Custom Mobile Apps for Independent and Small Chains Grocers


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Gourmet Apps is the leading provider of customized mobile applications for independent and small chains grocers in the USA and Canada. Our software allows any grocery store to launch an
application which provides shoppers with digital tools which increase the average basket size, build brand awareness and generate revenue for our partners.

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Custom Mobile Apps for Independent and Small Chains Grocers

  1. 1. For the retailer, Gourmet Apps iPhone application increases storerevenue by enhancing the consumer’s shopping experience andprovides the retailer with valuable sales intelligence.The easy to use mobile application simplifies shopping for theconsumer, improving customer satisfaction in several areas. Theeasy-to-use functionality increases the average ticket amount,boosts deli sales and enhances customer service.Intuitive content management system allows for easy do-it-yourself edits and updates or Gourmet Apps can handle it all*.(*Unlimited License Option)
  2. 2. Shopper Overview The Gourmet Apps application for iPhone allows shoppers to instantly recall current specials and coupons, place mobile deli orders, browse recipes and create a grocery list anywhere. With the ability to place deli orders in advance, quickly search for current coupons and browse weekly specials, the shopping trip is faster and more economical. If shoppers need ideas for dinner tonight, they’ll also love the convenience and efficiency of the recipe features we’ve included. A more pleasurable shopping experience will result by using Gourmet Apps, designed to save consumers time and money.
  3. 3.  Instantly recall weekly specials/coupons & add to shopping list Search specials & coupons by department Review deli menu Place deli order directly from iPhone Browse through over 100,000 recipes Create personalized shopping list Add recipe ingredients to shopping list Access customer support 24/7
  4. 4. SPECIALS & COUPONS• Rapidly search specials and current coupons• Browse products on sale by department• Ad coupon items or specials to shopping list• Check items off shopping list as they are added to the shopping basket
  5. 5. MARKET DELI• Review deli menu and deli specials• Create deli order from menu items• Send deli orders to store from iPhone
  6. 6. RECIPES• Search over 100,000 recipes for meal planning ideas• View recipe summary, ingredients and steps to prepare• Add specific ingredients to the grocery list with a simple tap• Cross items off the shopping list as they’re placed in the shopping basket
  7. 7. SHOPPING LIST• Quickly review specials and coupons• Instantly add items to the shopping list• Simply check off items as they are placed in the grocery basket• Share shopping lists with others – even non-iPhone users
  8. 8. To create the most pleasurable shopping experience possible for your customers, GourmetApps developed an intuitive content management system (CMS) for you.The instinctive content layout allows for easy addition and editing of items by department.
  9. 9. Send weekly specials to your customer’s iPhone where they can quickly generate a shopping list.
  10. 10. Edit and promote your deli items, add and edit photos, and arrange how your content is displayed.
  11. 11. Gourmet Apps Analytics provides vital consumer data.Easy to read charts, graphs and reports revealcustomer buying preferences, deli order transactionswith percentage of unique weekly & monthly orders.Recall trending recipes searched to target shoppersmore effectively. Drill down into the shopping lists todetermine what staples & products shoppers purchaseand which ones need additional promotion…and more.
  12. 12. “Number of grocery retailers with mobile presence increased 110% in the first half of 2012.”Mobile Commerce Daily“58% of shoppers ages 36 to 65 use their phone to shop the grocery store.” Supermarket News“Shoppers most commonly use their phone to compare price 63%; find coupons 58%; make lists 51%.” Supermarket News“Mcommerce sales to account for 15% of total Ecommerce volume in 2013.” Mobile Commerce Daily“Over 70% of iPhone owners report using applications on their Smartphone’s web browser to help them while shopping in-store.”
  13. 13. 1. What does this mobile app do? • Gourmet Apps allows grocery shoppers to view a store’s current specials and coupons, review up-to-date deli offerings and create shopping lists2. Can shoppers add weekly store specials to shopping lists? • Current specials can be reviewed and added to shopping list3. Are coupons sorted by department? • Coupons and specials are sorted by department for fast and easy browsing4. How are coupons used? • PLU codes can be entered at time of sale • Barcodes can be scanned from phone at time of sale5. How can a deli order be placed from an iPhone? • Deli orders may be sent via text to store deli • Orders may be called in via One-touch-calling feature6. Which devices/software are compatible with Gourmet Apps? • Gourmet Apps functions best on iPhone models 4, 4s and 5 • Gourmet Apps is best viewed with iOS 5.x and iOS 6.x7. Is constant internet connectivity needed to use the app? • Internet connectivity is needed to update specials, coupons and deli info • Shopping lists can be accessed without constant connectivity