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  1. 1. Genzyme Corporation Presented By Prachi Mule Vishal Pareek Sarith Somasundaran Gourav Nagar
  2. 2. Genzyme's Profile Type: Public Industry: Biotechnology Founded: 1981 Products: Cerezyme Revenue: (US $3.1 Billion) (2006) Employees: over 8000 Product(): 25 Location: 25(Multinational)
  3. 3. Success Story › Unique Strategy “Target small market of rare diseases” › Business Model “High-Risk, High-Reward” › Orphan Drug Act - 1983 › Innovative initial marketing strategy to save cost › First big success - Ceredase
  4. 4. Problems Faced › Possible failures – Eg: Orphan Drug Act › Failure to realize weaknesses › Management too rigid › Need to maintain total control
  5. 5. Recommendations › Partnerships to reduce manufacturing and sales cost › Increase focus on marketing › Management should be flexible › Explore new opportunities to adapt to market dynamics › Leverage the brand name to diversify operation