Earley & Associates: Marketing Ops and e-Taxonomy


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Earley & Associates is a leading taxonomy consulting firm, who sponsor regular online seminars to help executives and IT professionals understand the importance of building and maintaining a taxonomy.

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Earley & Associates: Marketing Ops and e-Taxonomy

  1. 1. e-Taxonomy and marketingoperational excellenceEarley & Associates - Insight Session 3MOTOROLA and the Stylized M Logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of Motorola Trademark Holdings, LLC.All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. © 2010 Motorola Mobility, Inc. All rights reserved.
  2. 2. EARLEY & ASSOCIATES e-TAXONOMY AND MARKETING OPERATIONS Page 2Agenda•  Introduction•  What’s on your CMO’s Mind?•  The Business of Marketing and Marketing Operations•  Enterprise Marketing Management strategy•  The confusion of one word!•  5-step approach to a common language for marketing operations•  Why create a unified marketing operations e-Taxonomy? 10/27/2010
  3. 3. EARLEY & ASSOCIATES e-TAXONOMY AND MARKETING OPERATIONS Page 3Issues facing the CMO and Marketing•  CFO wants visibility into marketing performance –  “What is all this money buying?” –  CEO and Board demand more accountability –  Sarbanes-Oxley compliance•  Disconnect between the languages of finance and marketing•  Quarterly financial reporting•  Turnover of C-level executives•  CEO urges marketing to become a center of innovation and growth•  Flat or reduced budgets and headcount in marketing, with expectation marketing will deliver at same level of effort and quality•  Staff turnover together with lack of “corporate memory” about marketing strategies, plans and programs, assets
  4. 4. EARLEY & ASSOCIATES e-TAXONOMY AND MARKETING OPERATIONS Page 4Issues facing the CMO and Marketing•  The Challenging Economy•  “Internet effect” •  24x7 markets •  Faster time-to-market •  Consumers have more choice •  New competitors where they did not exist before•  Traditional competitors have become more effective marketers•  Proliferating communication channels•  Social networking – how do I use it effectively?•  Agencies as project resources versus long-term Agency-Of-Record•  Agency staff turnover•  Short-term, quarterly financial reporting for public companies
  5. 5. EARLEY & ASSOCIATES e-TAXONOMY AND MARKETING OPERATIONS Page 5CMO’s add operations to their agenda © 2009, The Lenskold Group © 2009, CMO Council © 2009 CMO Council 10/27/2010
  6. 6. EARLEY & ASSOCIATES e-TAXONOMY AND MARKETING OPERATIONS Page 6Constitution of the ANA ANA Marketer’s Constitution 1. Marketing must become increasingly targeted, focused and personal. 2. Marketing must build real, tangible and enduring brand value. 3. Marketing must become more effective--more creative, insightful and accountable. 4. Marketing must become more integrated and proficient in managing expanding media platforms. 5. The marketing supply chain must become more efficient and productive. 6. The marketing ecosystem--including agencies, media and suppliers-- must become increasingly capable. 7. Marketing professionals must become better, highly skilled, diverse leaders. 8. Marketing must be indisputably socially responsible. 9. Marketing must be unencumbered by inappropriate legislation or regulation. 10. The marketing discipline must be elevated and respected. 10/27/2010
  7. 7. EARLEY & ASSOCIATES e-TAXONOMY AND MARKETING OPERATIONS Page 7An academic viewpoint Dr. Philip Kotler Northwestern University Dr. Robert Shaw Cass Business School Marketing is the “least efficient process in business today!” Source: “Rethinking the Chain,” Marketing Management, American Marketing Association, July/August 2009. 10/27/2010
  8. 8. EARLEY & ASSOCIATES e-TAXONOMY AND MARKETING OPERATIONS Page 8Coca Cola tackles global efficiency “Investors want to see how they’re going to achieve the growth they’ve projected. Marketing efficiency is one of the contributors to that…” 10/27/2010
  9. 9. EARLEY & ASSOCIATES e-TAXONOMY AND MARKETING OPERATIONS Page 9Imperatives for the CMO and Marketing•  Demonstrate value - Identify more accurately and conclusively the return on marketing investment at all levels of detail•  Execute effective programs - Gather and analyze significant amounts of customer data to enable greater insight into what customers need, and how and when they buy•  Execute programs efficiently - Gather and analyze operational and financial data to improve the effectiveness of programs while driving down the cost of marketing•  Establish a corporate memory for marketing - Preserve and protect staff knowledge and marketing intellectual property, as well as digital assets, to ensure legal and contract compliance, facilitate reusability and ensure continuity of plans and strategies across years 10/27/2010
