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Office Technology Training


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Office Technology Training

  1. 1. Association House Technology Center MS Excel & Google Drive Training Course Syllabus, April 2014 Course Description This course is designed to develop technology skills to prepare the student to succeed in a field working with office technology. The curriculum focuses on three areas of office technology– word possessing, spreadsheets and presentation programs and applications. Students will learn both Microsoft Office suite programs (Word, Excel and PowerPoint) and the Google Drive applications of Document, Spreadsheet & Presentation. In addition, students will learn how to navigate the Google Drive interface, upload and download documents to and from the Drive and share documents using Google Drive. The course will also cover professional formatting of documents including emails, resumes and reference sheets. Goals By the end of the course students should be able to do the following: Create, edit and save a document, spreadsheet or presentation Differentiate between a Google and MS Office document, workbook or presentation Navigate the Google Drive interface - Upload an item to the Drive - Download an item from the Drive to MS Office - Collaborate and share items in Google Drive Format a resume, cover letter, reference sheet or other document using word processing Use a spreadsheet to organize data, create and modify formulas and present data visually Use a presentation program to deliver a professional slideshow presentation Attendance Policy Be on time! If you are running late, sick, or have an unexpected conflict please call or email Steve! Examples of an excused absence: illness, job interview, childcare issues If you arrive late do not interrupt class or ask the instructor to catch you up during class. Respect your fellow students’ class experience Consistent tardiness or more than two unexcused absences will result in dismissal from the course
  2. 2. Instructor’s Expectations Maintain a professional demeanor and attitude at all times Follow the Attendance Policy Study the material on your own time Come to class prepared (pen, paper, etc) Complete the final project presentation for the last day of class Class materials will be emailed to students every day – Check your email and download the documents at the beginning of each class period Instructor’s Contact Information Stephen Pigozzi Technology Center Career Path Facilitator Phone: 773-772-7170 Ext# 3104 Online Resources Google - Apps Admin, Gmail, Drive, Microsoft Programs - GCF Lean Free, -, Youtube - Search what you want to learn via YouTube to watch a video,
  3. 3. Course Schedule This course runs every Monday for 6 weeks Monday, February, 17th – Monday, March 24th 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM Week 1 Introduction to Google Drive - Cloud computing - Accessing the Drive Fundamentals of Spreadsheets - Terminology - Introduction to functions o Creating, lookup and cell references - Introduction to formatting - Resizing, inserting & deleting cells, rows and columns Week 2 Creating and saving items in MS Office & Google Drive Uploading items from MS Office to the Drive Downloading items from the Drive to MS Office Fundamentals of presentation programs - Adding slides - Adding bullet points, pictures and links - Themes, transitions and animations - Slide show view options Inserting charts in a spreadsheet/review of functions – Google quarterly earnings report Week 3 Fundamentals of word processing (WP) – edit a resume and a cover letter - Creating and deleting text - Creating paragraphs - Formatting text - Aligning text - Line and paragraph spacing - Adjusting margins - Breaks - Columns - Spell check and review Sharing docs in Google Drive Spreadsheet review – Apple quarterly earnings report
  4. 4. Week 4 Spreadsheets: Logical functions – IF, sumif, sumifs, AND, OR Spreadsheets: Lookup functions Spreadsheets: Excel Data tab. Text to columns, removing duplicates, data validation Charts review – US Census data WP review – edit a reference page in MS Word and Save it to the Drive Week 5 WP: inserting tables, pictures and other objects WP: creating forms using the developer tab Create a program registration form activity Spreadsheet concepts review – lookup data in the IL School Lunch Statistics. Remove duplicates Spreadsheet concepts review – family budget activity Week 6 Final assessment – group final Spreadsheet & WP quiz Go over correct answers Student presentations Conferring of Certificates of Completion