110810 world china imperialism 50m


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110810 world china imperialism 50m

  1. 1. DRAW A LINE SEPARATING TODAY & YESTERDAY 1) Write: Date: 11/08/10, Topic: Imperialism - China 2) Next line, write “Opener #40” and then: 1) Write: “Africa Wrapup” Geographical Journal 2) What problems do the borders of Africa create? BBC 3) List problems Africa still has today?
  2. 2. Review 1) Give/Loan Money to African Govts 2) Give/Loan Money Directly to Af. Ppl 3) Pay for Af. Students to Study Here 4) Pay to Build Af. Infrastructure (water, rail, roads, phone, internet) 5) Invest in African Industry and Trade 6) Provide Africa Cheap Medicine (esp for HIV+AIDS) 7) Overthrow African Military Dictators and Destroy African Waring Gangs
  3. 3. Agenda 1) Introduce Imperialism in China What you will be able to do: 1) Know how China gets conqured Reminder 1) Study for Test 2 and complete podcast
  4. 4. Review 1) Enlightenment: 1600s, ideas of sci + freedom 2) Political and Industrial Revolutions: 1700s, ideas of overthrowing gov, caused by Enlightenment ideas (ind rev makes Eur #1) 3) Nationalism: 1700s-1800s, ideas of national unity + superiority, caused by revol (typically only mean the majorities, not minorities) 4) Imperialism: 1800s, industrial revolution + nationalism pushes Europe to expand their foreign control
  5. 5. Journ #40a, Title “Drug War” Record your partner’s answer (include their name at the end). 1) If businesses from County D were selling drugs within Country B, should Country B have the right to stop these foreign drug dealers? 2) If Country D declares war on Country B for interfering with their drug dealer’s business, which side would YOU support in the war? 3) If Country D wins, and this war took place 100 years ago, should Country D owe Country B anything today, 2010, if so what?
  6. 6. Notes #40a, Title: “China Imperialism Notes” 1) Qing Dynasty (1644-1911): Dictatorial rule of an emperor/ress, China felt superior to other nations, needed nothing foreign (Empress Ci Xi (Dowager)> Emperor Guang Xu > Ci Xi again > Emperor Puyi)
  7. 7. Notes #40a, Title: “China Imperialism Notes” 2) Trade Imbalance: Nation buys more, but sells less a) Europe bought: Chinese teas, porcelain, silk b) China bought: nothing, so accumulated Eur. silver 3) Opium Trade: UK discovered China would buy British (India-grown) opium, China bleeds silver
  8. 8. Notes #40a, Title: “China Imperialism Notes” 4) Opium Wars (1839): China attempts to stop opium trade, Britain goes to war to defend free trade 5) Unequal Treaty/Treaty of Nanjing (1842): a) China must open ports b) Foreigners need only obey for. laws, not China’s c) British gain Hong Kong 2nd Opium Wars, rest of Eur.+US get a-b (later Japan)
  9. 9. Journ #40b, Title “Opium Trade” Commissioner Lin's Letter to Queen Victoria, 1839 “We have heard that in your own country opium is prohibited with the utmost strictness and severity:---this is a strong proof that you know full well how hurtful it is to mankind. Since then you do not permit it to injure your own country, you ought not to have the injurious drug transferred to another country, and above all others, how much less to the Inner Land! Our celestial empire rules over ten thousand kingdoms! Most surely do we possess a measure of godlike majesty which ye cannot fathom! Still we cannot bear to slay or exterminate without previous warning, and it is for this reason that we now clearly make known to you the fixed laws of our land. If the foreign merchants of your said honorable nation desire to continue their commercial intercourse, they then must tremblingly obey our recorded statutes.” 1) What is the tone AND how should UK respond
  10. 10. Opium War Clip: 1:02, 1:18, 1:22, 2:16
  11. 11. Homework: 1) Study today’s notes + journal sections for a possible journal quiz. 2) Pick and listen to your 4 news podcast by next Monday Test on Friday