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All I Really Needed to Know I Learned Online


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How do we legitimize the learning and knowledge exchange that happens via social networks? How do we institutionalize and incentivize the personal information discovery that happens in between formal training sessions? I raise these questions and give a couple answers in this Ignite presentation, which I delivered as at http://www.Government

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All I Really Needed to Know I Learned Online

  1. 1. Andre w Krz marzi ck’sOnlin e
  2. 2. Meet Isaac(19 months going on 19 yrs old)
  3. 3. Sometimes he needs something (and mommy and daddy can’t figure it out)
  4. 4. OPTIONS a. Read book(s) b. Call mom c. Leave at neighbors d. Take training
  5. 5. e. We need help right away!
  6. 6. Who do you trust?
  7. 7. Thanks,Mom(s)!
  8. 8. Sometimes your employee needs something (and you can’t figure it out)
  9. 9. OPTIONS a. Read book(s) b. Consult intranet c. Call a friend d. Take training
  10. 10. Like Google, but with people(quick results + ongoing resources)
  11. 11. Q: How do I train aremote workforce? Try iLink… Answer = 30 Minutes
  12. 12. Bloomberg’s Bullpen
  13. 13. Aren’t we already in the same room?
  14. 14. Learning fromeach other
  15. 15. Sometimes they can’t wait
  16. 16. How do we“formalize” informal?
  17. 17. (Incentivize this)  Didn’t we learn this in kindergarten?
  18. 18. It’s what I’m teaching him
  19. 19. Isaac Krzma rzick’sOnlin e
  20. 20. Let’s help each other get there. Onlin e