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I am super food


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First of all superfoods are called that because they're on top of the entire food kingdom known with much health benefits.

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I am super food

  1. 1. Superfoods• are those foods which are rich in antioxidants; they are the healthiest foods ever and have a lot of nutritional benefits. In order to be healthy and strong we can utilize them in our daily diet. Fresh fruits and vegetables, which are the part of our normal diet, are superfoods and are easy to find everywhere. Benefits Your Health They will prevent you from many diseases and from the pricey instructions of doctors and will help you in living a healthy life. They will help you in increasing your energy and controlling your weight because they don't have any fats. They will provide you calcium, protein and calories about 100 to 150 daily. They will prevent you from cancers and eating them may decrease your risk of cancers as well as from diabetes and heart disease. Antioxidants are present in them which give color to fruits and vegetables so they don't spoil your healthy cells. They will help you in making your skin beautiful and your body healthy. By eating them you can strengthen your bones, can save your eyesight and they can also overcome kidney stones. Superfoods Include They include apples which will protect your heart from any heart problem, avocados and watermelons will control your blood pressure as well as your diabetes, banana will save your bones and strengthen them, beans will facilitate you in preventing your constipation, apricots will help you in slowing your aging process, blueberries will help you in boosting your memory, cabbage will help you in controlling your weight, carrots and cantaloupe will save your eyesight, cherries will end your insomnia, fish will help you in boosting your memory and will hold up your immune system, garlic will help you in lowering your cholesterol level, grapes will improve your blood flow, green tea will help you in killing your bacteria, honey will heal your wounds, lemons and water will give you soft skin, mango will regulate thyroids, olive oil will save you from combat cancer, onions will lessen the risk of heart attack, oranges will strengthen respiration, peaches will help you in stopping strokes, pineapple will save you from diarrhea, strawberries will calm your stresses, tomatoes will protect prostate, walnuts will help you in lifting your mood, wheat germ and wheat bran will help you in improving your digestion rice will save you from kidney stones maca powder will help you in increasing your energy and give you calcium, magnesium and vitamin. Easily Reachable All these foods are easily available in your local or super market or even in your backyard and you don't have to spend your time in reaping them from farms you can easily buy them anywhere as their prices are also reasonable, as you know they are the best health benefits so you must buy them to keep your family healthy, If you can't buy them or your busy somewhere then you can order them online now as your kids should also eat them to get a healthy mind and healthy body.