How Mobile Is Your Agency?


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How Mobile Is Your Agency?

  1. 1. GovLoop Survey Results Report 2011 SAP Survey: How Mobile is Your Agency?SAP recently partnered with GovLoop to investigate how mobile government currently is.GovLoop is the largest social network for members of the government community with over 45,000 members. Asurvey was distributed on GovLoop from June 16, 2011 through July 1, 2011. We wanted to share the end resultsand conclusions from the survey.1) Which emerging applications of mobile technologies do you believe will have the most positive impact onyour organization in the next year?39 percent of respondents said that the untethered workforce will have the most positive impact on theiragency or organization. Of these respondents, less than half believe that app stores and location awareservices (GPS for example) will have a large impact. Untethered workforce 2% 7% I dont know 8% 39% 14% App Stores Mobile to machine technologies 14% 16% Location aware services Mobile money, wallets and payments Health monitoring and sensoring2. Which of the following, would you say, best describes your organization?According to survey results, agencies are involved in a wide variety of stages of mobilization. 19 percent ofrespondents are currently using mobile applications, while 25 percent of respondents are currently in theprocess of researching mobility. 19 percent are not considering mobility at this time. 6% Researching mobility 12% 25% Currently using applications 19% Not considering mobility at this time 19% Pilot testing one or more mobile 19% applications Implementing application Evaluating different mobile applications and vendors [Type the company address] Page 1
  2. 2. GovLoop Survey Results Report 20113. What Smartphone platforms are supported within your organization? (Check all that apply)Organizations are supporting multiple smartphone technology platforms. Results show that the Blackberry OSplatform is the most popular among organizations. The Android and iPhone platforms are equally supportedamong respondents. 70% 62% 60% 50% 43% 43% 40% 30% 25% 20% 6% 6% 10% 0% Blackberry Android iPhone Windows None Unsure OS Mobile4. Please describe your organization’s smartphone policy.The vast majority of respondents reported that their organization/agency is completely liable for their mobiledevice and plan. The organization pays all costs for the device and ongoing monthly costs. Results find thatmost agencies either implement reimbursement policies for their employees, or are in the process ofresearching stipends that pay a portion of mobility cost. Completely organization/agency liable (i.e. organization pays all costs for the device and 57% ongoing monthly costs) Personally liable - Employee buys device and company only provides a fixed monthly 13% reimbursement/stipend agency liable for upper mgmt (and possibly field investigators); completely personally 6% liable for any other employees who want one Completely personally liable (no organizational support) 6% I dont know 6% Personally liable - Employee buys device and expenses device and monthly charge 6% Researching stipends that would pay a portion of the cost. 6% [Type the company address] Page 2
  3. 3. GovLoop Survey Results Report 20115. During the next 12 months, how many new mobile applications do you expect your organization toimplement?58 percent of respondents said that their organizations are planning to implement anywhere between one andfour new mobile applications into their mobilization strategy. 58% 60% 50% 40% 30% 22% 20% 11% 8% 10% 1% 0% 1-4 0 I dont know 5-19 20+6. If your organization is currently using mobile applications, please select the benefits your organizationrealized. (Check all that apply)Agencies are finding many benefits of being mobile. While 44 percent are currently not using mobileapplications, there are 37 percent of respondents found that mobility is enhancing the real timecommunication with internal stakeholders and 31 percent reported that mobility has enhanced the ability toprovide services to constituents. Currently not using mobile applications 12% Real Time Communication with Internal 19% 44% Stakeholders 19% Enhanced Constituent Services Budget/cost Savings 19% 37% Faster Decision Making 31% Increased Productivity Reduced Clerical Data Entry Cost [Type the company address] Page 3
  4. 4. GovLoop Survey Results Report 20117. Which areas concern you most about mobility? (Check all that apply)Survey results have found that there are many concerns facing agencies and organizations in regard tomobility. The majority of concerns deal with security, the time it takes to implement mobility, and privacy issues.The cost of implementing a mobile framework as well as the cost of labor also has an effect. 55% 60% 42% 42% 40% 31% 27% 26% 22% 20% 8% 8% 1% 1% 1% 1% 0%8. Please select which description fits your organization best:Respondents of this report represent a wide spectrum of organizations and agencies. Those who represent anorganization other than those listed included members of IT departments, health organizations, localgovernment, environmental agencies, and non-profit organizations. Social services, public administration 21% 28% General citizen services Transportation or public transit related 6% 18% Public safety 6% 7% 8% Education or student related Tax and revenue Other [Type the company address] Page 4
  5. 5. GovLoop Survey Results Report 20119. The following is a list of mobility features. Which 3 will be most important to your organization in the next year?(Select up to 3).More than half of respondents stated that their organizations hope to reduce costs through mobility in the nextyear. In addition to this, organizations wish to utilize mobility to improve communication both inside and outsidethe organization itself. Improving contact with suppliers 5% Improving transactional side of the business 17% Creating new services and business model opportunities 21% Improving flexibility/working conditions 40% Improving contact within your organization 40% Capturing and linking digital content to business processes 40% Improving contact with constituents 45% Reducing costs 55% 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60%10. How are mobile purchasing decisions made in your organization? (Check all that apply) 50% 44% 50% 40% 31% 30% 20% 6% 6% 6% 10% 0% Agency Level IT Department Department By Line of I Dont Know Not Applicable Manager Business (IT, Finance, Purchasing, etc)ConclusionHaving a mobility strategy is essential to an organization’s success, but organizations and agencies need to beable to enhance their mobility without hindering their productivity and security.It is clear that mobility has enhanced the productivity and success of government agencies. In a time ofbudget cuts, organizations that choose to become more mobile are seeing positive results.Survey PartnersGovLoop is the premier online community connecting more than 45,000 government innovators. Thecommunity is a dedicated space for people in and around government to connect with peers, collaborate onprojects and catapult their careers.SAP is the world’s leading provider of business software offering applications and services that enablecompanies of all sizes and in more than 26 industries to become best-run businesses. SAP is a proud partner ofGovLoop. [Type the company address] Page 5