Zeeland oysters a la rose


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Zeeland oysters a la rose

  1. 1. ZeelandOystersA La RoseOysters are best savored fresh with just vinaigrette for seasoning and a bit of chopped chives for garnishingsuch as this gourmet recipe for Zeeland oysters a la rose. Paired with a bottle of Chateau dEstanger, Faugeresde 96, this makes an unforgettable appetizeror super light and healthy meal.The vinaigrette is made with rose vinegar, ginger syrup, olive oil paprika, and minced red pepper. Oyster juiceis also added to flavor the vinaigrette. The warmed oysters are served on a bed of salt and algae or seaweedand seasoned with the rose vinaigrette dressing.Buy oysters as fresh as possible, still alive. Oysters that are tightly closed means they are alive. For best results,shuck the oysters yourself so that you can collect the flavorful juices inside the shell, which is added to thevinaigrette in this recipe. If you find it tedious to shuck the oysters yourself, let your fishmonger do it for youbut make sure to collect the clear oyster juice and serve the oysters on the very day they are shucked, just afew hours from the market. This will ensure a succulent and delicately flavored flesh. Ask your fishmongerabout the harvest date of the oysters, and make sure that they are not more than four days old. Oystersshould be stored on or in ice.To shuck oysters, use an oyster knife or a thin, short and dull knife. A sharp kitchen knife is not necessary andshould be avoided. Prepare a bowl to catch the liquid from the shell when opening it. You can use a tea towelor a heavy work glove to protect your hands while shucking the oysters.Scrub closed oysters under cool running water using a stiff kitchen brush. Over the bowl, hold the oystersfirmly and insert the small knife between the top and the bottom shell. Twist the knife to pry the shell apart.Slice through the hinge muscle to cut through the oyster shell. Open the shell and detach the oyster makingsure the clear juices drip onto the bowl.Ingredients24 Zeelande oysters4 tablespoons rose vinegar6 tablespoons ginger syrup8 teaspoons olive oil, paprika1 teaspoon red pepper (minced)algae (blanched)watersalt16 tablespoons chives1. Shuck then rinse the oysters and reserve the oyster juice. Keep the shells.2. Filter the oyster juice to get rid of any bits of oyster shuck. Mix in the rose vinegar, ginger juice, olive oil, andthe paprika to make vinaigrette. Warm up the oysters and the vinaigrette.3. Spread the seaweed on a wide plate. Drop a spoonful of salt around the edges of the seaweeds thenarrange the shucks over the salt.4. Mince the chives. When the oysters are done warming, immediately place them back on the laid out shucks.Cover them with the vinaigrette. Finally, dust them lightly with the chives.