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by gourav ranjan mishra

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  1. 1. PROCESS for ISSUINGINITIAL PUBLIC OFFER (IPO) presented by – Gourav Ranjan
  2. 2.  Company must satisfy the SEBI guidelines Holding of General Meeting – Sec.81(1A) / Sec.31 etc. Intimation to the Stock Exchange Appointment of managers to the issue – as per SEBI Regulation
  3. 3.  Appointment of various other agencies –  Registrar to the issue Collecting Bankers to the Issue Advisors to the Issue Underwriters to the issue Brokers to the Issue Printers Advertising Agent etc.
  4. 4.  Drafting of prospectus Approval of prospectus – Lead Manager/ Financial Institutions/ Stock Exchange Vetting of prospectus by SEBI Approval of Board of Director of prospectus and other documents
  5. 5.  Registration of prospectus with Registrar of company as per Sec.60 Making application to Stock Exchange(s) for permission for enlisting shares as per Sec.73(1) Printing and distribution of prospectus and application forms
  6. 6.  Certificate relating to promoters contribution as per SEBI guidelines Announcement and advertisement – 10 days before subscription list opens Subscription list – To be kept open for minimum 3 working days and for a total period not exceeding 10 working days
  7. 7.  Co-ordination with the bankers to the issue - For obtaining details of subscription To enable scrutiny of application of allotment Minimum subscription – 90% of the issue of share capital
  8. 8.  Allotment of shares as per Sec.69 Basis to be finalized in consultation with Regional Stock Exchange RBI approval for allotment to NRIs
  9. 9.  Filling of other Forms with Registrar of Company Return of allotment in form No. 2 Form No.3 – showing particulars of contracts relating to shares has to be field, where a Company allots shares for consideration other than cash without entering into any written agreement
  10. 10. Form No. 4 - The statement of the amount or rate/percentage of commission payable on shares together with a copy of the contract for payment of commission, if any, should be filled with the Registrar before such commission is paid .Fees as prescribed under Schedule 10
  11. 11.  Over-Subscription to be retained – only to the extent of 10% Refund orders – Compliance with Sec.73 Issue of Share Certificate
  12. 12. THE END