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GoViral for Advertisers


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GoViral adalah sebuah Platform yang dibuat untuk memudahkan Advertiser dalam memilih Publisher yang sesuai dengan kriteria yang dibutuhkan. Kelebihan dari Platform ini adalah, Advertiser dapat memilih dan merubah Publisher sesuai dengan budget atau sesuai dengan hasil yang didapatkan dari pengalaman Advertiser sebelumnya. Hal ini dapat membantu advertiser dalam mengoptimalkan budget yang dimiliki.

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GoViral for Advertisers

  1. 1. GoViral is a Social Media advertising platformthat combine the power of 350 twitter accounts(buzzer) with their 25 million followers (andcounting
  2. 2. Why Twitter?Because the talks over Twitter are veryactive, in its 7thbirthday Twitter said thatJakarta is the Capital City of Twitter.
  3. 3. Why GoViral ? #1We are combining the strength of using 350 twitter accountsand 25 millions followers to talks about your productsin an interesting way,so people will found it natural and retweetableand.. we track every single action of each chosen twitteraccounts, just for you
  4. 4. Use natural conversation and GoViral
  5. 5. Viral SchemeGoViral able to catch and track every sentences that has beendelegated to every buzzer, how many re-tweet, how they responded,do they delete it, so you can decide whether the chosen buzzereligible to be re-used or not..
  6. 6. Why GoViral ? #2We made it easy for you, online report are availableand gives you a clear information on:Who is the chosen Buzzer for every AdsWhat are the sentencesHow many followers respondedWhich Buzzer gives the most re-tweet, etcYou will only need to sit and watch the report
  7. 7. Report View
  8. 8. Detailed ReportGet Virality for freeRetweeted by their followers
  9. 9. Virality ReportGrab and analyze every conversations
  10. 10. Why GoViral ? #3 We have talented Scenaristand Copy Writers to help youwith the sentence andscenario of the talks Able to create drama andmakes your “Brand” a Hype Makes the audience curiousand try to find out more..
  11. 11. Create Drama with GoViral
  12. 12. Got confused and unsure? You only need to pay what is publicize, you dont need topay the deleted tweets! How interesting is that? And hey even some big brands has join us, why you shouldthink it so deeply?Its your choice..To ride the success of Social Media, or to be left behind..
  13. 13. Featured Buzzers@marshanda001 @andharaearly @benkasyafani
  14. 14. Some of Our Campaigns
  15. 15. Some of Our Advertisers
  16. 16. Some of Our Advertisers
  17. 17. We are the wizard of Social Media