  10. 10. EARLEY & ASSOCIATES e-TAXONOMY AND MARKETING OPERATIONS Page 10The business of marketingThe “business of marketing” is --the organization and management of internal and external supply chains --to produce insight‐driven programs --that launch on time and on budget --are aligned to corporate objectives -- and demonstrate a return oninvestment at or above the company’s minimum acceptable rate of return*.* Companies often use 12% as the “hurdle” rate. 10/27/2010
  11. 11. EARLEY & ASSOCIATES e-TAXONOMY AND MARKETING OPERATIONS Page 11Marketing Operations is the fifth role of marketing Brand MARKETING OPERATIONS Voice of Life Cycle Marketing the A marketing operations function Revenue Operations creates excellence across all 5 Customer roles by allowing each role to focus on, and excel in, its own area of expertise. Product & Innovation 10/27/2010
  12. 12. EARLEY & ASSOCIATES e-TAXONOMY AND MARKETING OPERATIONS Page 12Marketing Ops has five major responsibilitiesResponsibility Advantage“Chief of Staff” to the CMO Focus the CMO on strategy and innovation, and focus a senior officer on marketing operations and financeMarketing Governance Better manage the marketing investment portfolio and ensure alignment of investment with corporate goalsProject Management Office Better manage marketing process and ensure “on time, on budget” programsShared Services Eliminate duplication of resources and drive down cost of purchased services, improve productivity, and ensure consistency of brand and message across all programs, and communication channelsEnterprise Marketing Management Ensure proper alignment of marketing staff, marketingStrategy operational processes and marketing automation with the objectives of the marketing department, and the company overall 10/27/2010
  13. 13. EARLEY & ASSOCIATES e-TAXONOMY AND MARKETING OPERATIONS Page 13Enterprise Marketing Management Strategy •  An enterprise marketing management strategy defines a goal: –  Alignment of technology to support corporate and marketing objectives –  Role-based application functionality –  Marketing data in a central repository •  Enables analytics and insights •  Promotes reusability of content •  Assures compliance •  Promotes knowledge management •  Establishes a “corporate memory” for the marketing organization (a logical marketing system of record) •  A taxonomy, process and organizational alignment are key success drivers •  Long-term horizon for full realization of benefits Measurement: Reduced risk of non-compliance, reduction in production cycle times, reduction in “on boarding” time, cost savings, brand consistency, department productivity improvement 10/27/2010
  14. 14. EARLEY & ASSOCIATES e-TAXONOMY AND MARKETING OPERATIONS Page 14The challenge of one word is a simple reason for amarketing taxonomy Campaign What does this word mean to you? a.  A television advertisement b.  A direct mail shot or email shot c.  An entire program including all marketing tactics for one or more products d.  All of the above What then, is campaign management? 10/27/2010
  15. 15. EARLEY & ASSOCIATES e-TAXONOMY AND MARKETING OPERATIONS Page 15Steps in developing an e-Taxonomy for Marketing OpseTaxonomy - the art and science of integrating taxonomy intodeployable IT solutions.Seth Earley, Oct 25, 2010e-Taxonomy: The Breakfast of Champions•  Determine its purpose•  Determine the scope it will cover•  Define process and structure for marketing ops•  Build a language (a taxonomy and metadata)•  Implement through a Marketing Resources Management applications 10/27/2010
  16. 16. EARLEY & ASSOCIATES e-TAXONOMY AND MARKETING OPERATIONS Page 16What purpose will the taxonomy serve for marketing? E-Taxonomy EFFECTIVENESS EFFICIENCY •  Measurement •  Standard processes •  Analytics & Insights •  Store and access artifacts and •  Management digital assets •  Financial Reporting •  Common global language •  Value Reporting •  A corporate memory •  knowledge management 10/27/2010
