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Open Government | Canada


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Open Government | Canada

  1. 1. Open Gov & Gov 2.0 in Canada
  2. 2. david eaves citizen blogger fellow
  3. 3. Municipal Provincial Federal
  4. 4. (internal change) Federal Gov 2.0 Provincial Municipal Open Government
  5. 5. NRCAN (internal change) Federal Gov 2.0 Health Canada Nanaimo Edmonton BC Toronto Vancouver Provincial Municipal Open Government
  6. 6. Federal Resources Provincial Municipal resource constraints, operational + # of actors
  7. 7. Municipal Provincial Federal
  8. 8. Toronto Vancouver
  9. 9. • Open and Accessible Data - the City of Vancouver will freely share with citizens, businesses and other jurisdictions the greatest amount of data possible while respecting privacy and security concerns; • Open Standards - the City of Vancouver will move as quickly as possible to adopt prevailing open standards for data, documents, maps, and other formats of media; • Open Source Software - the City of Vancouver, when replacing existing software or considering new applications, will place open source software on an equal footing with commercial systems during procurement cycles; and
  10. 10. The City of Vancouver (City) now grants you a world-wide, royalty-free, non- exclusive licence to use, modify, and distribute the datasets in all current and future media and formats for any lawful purpose. You now acknowledge that this licence does not give you a copyright or other proprietary interest in the datasets. If you distribute or provide access to these datasets to any other person, whether in original or modified form, you agree to include a copy of, or this Uniform Resource Locator (URL) for, these Terms of Use and to ensure they agree to and are bound by them but without introducing any further restrictions of any kind.
  11. 11. Why Cities? 1. Resource constrained – looking for help 2. Driven by economic development 3. Many actors – lots of diversity 4. Faster cycles (more frequent elections) 5. Close to electorate 6. Smaller, more manageable 7. No illusions of cost recovery 8. Coder population
  12. 12. Challenges 1. Legal Departments: 1. Licenses that invite not intimidate 2. Balance risk with opportunity
  13. 13. Municipal Provincial Federal
  14. 14. Why Not Provinces? 1.Lack of political leadership/no demand 1. Platform opportunities not as obvious as municipalities 2.Weaker peer pressure
  15. 15. Municipal Provincial Federal
  17. 17. Irony
  18. 18. Open Data is old
  19. 19. Open Data is old
  20. 20. weather
  21. 21. Not About Technology
  22. 22. control & culture
  23. 23. Challenges & Opportunities? 1.Crown © reinforces culture of control 2.Mixed incentives for reform 3.Demographic timebomb 4.Leadership at multiple levels (clerk not enough) 5.Myth of cost recovery
  24. 24. Lessons for other jurisdictions 1.Local efforts/experimentation 2.Staff not politicians are critical 3.Create disruptive innovators (whose career is not on the line) 4.Don’t have a budget – use OS
  25. 25. Re-mixes & Attributions Mark Surman – A City that thinks like the web This work is copyrighted using Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 Please re-mix for your city