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Transformative Change Initiatives – How to Thrive not just Survive – Dowling


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Government Technology NY IT LF presentation - Transformative Change Initiatives – How to Thrive not just Survive - by James Dowling

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Transformative Change Initiatives – How to Thrive not just Survive – Dowling

  1. 1. Transformative Change Initiatives – How to Thrive, Not Just Survive by James Dowling March 15, 2017 NY IT Leadership Conference
  2. 2. Your Presenter Jim Dowling Retired in Service - Operational Capability Architect and General Contractor IT Leadership Learning Forum Leader Retired – Executive Organizational Change Management Consultant. The Abreon Group Retired – VP Consulting Services – Accelare, Inc. Former Partner & Organization & Leadership Performance Development, The RBL Group Former, Founding Executive and Continual Business/IT Alignment Practice Lead, Technology Evaluation Centers, Inc. & Retired – CIO, Bose Corporation
  3. 3. Ask Yourselves this Question How is each system within your organization helping or hindering the desired change? Change Leadership Internal Systems of Measurement Individual and Team Performance Management Rewards & Recognition Culture – Behaviors & Focus on Optimization
  4. 4. Sustainable Change – In Action A case and insights from The State of Massachusetts and Accelare, Inc. - Enterprise Fitness 4
  5. 5. The Visible Problem!
  6. 6. A New Queueing Model – A Non-Tech Solution • Orange: Technology laggard, high-touch, more easily confused; C-Sat: clarity, assistance, direction • Green line: Technology savvy, at registry only because they have to be; low-touch, visited website before coming to the registry; C-Sat: speed, efficiency, control, self- service • Interaction: Helpful, no jargon, “your pace”, individualized • Learning: Case reviews, daily adjustments, cross service center sharing • Approach: Service delivery and work experience improvement can be one goal • Preparation: Learning laboratories; practice, peer reviews and coaching
  7. 7. Daily Dashboard – Metrics that Matter
  8. 8. Simplify > Standardize > Stabilize > Improve > Automate > Improve
  9. 9. New Process, Wayfinding, Flow, Roles & Behaviors
  10. 10. Ongoing Strategy – Shed, Extend, Improve & Acquire Tech and Non-Tech Capabilities – Optimization Focus We serve Massachusetts residents, businesses, and partners by issuing Real IDs, credentials and privileges as well as upholding the laws for driver and vehicle safety. 2. Deliver a flexible new business model and core system a. Deliver simple, efficient and durable ATLAS business model and technical platform ahead of planned schedule and budget b. Convert from ALARS to ATLAS without service disruptions or performance declines c. Leverage a COTS platform to allow for cost effective upgrades and 15+ years of useful life d. Make Quincy paperless 5. Increase capacity to implement State and Federal mandates a. Deliver Real ID and related services b. Expand our ability to deliver additional credentials, privileges and services for the Commonwealth 3. Build a Can-Do culture a. Build a customer focused, mindful culture of accountability b. Improved Employee engagement, morale c. Be recognized as a role model for other MA Agencies d. Master S2E, Process Management, BPR and Scalable Agile/Scrum e. Implement a culture of servant leadership and high-performance 1. Be recognized as the industry leader in customer satisfaction a. Build industry leading self-managed account structure for both retail and commercial customers b. Optimize branch locations, service-mix, wayfinding and in branch experience c. Move as many transactions as possible to self-service or third party channels and out of the branches d. #1 in 2017 AAMVA Service Awards 4. Expand 3rd party channels /grow OOB a. Deliver My RMV self managed account for both B2C and B2B channels b. Expand 3rd party/partner service channels Goals Objectives