how rapid fluctuation of uric acid triggers gout attack


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how rapid fluctuation of uric acid triggers gout attack

  1. 1.     Ho Ra ow apid Fluctua ation of Uric Acid Trigg o c gers Goout Atttack  
  2. 2.     or gout patient who is having a long term • Fo s hyyperuricemia, chances are hhigh that he w get a gout will t atttack, be it a mild joint discomfort or a serious s inf flamed and sw wollen feet, a after he has t taken a meal with some high purine food.  
  3. 3.     • Th is because high purine fo his ood will cause in a surge of e f uric acid in the blood after the food is digested and e bsorbed. ab • Thhis sudden inncrease of ur ric acid conceentration will inc crease the rate of crystalli ization of urate crystals in the joint which kick start th immune r e he reactions thatt bring the gout a attack sensatio to the victi on im.  
  4. 4.     eople often tho • Pe ought it is the sudden incre e ease of purine e or uric acid conc centration tha causes the g at gout attack. • Bu there ut is another condittion which is exactly the s e op pposite - the sudden drop of uric acid level in the p e bo ody will, too, triggers the gouty inflam e mmation and sometimes the pain is more severe that th usual gout he t tacks. att  
  5. 5.     • Goout attacks when the internal 'imm mune police' deetected the ex xistence of ura crystals flo ate oating around in the synovial f fluid of the joints. sually, it hap • Us ppens during the formation of new g w cry ystals becaus of the sud se dden increase in uric acid e concentration.  
  6. 6.     ter the inflam • Aft mmation and the swelling subsides and the gouty pain disappeared, it does not mean those e , t e cry ystals have disappeared too o. • It is not easy fo those fine tiny urate ston or nes to get out t of the joints thrrough the syn novial membr rane. Instead, thoose crystals w deposit o the interna surfaces of will on al f the joints waiting to be dis e ssolved and carried away y ba to the bloo ack odstream for r removal.  
  7. 7.     • In most cases, the blood uri acid level o the patient ic of t alw ways remain o the high si on ide which doe not provide es e an room for the re-absorptio of the urate crystals. ny on e • As the incidents of gout attack repeat, mo and more s s ore e cry ystals will de eposit inside t the joints wh hich makes it t mu easier for the attacks to be activated uch o d.  
  8. 8.     hen at certain point the p • Th n patient decide to go for ed r some alternativ treatments such as takin high doses ve ng s of Vitamin C or drinking ionized alkaline or some e alk kalizing calcium ions. • At the beginning of these trea g atments, the uuric acid level in the blood will drop signifi icantly and th gives way his y for the old hid r dden urate c crystals to g through a go rev versal proces where it w dissolve in ss will nto the body y int terstitial fluid and then carr ried out by the blood to the e e kid dney for remo oval through th urine. he  
  9. 9.     • If this reversal process happ pens too sudden, this will 'st up' those u tir urate crystals sediments on the internal n surfaces of the joints and a huge amount of those tinyy neeedle like crys stals stone w float around the joints will s whhich triggers the exact same or more serious gout t atttack.  
  10. 10.     • If you are goin try some alternative tr ng reatments forr goout, make sure you go through that therapy gradually e y. • I can understan how desper c nd rate you want to get rid of t f the notorious di e isease, but yo have to understand that ou t it took years fo those cryst or tals to form in your joints. n Thhus, it should take about the same ti d ime for it too dis ssolve away.  
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