agency Ready? 6/21/2011Lionel Grant: Being able to remote wipe a device is also important. A feature of Active Sync.Andrew Krzmarzick: and you can take the tablet with youRick Engle: Windows 7 powered slates like the HP Being able to remote wipe a device is also important. ASlate 500 can be fully managed through feature of Active Sync… USB stick can also be securedtechnologies like System Center, even from using bitlocker encryption.Exchange Server 2010Lionel Grant: USB stick can also be secured using bitlocker encryption.Brian McCarthy: User authentication for network access is common across internal desktop devices andmobile devices.Rick Engle: have the apps you love and use at home available on your slate but balance it with corporatecomplianceBrian McCarthy: The Windows based slates have USB ports to support existing multi-factor authenticationpoliciesAndrew Krzmarzick: I think one question that is on most peoples minds is: Do you have examples ofagencies (or other use cases) that are breaking new ground with regard to mobility or tablet technology?Brian McCarthy: A lot of folks are evaluating slates to determine the feasibilityAndrew Krzmarzick: I think I saw an example on a video of a health department or emergencymanagement system using slates...Rick Engle: We are seeing many agencies looking at the use of slates. It’s across the board with agencieslike Federal Reserve Board, IMF, White House, Navy, Army. Almost everyone is investigating the idea of anew, secondary deviceBrian McCarthy: weve seen early adoption amongst existing convertible tablet users who value the digitalink capability in a 1.5lb device.Brian McCarthy: The HP Slate 500 is a solid state device so it Its being deployed in super ambulances aslends itself to more robust application areas. a communication and computing centreBrian McCarthy: For example, its being deployed in super ambulances as a communication and computingcentreAndrew Krzmarzick: Cool - thanks, Brian. [Type the company address] Page 6
  7. 7. GovLoop Chat: Devices are here! Is Your Agency Ready? 6/21/2011Andrew Krzmarzick: Another question from the audience (which I think is a huge differentiator): is theSlate flash capable?Rick Engle: absolutelyBrian McCarthy: Yes. It comes with Internet Explorer and can support all the familiar Web browsersavailable for Windows 7.Rick Engle: Flash is fully supported on WindowsAndrew Krzmarzick:...and other Adobe products?Rick Engle: the whole gamutBrian McCarthy: this is a 1.5lb Windows PC (without a physical keyboard)Andrew Krzmarzick: So Im a teleworker. And I travel a lot. How does this enable a mobile workforce?Rick Engle: We did a sneak peek preview of the future of the slate experience coming to Windows; checkthis out: McCarthy: Same as the current laptop and netbook devices. All the familiar Microsoft apps plusaccess to your employers intranet on the road.Rick Engle: Microsoft is fully committed to the slate experience and will work on compelling solutions forthe HP Slate 500 and beyondAndrew Krzmarzick: I know this is often a taboo question, but whats the price point here?Andrew Krzmarzick: (and unless we have others from the audience, well make it the last one)Brian McCarthy: The Slate 500 is on the market today at $23/month on a 32 month lease. The Retail listprice is $799.Andrew Krzmarzick: Seems very competitive...Rick Engle: contrast that with slates and tablets from a few years ago where they were routinely in the$1500-$2000+ rangeBrian McCarthy: Excludes Microsoft Office apps but includes Win 7 Pro, the slate, the docking station,digital pen, folio case and ac adapter [Type the company address] Page 7
  8. 8. GovLoop Chat: Devices are here! Is Your Agency Ready? 6/21/2011Andrew Krzmarzick: Im talking as someone in an agency who would be going to their boss and asking forone of these.Andrew Krzmarzick: Cool - well, I want to end with a suggested reference from the audience to VA CIORoger Baker who said something like " I want to find a way to say yes to these devices." He may not havebeen talking directly about the Slate....but you get the pictureAndrew Krzmarzick: Thanks to HP for sponsoring this awesome chat and for Brian from HP and Lionel andRick teaming up from Microsoft. For more information, please go to Krzmarzick: Also, please be sure to check out our HP for Gov( and Microsoft ( here on GovLoopAndrew Krzmarzick: Thanks again for participating today, everyone [Type the company address] Page 8