Changing Face of Customer Service in Government


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Changing Face of Customer Service in Government

  1. 1. The Changing Face of Customer Servicein GovernmentApril 25, 20137:30 AM – 10:30 AMJW MarriottWashington, DC
  2. 2. Keynote SpeakerErick SpeightSenior Sales ExecutiveMarriott
  3. 3. Keynote SpeakerMartha DorrisDeputy AssociateAdministratorOffice of Citizen Servicesand Innovative TechnologiesGeneral ServicesAdministration
  4. 4. U.S. General Services Administration ChangingCustomerExpectationsMartha DorrisDeputy AssociateAdministratorOffice of CitizenServices &InnovativeTechnologies
  5. 5. Delivering a BetterCustomer Experience
  6. 6. Leaders in CustomerExperience
  7. 7. Five-Year Stock Performance Of CustomerExperience Index (CXi) Leaders VersusLaggards Versus S&P 500 (2007 to 2011)Source: Harley Manning Blog, Forrester, September 14, 2012 (Results from Watermark Consulting)
  8. 8. Customer Experience LifecycleUnderstandyour CustomerContinuallyimprove yourproductsListen to youremployees andcustomersMeasure yourperformance againstcustomer expectations
  9. 9. Customer Experience Lifecycle+Understandyour CustomerContinuallyimprove yourproductsListen to youremployees andcustomersMeasure yourperformance againstcustomer expectationsGovernanceCultureTrainingStrategyCustomerExperienceTeamBudget
  10. 10. Understanding Your CustomerWho are yourcustomers?What are thecustomers’expectations?What are thedrivers tosuccess?
  11. 11. How does your customer want toaccess information or services?Anytime, anywhere on any device
  12. 12. Obstacles to Successful CXForrester Research: The State of Customer Experience Management, 2013
  13. 13. Top Changing Customer Expectations•  Trust in Federal government going down.•  Technology trends continue along the same path with mobiletechnology and social media being critical delivery channels.Smartphones are being integrated into our lives more than ever. TVsare being more integrated into our online lives.•  Fusing of physical and digital worlds – cars, clothes, appliances.•  Multi-media – videos, pictures continue to increase.•  Want the right experience a the right time across multiple devices.•  Search continues to be a critical way to find useful, relevantinformation in a timely way.•  Phone continues to be a critical channel to provide information to thecustomer.
  14. 14. Our customers’perceptions of theirentire experience withOCSIT staff, productsand services. GSA/OCSIT: What iscustomer experience?
  15. 15. BenefitsBetter understanding of our customers and their needsBetter products and services due to customer feedbackImproves brand recognition, adoption, satisfaction with andloyalty to OCSIT’s products and servicesImproves our value proposition leading to resourcejustificationImproves trust in governmentIncreases employee engagementBuilds OCSIT’s capacity to assist agencies to better servetheir customers.Drives process improvement – commitment to total qualityWhy is Customer ExperienceImportant?
  16. 16. CustomerExperienceValuesOutstanding QualityEnjoyableCustomer engagementEmployee engagementCustomer-centric culture
  17. 17. Involvement and buy-in ofleadershipUnderstand what your customersvalueTreat your customers the way youwant to be treated.Tell customer stories wheneverpossibleSolicit customer and employeeideas for improving customerexperienceMeasure the customer experience BestPractices
  18. 18. PrinciplesWe will:ALL take responsibility to providean experience that exceedsexpectations.Engage, listen and resolve.Design business from the outsidein, not the inside out.Incorporate customer experienceas a key success metric ineverything we do.Make every contact with thecustomer an opportunity toinfluence their experience.
  19. 19. What did we do?•  Obtained leadership buy-in.•  Kicked off the initiativethrough an All Handsmeeting to begin educatingeveryone on CX.•  Created a CustomerExperience working groupto serve as champions
  20. 20. What did we do? (cont‘d)Each program should:•  Create a plan for self improvement ofcustomer experience•  Create baseline customer experiencemeasures by adapting loyaltymeasures and applying them to yourprogram•  Present results of customerexperience metrics quarterly•  Use customer experience bestpractices as much as possible
  21. 21. Keynote SpeakerArmy Major Nicholas MillerChief Information OfficerArlington National Cemetery
  22. 22. UNCLASSIFIEDArlington National CemeteryHonor – Remember – Explore
  23. 23. UNCLASSIFIED•  Cemetery  History  •  Mission  &  Vision  •  Transforma3on  •  Applica3ons  Overview  and  Demo  •  Moving  Forward  Outline  
  24. 24. UNCLASSIFIEDArlington’s  History  • Established  during  the  American  Civil  War  on  the  grounds  of  the  Arlington  House  in  1864    •   Arlington  House  was  most  famously  owned  by  General  Robert  E.  Lee  &  Mary  Anna  Cur3s  Lee  –  descendant  of  Martha  Washington.  • To  assist  in  healing  a  na3on  once  divided,    sec3on  16  was  dedicated  to  confederate  dead  in  1900.    •   Tomb  of  the  Unknowns  dedicated  on  Armis3ce  Day  (now  Veterans  Day)  in    1921      Arlington  Today  •   Conduct  an  average  of  7,000  annual  burials  •   Receive  over  3.1  million  annual  visitors  •   Present  Day  Size:  624  Acres  Arlington  Na3onal  Cemetery  Facts  
  25. 25. UNCLASSIFIEDMission  and  Vision  MissionOn behalf of the American people, lay torest those who have served our nation withdignity and honor, treating their families withrespect and compassion, and connectingguests to the rich tapestry of the cemeterysliving history, while maintaining thesehallowed grounds befitting the sacrifice ofall those who rest here in quiet repose.VisionAmericas premier military cemetery - Anational shrine - A living history of freedom -Where dignity and honor rest in solemnrepose.
