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110110 world imperialism 2 50m


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110110 world imperialism 2 50m

  1. 1. Good Day! DRAW A LINE SEPARATING TODAY & YESTERDAY 1) Write: Date: 11/01/10, Topic: Imperialism 2) On the next line, write “Opener #38” and then: 1) Plot your mood, reflect in 1 sent. 2) Respond to the opener by writing at least 2 sentences about: Your opinions/thoughts OR/AND Questions sparked by the clip OR/AND Summary of the clip OR/AND Other things going on in the news. Announcements: None
  2. 2. Agenda 1) Imperialism Introduction What you will be able to do: 1) Why did imperialism increase in the 1800s? Reminder 1) Complete PRI the World podcast HW
  3. 3. 1600-1750: Enlightenment 1750-1800: Political Rev. 1800-1900: Nationalism Imperialism 1600-1750: Agric. Rev. 2 1750-1900: Ind. Rev. 1 (Factories) 1900-X: Ind. Rev. 2 (Corporati ons) Timeline up to now: Colonialism: Conquer, lo control Imperialism: Conquer, hi control
  4. 4. Review, Title: “Imperialism Notes” 1) Imperialism: Controlling a foreign country 2) Old Imperialism (1400s-1800s): Took land, but lacked tech + power to fully control conquered 3) New Imperialism (1870s-1914): Tech: communication (telegraph) + transportation (rail + steamships) + weapons (machine gun) to actively control conquered 4) Reasons for New Imperialism: a) Exponentially More Need of Natural Resources b) Nationalist Rivalry c) Humanitarian and Religious Goals d) Social Darwinism and Racism e) Military Security of Existing Colonies
  5. 5. British Empire: Colonies for natural resources, customers, fueling stations, then even more land to protect colonies you already have.
  6. 6. Journ #38a, Title “White Man’s Burden” Read, and then answer: 1) Summarize the main point of the poem AND describe the tone of the poem towards non-Europeans. 2) Briefly summarize Kipling’s life. 3) Write your own really short story that makes exploring/conquering Africa or India sound mysterious/exciting! (like the Jungle Book) 3-8 sentences. Be prepared to present.
  7. 7. Notes #38a, Title: “Imperialism Notes” 1) Ways to Control a Population: a) Put your Eur. culture in place: language, religion, local schools, send locals to European colleges (assimilate) b) Give 1 ethnic group higher status to control another, pit 1 against another (divide and rule) c) Military technology (Maxim gun) d) Used discriminatory laws + the media to promote racial inferiority (obedience)
  8. 8. Battle of Omdurman (1898) 47 British killed, 9,700 Sudanese killed
  9. 9. 2) Ways to Imperialize, Create: a) Colony: Take total control, most pricey b) Protectorate: Local ruler left in power, but must follow our orders, less pricey c) Sphere of Influence: Reserve but leave alone, make statement to Eur. powers to stay away, cheapest
  10. 10. Journ #38b, “Imperialism Debate” 1) Read the 2 sides, choose 1 side, and write which you choose and explain why. 2) Then write down what your partner thinks (include their name at the end). 1 2 3 4 5 CON: Anti-Imperialist 1) Their people’s well being is just as important 2) If another nation wants to do something immoral, that doesn’t permit us to 3) What makes our way of life any better than theirs PRO: Imperialist 1) Our pop is growing, new resources and customers needed 2) If one nation doesn’t take it, another Eur. will 3) We have tech and ideas that can help make their lives better
  11. 11. Journ #38c, Title “Berlin Conference” Journ with a partner, write answers to these questions (write their name at the end): 1) If aliens invaded and took Canada, USA, and Mexico, and redrew the borders to chop North America in 3 slices, then imposed their culture and forced us to Journ, list ways that would make it difficult for North America to rebuild.
  12. 12. Notes #38b, Title: “Imperialism Notes” 3) 1800s Africa: a) Geography: 3x Europe’s size, rich resources b) Diverse: 100s of languages and cultures c) Slavery: Depleted pop and culture d) Islam: Grows in North, proximity to Mid. East
  13. 13. 4) Berlin Conference (1884): To prevent European war, Eur. powers negotiate rules to divide Africa (no African reps) + no regard for traditional borders of African ppl (a bit like Congress of Vienna).