Brazilian e-Government


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Brazilian e-Government - Presentation to ICT Singapore.

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Brazilian e-Government

  1. 1. MINISTRY OF PLANNINGBrazilian e-Government Brasilia, August 2011
  2. 2. MINISTRY OF PLANNINGUm país de dimensões continentais Who uses e-government? Citizen, Business, Government. Through what devices? Call Center, Personal Computer, Mobile, Kiosk, PDA With what connection? Dial-up Internet, broadband, wireless, fixed and mobile
  3. 3. MINISTRY OF PLANNING Modelo de Gestão do ProgramaComitê Executivo de Governo Eletrônico (CEGE)
  4. 4. MINISTRY OF PLANNINGGovernment Resource Management System for Information and IT Established in 1990 with the aim of organizing the operation, control, supervision and coordination of information resources and information direct administration, autonomous agencies and foundations of the Federal Executive.
  5. 5. MINISTRY OF PLANNINGSecretaria de Logística e Tecnologia da Informação Brazilian e-Government Plan Two documents: Plano Nacional: A document with concepts and designs developed in the country; Agenda Brasil: made from a suitable international benchmark for the Brazilian context.
  6. 6. MINISTRY OF PLANNINGGuidelines 1. Digital Inclusion 2. Sites and e-services management 3. Systems Integration 4. Legacy Systems and Licenses 5. Infrastructure Network 6. Government to Government 7. Free Software Implementation 8. Knowledge Management and Strategic Information
  7. 7. MINISTRY OF PLANNING Sites and e-services
  8. 8. MINISTRY OF PLANNING Digital Inclusion  Computador para Todos  Projeto Computadores para Inclusão  GESAC  Casa Brasil  Telecentros Banco do Brasil  ProInfo - Programa Nacional de Informática na Educação  Observatório Nacional de Inclusão Digital  CA - Projeto Um Computador Por Aluno  Telecentros.BR  Pontos de Cultura - Cultura Digital  CDTC - Centro de Difusão de Tecologia e Conhecimento ...more than twenty initiatives
  9. 9. MINISTRY OF PLANNING Public Software Public Software portal More than 50 solutions Public License Brand
  10. 10. MINISTRY OF PLANNING InfraestructureAutoridade Certificadora RaizEmite, expede, distribui, revoga e gerencia os certificados das autoridadescertificadoras de nível intermediário.• 10 Autoridades intermediárias Infovia Brasília Rede de alta velocidade com 1 GB de banda conectando 144 pontos de Acesso.
  11. 11. MINISTRY OF PLANNING Standards e-Government Web Standards Stablishes a flow of creation, development and maintenance in the management of Government sites.e-Government Interoperability StandardsDefines a minimum set of policies and specifications. Provideconditions for interaction with other levels of government andsociety.e-Government Accessibility StandardsSet of recommendations to be considered for the processof accessibility on Brazilian Government sites .14.5% of the Brazilian population have some type ofdisability
  12. 12. MINISTRY OF PLANNING Open Data and Transparency - Infrastructure Working Group of the National Open DataTwo federal Publics APIs and
  13. 13. MINISTRY OF PLANNINGGovernment Procurement Platform
  14. 14. MINISTRY OF PLANNING Social Media The Brazilian Internet users are record holders in@egovbr the use of social6061 followers media, friends in@Previdencia their social15947 followers networking profiles@TrabalhoGovBr (average of 23137860 followers friends per person).@minsaude The social network70383 followers Orkut is still used, where 72% of Internet users in Brazil have active accounts. ...about fifty mobile services
  15. 15. MINISTRY OF PLANNING Research Research Realignment of Public Services (2005) Indicators and Metrics for e-Services evaluation (2006) With CGI:  TIC Domicílios  TIC Empresas  Censo na Web 2010  Tic e-GOV 2010
  16. 16. MINISTRY OF PLANNINGSecretaria de Logística e Tecnologia da Informação Integration Government Online Se z
  17. 17. MINISTRY OF PLANNING Portal Governo Eletrônico
  18. 18. MINISTRY OF PLANNING Fernanda Hoffmann Lobato Department of e-Government Secretariat of Logistics and Information Technology Ministry of Planning, Budget and Management +55 (61) 2020 1400