  26. 26. UNCLASSIFIED                                                                                                        Authorita3ve  Databases    Personnel  Database    Geospa3al    Database  Case ManagementSchedulingPublic  Experience  –  Opera3onal  View  Gravesite LocationsHistory & EventsMobile AppsHeadstone ImagesDaily Schedules &NewsGravesite Management
  27. 27. UNCLASSIFIEDJune  2010  –  Maps  &  Records  
  28. 28. UNCLASSIFIEDq   Public  Interac3ons  q   Over  70,000  calls  annually  q   Over  25,000  public  inquiries  &  faxes  q Headstone  Photo  Capture      q   Collect  over  262,978  Headstones/Niches  q Records  Digi3za3on  q   Scan    over  350,000  Records  of  Interment  q   Scan  over  290,000  Grave  Cards  q   Scan  over  190,000  Daily  Logs  (Interment  Packet)  q Geospa3al  Data  Layer  Development:  q     Grave  Plots  (290,839)  q     Headstones  (215,602)  q     Niche  Wall  /  Columbarium  (73,725)Transforma3on  through  Data  Development  Data  Challenge:    Collec3on  of  150  years  of  history  with  varying  policy,  naming  conven3ons,  literacy  rates,  and  adap3ng  to  todays  database  standards.  iPhone  app  custom  built  for  capturing  headstone  photos  Scan  paper  records  and  integrated  into  ANC  Databases  Field  Collect  and  manually  integrated  into  ANC  Databases  It’s all about the data!Retooled  exis3ng  Army  ISO20000  cer3fied  call  center  for  ANC  requirements  
  29. 29. UNCLASSIFIED    ANC  Internal  Management  System  
  30. 30. UNCLASSIFIEDANC  Explorer  Android  Search DetailsImage Route1   2  3  4  
  31. 31. UNCLASSIFIEDANC  Explorer  Web  Public Web Map Viewer from
  32. 32. UNCLASSIFIEDMoving  Forward      ANC  Expansions  q   Columbarium  9  Dedica3on  May  9th  (20,296  niches)q   Millennium  Project  Ground  Breaking  (late  2013)  q   Navy  Annex  Design  (late  2013)      ANC  Explorer  App  Enhancements  q   2013  Aerial  Imagery  Update  (10  cm)  q Mobile  Tablet  Workflow  Development  q Tours  (Pre-­‐established  and  User  Defined)  q   Loca3on  Based  Services  (i.e.  What’s  Nearby)  q   Geofenced  Audio  Tours    q   Emergency  No3fica3ons  q   Self  Guided  Tours    q  Enhanced  Rou3ng  Features  q   Accessibility    q   Difficulty  Ra3ng  q   Quickest  Route    
  33. 33. UNCLASSIFIED“Honor  –  Remember  –  Explore”  PVT William ChristmanFirst Burial3 May 18641861–65CIVIL WAR WWI1917–18 1941–45 1950–53 1959–75 1983 1988General Pershing19 July 1948Audie L Murphy6/7/1971General Ridgway(CSA)JUL 30 1993Freedman’s VillageSection 2715 July 1867General Creighton AbramsSEP 6 1974WWII KOREA VIETNAM LEBANON 9/11SOMALIA1LT Clyde PlymelNOV 8 1983SGT James JoyceOCT 8 1993Pentagon 9/11 Group BurialSEP 12 2002IRAQAFGHANISTAN2001 2001-PresentCPL Ira HayesFEB 2 1955
  34. 34. Interactive PanelOvercoming and Improving CustomerService Challenges in GovernmentScott Frendt, Vice President, Public Sector CRMSolutions, OracleAbraham Marinez, Customer Engagement Advisor,Department of EducationKim Taylor, Director Web Services, Office of PublicAffairs and Consumer Education, Food Safety andInspection Service, USDAFacilitator: Steve Ressler, Founder & President,GovLoop