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ASQ CSSBB Affidavit Example


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Example- How to write an ASQ CSSBB affidavit

Published in: Technology, Business
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ASQ CSSBB Affidavit Example

  1. 1. A Sample filled in CSSBB affidavit 1. Six Sigma Project completed by John Q Public, 01000010 (applicant’s name, please print) (member number) 2. Six Sigma project title Reduction of XXX process Quality defects 3. Provide a brief description of the purpose of the project, and how it related to the business objective: The process XXX has been our bottle neck for over 6 months producing defects over 20 % of the manufacturing volume. This excess defectives have resulted in customer complaints (Inspection escape), inconsistent delivery, and increasing in manufacturing costs. This goal for this process step is to keep the defectives under 5000 ppm (0.5%) The on-time delivery of correct quantity is expected to be 99% or higher. By improving the process quality to less than 5000 ppm, and building adequate controls in place, the number escape defects are expected to reduce to less than 500 ppm. 4. Six Sigma project’s start and completion dates by month/year: Jan 2006- March 2006 5. Provide a brief description of applicant’s hands-on performance in completing Six Sigma project. Please include specific examples of tools used, i.e., process maps, metrics (DPU, DPMO, RTY), procedures, charts, etc. Do not send documentation. As a Black belt, I was responsible for creating a project charter to define the project, NPV financial sheet to calculate project financial gains, develop a comprehensive Project plan (Gantt). I lead the team with a brainstorming session, consolidated the inputs to a cause and effect diagram. The process map and initial data of process defect Pareto analysis were used during the discussion. Prioritized causes were further investigated to identify the root causes. Measurement system analysis was conducted to identify the measurement system error; a factorial DOE was conducted to identify significant factors. A Response surface design was further used to optimize the process settings. The process capability study was conducted and the indices Cp, Cpk were meeting the process objectives. The team developed on the existing PFMEA and updated the control plan for sustainability. 6. Provide a brief statement on the benefits achieved by the successful completion of the project, including but not limited to financial savings, labor, material costs, cycle-time reduction, etc. The process step with the initial process defectives at 20% was costing the organization $5000 / Week (over $250,000 / year). This includes material costs and labor only. The lost machine capacity in producing scrap is now effectively used for meeting tighter delivery deadlines. The reduced escape defects and on-time delivery have improved our customer satisfaction from 3.5 to 4.0 in a 5 point scale. The NPV, ROI, payback financial sheet were verified by MBB. 7. Verification of completion by project champion: Verification form completed by: Bruce Almighty 11th April 2006 (project champion’s signature) (date signed) Champion’s name: Bruce Almighty Job title Operations Director Company name Never Fail Inc. Address 1, Zero defect Lane, Road to success, Achievement Valley, California Project champion’s e-mail address Project champion’s telephone 408 1234567 Fax number 408 1234568. Page 1 of 1 Author: Govind Ramu