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GoViral adalah sebuah Platform yang dibuat untuk memudahkan Advertiser dalam memilih Publisher yang sesuai dengan kriteria yang dibutuhkan. Kelebihan dari Platform ini adalah, Advertiser dapat memilih dan merubah Publisher sesuai dengan budget atau sesuai dengan hasil yang didapatkan dari pengalaman Advertiser sebelumnya. Hal ini dapat membantu advertiser dalam mengoptimalkan budget yang dimiliki.

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GoViral for Advertisers

  1. 1. Twitter Social Media Buzz Platform
  2. 2. How to Get Attention and Influence People Online Overall Marketing GoalsSocial Media is one of many ways to connect with:• Members• Prospective members• Your member’s customers• Other influencers03/24/13
  3. 3. How to Get Attention and Influence People OnlineSocial Media reaches people in different ways than other marketing media:• Creates a more personal connection• Is more spontaneous• Allows for easier feedback• Two way communication• Reaches younger demographic03/24/13
  4. 4. Implications for companies and brands• Take idea of personal brand and extend to corporate or professional settings• You must try tools to be able to recommend them for your company or clients• PR used to be about controlling the message; now it is about engaging the conversation• Possible because social media tools allow; inexpensive and accessible• Extends power of word of mouth• Must also track, measure, adapt03/24/13
  5. 5. Social Media Strategy03/24/13
  6. 6. Viral ConceptMany folks today do not realize just how powerful viralmarketing is and how much potential it has. Viral marketingrevolves around creating an intense buzz on the Internet. It isa truly powerful concept that causes viral campaigns tospread pandemically around the Internet with a rapidintensity
  7. 7. Why Twitter?Twitter is an online social networkingand micro blogging service thatenables its users to send and readtext-based messages of up to 140characters, known as "tweets” Twitter: Share information and showcase expertise. Connect with general contractors, BIM experts, green building experts, journalists and bloggers.
  8. 8. Why Twitter?
  9. 9. goviral is a social media buzz platform that connectsadvertisers and buzzers to create a new way of marketingcampaign. brand engagement is never been this powerful!
  10. 10. Viral Scheme
  11. 11. Channelings and TargetingAirlines / Aviation Dating Get Rich Quick Online Shop StationeryAlcohol Drugs & Supplements Health Others Telecom / MobileAutomotive Economy Hobby Personal Tour & TravelBeauty Education Home Appliances Politics Video Games (Casual & Onlines)Books/Magazines Electronic/Gadget Household Property / Real Estate Website / BlogBusiness Entertainment Insurance Religion Weight LossCigarettes Event Job Vacancies RetailComputer Fashion / Apparel Local Business or Place Ringtones & DownloadablesConsumer Goods Finance Multi Level Marketing Sexual & Reproductive HealthContest/Sweepstakes Food & Beverages Online Business Sports
  12. 12. Exam: List BuzzerBuzzers Followers Buzzers Followers Buzzers Followers@TweetRAMALAN 4,623,844 @PresidenSuper 63,672 @BelajarPerancis 98,392@NasehatSuper 3,150,072 @FaktanyaAku 280,312 @thebeertles 4,330@pepatah 2,971,858 @JawabJUJUR 989,970 @PetikanLagu2 669,306@MotivatorSuper 1,209,685 @FebryMeuthia 133,248 @adrianluis 2,492@benakribo 344,432 @AreaDEWASA 897,008 @OhDearSomeone 67,609@PEPATAHKU 1,416,365 @WOWKonyol 472,041 @DrVampir 526,185@cumanNANYA 699,211 @Kutipan_Anda 716,015 @BuatSeseorang 516,424@Liputan9 367,490 @AreaWANITA 713,309 @Ratu_Asmara 168,994@NasihatSahabat 1,113,836 @waktuSMA 263,050 @anakkosttt 262,440@landakgaul 45,262 @faktacowok 431,559 @huruf_sambung 27,290
  13. 13. Report
  14. 14. Detailed Report Get Virality for free Retweeted by their followers
  15. 15. Our Key Features Pay only First Tweet for each campaign and Get Virality as a bonus Detailed Report Easily change your Buzzer based on previous report Get help from our skilled copy writer who knows how to touch the chosen followers
  16. 16. Come and join us!Do you want your brands known by all tweeps? Do you wantto ride the success of Social Networking tools?Go to
  17. 17. Thank YouPT. Redbox IndonesiaAriobimo Sentral 4/F,Jl. H.R. Rasuna Said Block X-2Kav.5, Jakarta 12950 - IndonesiaP. +62 (21) 5290 9198 ·F. +62 (21) 252 5760 ·E.