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Singapore ICT Day SISP


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Singapore ICT Day - SISP - jun 2011

Published in: Technology, Business
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Singapore ICT Day SISP

  1. 1. MINISTRY OF PLANNING Singapore ICT Day SISP Diogo da Fonseca Tabalipa Coordinator of IT Procurement Area Brasília – August, 23rd 2011.
  2. 2. MINISTRY OF PLANNING Agenda • SISP • SISP Groups • Governance Area • Standardization Area • Human Resources Area • IT Procurement Area • IT Procurement Area Secretariat of Logistics and Information Technology
  3. 3. MINISTRY OF PLANNING Created by Decree #1048/1994 Central Institution: SLTI – Secretariat of Logistics and IT – Development, implementation and dissemination of policies, guidelines and standards for aquisition and management of IT resources; – Promotion of training for IT staff. Sectorial Organizations: IT areas in the Ministries and other centralized Government departments. Sectional Organizations: IT areas in the Government Foundations and decentralized institutions. Public Companies, Congress and Legislative Assembly, Judicial Powers, States and Cities Governments: Adoption of SLTI policies are recommended but there is no obligation. SISP - IT and Information Resources Management System
  4. 4. MINISTRY OF PLANNING Coordination Committee of the SISP SI SP - Groups Coordination Committee NGTI NPTI NGP NSTI NCTI
  5. 5. MINISTRY OF PLANNING • EGTI – Overall IT Strategy • IT Steering Committee. • IT Strategic Planning • SISP web portal • Project Management Methodology Governance AreaGovernance Area
  6. 6. MINISTRY OF PLANNING • • SISP´s Software Development Methodology • e-Ping – e-Gov systems interoperability standard • INDA – Open Data National Infrastructure Standardization AreaStandardization Area
  7. 7. MINISTRY OF PLANNING Support for organizations comprising the SISP on implementation of the guidelines issued by SLTI/MP: C3S Groups of Consultants
  8. 8. MINISTRY OF PLANNING Support services offered by the central Procurement Planning Architecture Information System Governance Infovia SIC PDTI Contract Management Brazil e-Gov e-PING Agenda Digital e-MAG Public Software Standardization Process Improvement Project Management
  9. 9. MINISTRY OF PLANNING • IT analyst public selection process – 345 hired. • IT staff training – more than 600 people trained. • IT analyst career plan - Federal Government Organizations. Human Resources AreaHuman Resources Area
  10. 10. MINISTRY OF PLANNING • Development of policies for security of information & communication • Development of standards and procedures for risk management and business continuity • Identification of critical IT infrastructure • Security incidents management • Implementation of authorized access thru digital authentication for government critical systems Information Security AreaInformation Security Area
  11. 11. MINISTRY OF PLANNING • SISP IT Budget – over than R$3,8 Billions per year. • Priority to improve IT management and quality of IT spending. • Publication of IN 04/2010 SLTI/MP and Practical Guide for procurement of IT solutions. IT Procurement Area
  12. 12. MINISTRY OF PLANNING Network Devices Devices Services Desktops & Notebooks JointJoint ContractingContracting Strengthen government policies of strategic usage of the purchasing power. Printing Outsourcing Service Desk Short Message ServiceCryptographic Token Intent of Contract
  13. 13. MINISTRY OF PLANNING Joint Contracting – BenefitsJoint Contracting – Benefits Economy of effort by reducing repetitiveEconomy of effort by reducing repetitive processesprocesses.. Standardized equipment and solutions - easeStandardized equipment and solutions - ease of maintenance and use.of maintenance and use. Cost reducing by purchasing large volumes (scaleCost reducing by purchasing large volumes (scale economyeconomy).). Better planned purchasesBetter planned purchases ((periodic process)periodic process)
  14. 14. MINISTRY OF PLANNING Secretariat of Logistics and Information Technology Ministry of Planning, Budget and Management +55 (61) 2020 1504