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Google Apps for Government - GovLoop LIVE CHAT

  1. Live on GovLoop: Google Apps for Government August 4, 2010 Dan Israel, Google Google Confidential & Proprietary
  2. Government Faces an IT Gap "Closing the IT gap is perhaps the single most important step we can take in creating a more efficient and responsive government. Because the gap is so big, our historical shortcomings in IT may ironically give us a late-mover advantage by allowing us to leapfrog costly, less- developed technologies and go directly to less expensive, more powerful ones." -- Peter Orszag, director of OMB June 8, 2010 Google Confidential & Proprietary
  3. While Budgets Are Extremely Tight U.S. State Tax Receipts 10% Personal Income Tax Sales Tax 5% Total Taxes 0% -5% -10% -15% -20% -25% -30% ’06 Q3 ’06 Q4 ’07 Q1 ’07 Q2 ’07 Q3 ’07 Q4 ’08 Q1 ’08 Q2 ’08 Q3 ’08 Q4 ’09 Q1 ’09 Q2 ’09 Q3 Source: The Nelson A. Rockefeller Institute of Government The United States expects a State governments face federal deficit of $9.1T in the a $350B budget gap in coming decade 2010 and 2011 Google Confidential & Proprietary
  4. The Cloud Offers Significant Benefits Pay for only what you use No operational maintenance Access to rapid innovation Access from anywhere, from any device Best-in-class security Focus on your MISSION, not IT
  5. Google Has Brought The Cloud To Government Now available! Google Apps for Government 1. A new edition of Google Apps, with the same applications & price as Premier Edition 2. The industry's first multi-tenant cloud computing suite with FISMA certification 3. With new policy & security measures to meet specific government requirements Google Confidential & Proprietary
  6. Google Apps For Government: Tools For Today’s User Gmail 25GB inbox Talk Enterprise with search: keep class IM and VC as and find everything easy as email Calendar Make Docs Make Sites Allow sharing calendars collaborating users to manage and schedules easy as easy as creating their own sites Video Unlock the Groups Let Postini Security and power of video within users easily create compliance solutions your organization and work in teams Google Confidential & Proprietary
  7. US Government Security Certification First multi-tenant cloud application suite to complete FISMA certification Tested and validated by an independent auditor Authority to operate at the FISMA-Moderate level Documentation available for review by government customers Google Confidential & Proprietary
  8. Security & Policy Measures For Gmail and Calendar data: Customer data stored only in the continental U.S. Segregated servers from those used by non-government customers Additional Apps to follow in the near future Google Confidential & Proprietary
  9. Few Can Benefit More Than Government State of Colorado Google Confidential & Proprietary
  10. Customer Case Study: Berkeley Lab Part of the Department of Energy, Berkeley Labs conducts research across many scientific disciplines Selected Google Apps earlier this year 4,000 employees + 1,000 research partners using Google Docs & Sites for collaboration 4,000 users already migrated to Google Mail, with the rest planned for later this year Google Calendar rolling out soon Expected financial savings of $1.5-2M over 5 years Google Confidential & Proprietary
  11. Customer Case Study: US Navy - InRelief supports the Navy's humanitarian assistance and disaster relief mission Use Google Apps to collaborate with NGOs and foreign governments 2,000 users; can scale up quickly in times of disaster Benefit from reliability of Google Apps, plus features like real-time translation Overall costs were "hundreds of thousands instead of millions" of dollars Google Confidential & Proprietary
  12. Summary New edition: Google Apps for Government Same applications & price as Premier Edition Segregated from the servers of our non-government customers Customer data stored in the continental US only First multi-tenant cloud computing suite with FISMA certification Available now to US federal, state, and local government customers Google Confidential & Proprietary