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Cool vendor presentation (2)


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Cool vendor presentation (2)

  1. 1. Cool Vendor Presentation Team 2: Vivek Kartikeyan Gaurav Nagar Pooja Soman
  2. 2. About Ciklum  Established in 2002  Leading Danish supplier of technical personnel and teams, software development and agile business consulting to high growth companies globally.  Hosts more than 2000 employees  Specialties:  Nearshore Software Development  IT Outsourcing  Software Development Outsourcing  Mobile Application Development
  3. 3. Why Cool?  Sets up and resourcing nearshore delivery centers for application services for, and on behalf of, clients.  Supports Client-Owned model  Allows clients to set up their own delivery support teams at Ciklum’s locations  Also provides Outsourcing and consultancy services
  4. 4. Challenges  Location: Ukraine, Belarus, Pakistan high inflation, rising wages, variations across cities data security & IP protection concerns  Limited liabilities, addressing capacity demand resourcing of defined capacity within timelines extensive liabilities only when project or consulting services used  Lack of productivity metrics : no benchmarks unmet client expectations, longer time to market, multiple iterations Comparative Agility Measurement System for Ciklum consulting
  5. 5. Who Cares? Ciklum and the services it provides are most attractive to clients which are looking for the following:  Full flexibility in up scaling and downscaling development teams  Unwilling to invest time in developing their own inshore teams yet require full control over their resources  Requiring faster development and time to market  Having no previous outsourcing experience
  6. 6. Clients include:
  7. 7. References  Gartner Article on Cool Vendors in Application Services, 2013   