102609 Gov Primaries 50m


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102609 Gov Primaries 50m

  1. 1. Good Day! DRAW A LINE SEPARATING TODAY & YESTERDAY 1) Write: Date: 10/26/09 , Topic: Primary Election 2) On the next line, write “ Opener #33 ” and then: 1) Plot your mood, reflect in 1 sent . 2) Respond to the opener by writing at least 2 sentences about : Your opinions/thoughts OR/AND Questions sparked by the clip OR/AND Summary of the clip OR/AND Other things going on in the news. Announcements: None Intro Music:
  2. 2. Agenda 1) Primary Simulation 2) Mock Election Prep Nov 3: Mock Election (role selection) What you will be able to do: 1) How to run a primary? Reminder 1) Mock Election: Tuesday, Nov 3 2) Test 3: Block Day, Nov 3-4
  3. 3. Review: Primary Elections (Jan-Jun) Voters Vote Based on Voter Results, Delegated Pledged to Candidates Delegates go to Convention (Aug), 50%+ is winner. Dem: 20% of del. Are super del, pledged to no one. Focus most energy on first 2: IA, NH (Jan) Gen elec in Nov
  4. 4. 2) Party Convention (Aug): Who ever gets a majority (>50%) delegates wins . DEM: 2000 /4000* GOP 1000 /2000*
  5. 5. 3) Contested Convention (Aug) If no one can get to the 50% on first vote, then delegates are released to vote however they want .
  6. 6. Notes #33a , Title: “ Primary Notes ” 1) Who can vote in the primary? 1) Closed Ballot : Only registered party members can vote. 2) Open Ballot : Any registered voter can request ONE primary ballot 3) CA : DEM open to DTS if they request DEM ballot, GOP closed, only GOP. 4) Open Primary : Just 1 primary, any voter can vote, regardless of party, top 2 move to general election regardless of party ( on June ballot )
  7. 7. Work #33a , “ Open Primary Debate ” 1) Read the 2 sides, choose 1 side, and write which you choose and explain why . 2) Then write down what your partner thinks ( include their name at the end ). 1 2 3 4 5 CON: Keep Closed Prim 1) Party’s are semi-private and should be allowed to control the process 2) Open prim means more contested general election (more expensive)=more corrupt PRO: Open Primary 1) Most voters are DTS (decline to state) 2) Allows minority (in Cup., the GOP) to influence election by voting for a moderate DEM, open prim moderates politics
  8. 8. February 5, 2008, after Iowa and NH
  9. 9. Work #33b , Title “ Project Roles ” Pick a new role which you will be for all in-class project this week ( leader will complete envelope and peers will complete slips at the end of the week). a) Leader: Executes the instructions, maintains morale through compliments, maximizes everyone’s contribution, and holds a larger responsibility for the task ( Fills out project sheet, +- 2 EC point ). b) Presenter: Presents the poster to the class c) Designer: Designs the posters (focus on large bullet points) d) Logistics: Does the research to make sure the plan is educationally/factually. 1) Talk with your group and write down how your group can improve this week . 2) Write down your role for this week.
  10. 10. Work #33c , Title “ Primary Project ” a) Leader: Executes the instructions, maintains morale through compliments, maximizes everyone’s contribution, and holds a larger responsibility for the task ( Fills out project sheet, +- 2 EC point ). b) Actor: Acting in the team ad. c) Debater: Debates in the class debate on Friday. d) Logistics: Handles materials/tech, pick up, and clean up. Guides group research and ensures the task done educationally/factually. Task: Prepare to promote your candidate in primary/caucus Work Product: Video ad of your candidate Individually (after everyone is done with the project) 1) Copy and fill out a voter registration form During the presentations: 2) Decide which candidate you will vote for (NOT your own) Leader Pick Up: Envelope (begin filling out) Logistics Pick Up: Research Sheet Order: 1-IA (C), 2-NH, 3-8-Super Tuesday, 9-South Dakota
  11. 11. Work #33b , Title “ Video: Elections ” 1) Copy Source Title: West Wing 2…) Discuss questions on the board with a partner. Summarize your discussion ( include their name at the end ). Remember participation points are deducted if off task. 5 Reading/Film Qs Come From These Work Sections
  12. 12. 1) Tuesday
  13. 13. 1)
  14. 14. Homework: 1) Work on Mock Election roles from Handout #2 ( 100 points ) Mock Election To Do: 1) Complete roles by Friday 2) Spread the word Workbook Check: If your name is called, drop off your workbook with Mr. Chiang ( if requested, points lost if your workbook is not turned in )