  17. 17. EARLEY & ASSOCIATES e-TAXONOMY AND MARKETING OPERATIONS Page 17 An all-encompassing e-Taxonomy could unify a marketing automation ecosystem Legend CRM: Customer Relationship Marketing ERP: Enterprise Resource Planning COMPANY KPI: Key Performance Indicators Ver 2.2 MOM: Marketing Operations Management SFA: Sales Force AutomationEntity SALES MARKETING FINANCEFunction Lifecycle Marketing Channel & MPM/ Marketing Corp. Comm Brand/Product Sales Operations Demand Management Partner Analytics & Communications PR Management Customer Service Mgmt ** Research Marketing Svcs Analytic Tools SFA Campaign Digital Marketing Procurement CRM PR/Media Database Mgmt ** Asset Operations ------------ Management Mgmt Mgmt Accounting Application KPI Dashboards MARCOM Sales Self-Service Enablement Corporate MarketingSystem Info Systems Data Mart Optionally, could connect directly to an ERP system for replenishment of packaging & print materials (i.e., user manuals) Rented Lists/ Company External Company Content Knowledge Intranet/ Sources CUSTOMERS Website Management Management Extranet VENDORS Repository Repository AGENCIES© 2007 MarketSphere Consulting LLC **Note: Companies operating Partner & Channel EMPLOYEES Management programs use PRM solutions. 10/27/2010
  18. 18. EARLEY & ASSOCIATES e-TAXONOMY AND MARKETING OPERATIONS Page 18What is your company’s marketing planning to executionmodel or cadence? 10/27/2010
  19. 19. EARLEY & ASSOCIATES e-TAXONOMY AND MARKETING OPERATIONS Page 19Building a language: e-Taxonomy in practice Annual or Quarterly Plan What financial and Plan operational metrics Corporate or Business Unit are required? Marketing Objectives Program Product Objectives Marketing Tactics Project Internal Requirements What digital assets Project Steps are associated with Task a Project? Is vendor Milestones information required for a Task? 10/27/2010
  20. 20. EARLEY & ASSOCIATES e-TAXONOMY AND MARKETING OPERATIONS Page 20Implement the e-Taxonomy through a MarketingResources Management application Oracle Purchase Orders 12 Payables Marketing Global Brand team Finance Other internal users Procurement DAM-only Users Legal Users Agencies MOTOROLA FIREWALL Print & Production Unica Portal Vendors The Collective FOR ILLUSTRATION Digital Asset Unica ONLY Management ·∙   Project Templates ·∙   Workflow Templates ·∙   Projects (Work-In-Progress) Asset & ·∙   Project Financial Information** ·∙   Finished Goods Link to Unica Metadata ·∙   Approvals ·∙   Work-in-Progress Task Database ·∙   Components Repository ·∙   Marketing Calendar ·∙   Rights Mgmt Information ·∙   Campaign Plans/Offers/ ·∙   Usage Statistics Treatments ·∙   Security Information ·∙   Information & Status Reporting ·∙   Historical Project Information ·∙   Financial and Results Metrics** ** Requires integration with corporate accounting and/or Note: This concept map does not take into account the physical location procurement applications. of the applications software or the related databases. 10/27/2010
  21. 21. EARLEY & ASSOCIATES e-TAXONOMY AND MARKETING OPERATIONS Page 21Why a unified e-Taxonomy for marketing ops?•  Enables consistency in a global, multi-product business, across teams, and across product lines•  Permits consistent management analytics – operational, financial and customer•  Improves dialogue between marketing and finance through accurate translation of terms•  Allows employees to move more easily between business units while remaining productive•  Facilitates rapid response to market changes•  Reduces cost through lower re-work, un-necessary and duplicate work 10/27/2010
  22. 22. EARLEY & ASSOCIATES e-TAXONOMY AND MARKETING OPERATIONS Page 22About the presenterMayer G. Becker is in charge of global marketing operations forMotorola Mobility, Inc., which encompasses the Mobile Devices andHome business units. In this role he reports to the CMO and ensuresthat the department operates both effectively and efficiently. Among hisareas of responsibility are marketing finance, metrics and measurement,strategy and planning, and technology.Becker came to Motorola from MarketSphere Consulting, where he wasinstrumental in building the Enterprise Marketing consulting practice.Among his clients were Walmart, MGM MIRAGE, Enterprise Rent-a-Carand Sony Electronics. In the past, he served in management-level rolesat United Airlines, Tribune Company, Hill & Knowlton, CA, and ADP.Mayer earned a B.Sc. from Jacksonville University, and an MBA fromthe University of Memphis. He is a member of the Marketing ExecutivesNetworking Group (MENG), and a past member of the AmericanMarketing Association, and the Business Marketing Association.Contact information: mayer.becker@motorola.comLinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/mayerbecker 10/27/2010